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We’re less than a month away from the folks doing too many comparisons of Breath of the Wild to Pokémon Legends: Arceus (kidding, they already do), and while we’ve detailed the unique Hisuan Pokémon revealed so far, the game also has a cavalcade of human characters. Let’s break it down:


It’s you! The Pokémon protagonist! Here to explore and catch them all! The usual Pokédex fill has an extra wrinkle this time around, as you are now a member of the Galaxy Team’s Survey Corps trying to find all the Pokémon in the area… so same idea, different flavor. The designs are clearly based on the protagonists of Diamond & Pearl and their remakes.

Akari / Rei

Similar to Dawn / Lucas, this role is filled by the design role of the protagonist that you didn’t choose. So if you play as a male protag the female Akari will accompany you, while if you choose the female protag the male Rei will do it instead. Little is known about them other than that they are your friends and supporters in the Galaxy Team.

Prof. Laventon

Every Pokémon region needs a teacher, and Hisui has… a guy wearing a bow tie and a winter cap? Guess they don’t give a mandate based on fashion sense. Named after Laverton Trees, it’ll give you your starter (Rowlet, Cyndaquil, or Oshawott) before sending you off on a hunt for all the Pokémon the Hisui region has to offer.

Commander Kamado

Leader of the entire Galaxy team, Kamado can be a bit gruff, but has earned a deep loyalty from his subordinates. As a member of the Galaxy team, he will cautiously encourage you on your quest.

Captain Cylene

The Captain of the Survey Corps (and clearly a female version of Cyrus from DPPT (Hey, I’m in it)), Cyllene is the classic ‘strict but caring’ type of leader. She will give you a try before you can join the Corps proper.


One of the guardians of the area, who takes care of a special Wyrdeer in the Obsidian Fields. She has a Munchlax as a partner, with whom she grew up. Its design appears to be based on Grimsley, from Unova.


One of the Guardians of the Area and a member of the Pearl Clan, who takes care of a Kleavor in the Obsidian Fields. He reached this post despite his youth. Its design seems to be based on Clay, from Unova.

Is possible

One of the wardens in the area, who takes care of a Basculegion by the sea. He is easily scared and does not like ghosts. Its design appears to be based on Raihan, from Galar.


One of the guardians of the region and a member of the Diamond Clan, which takes care of “a certain lady Pokémon”. She feels a lot of pressure as a babysitter and thus tries to solve problems on her own. It is very clearly based on Sinnoh’s Mars (“Arezu” is close to the Japanese pronunciation of “Ares”, the Greek version of Mars).


The leader of the Diamond Clan, with a Leafeon as a partner. He’s the brash, “do now, ask the later” type who doesn’t care about the details. He often runs into Irida.


The leader of the Pearl Clan, with a Glaceon for partner. She believes it is important to face the dangers of the Hisui region without faltering. Her cautious nature makes her wary of you before gaining her trust.


Leader of the Gingko Guild, which will sell you cool items – at a price. He seems unenthusiastic, but he’s actually a strong leader who keeps the guild together.


One of the merchants of the Gingko guild who seems to see you particularly often. He is an intensely curious person, deeply fascinated by the unusual people and things he finds. Her design is based on none other than champion Cynthia from Sinnoh.

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