Giraffe About Town: Striking sculpture brings Edinburgh’s iconic skyline to Haymarket station


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Edinburgh residents can visit 42 striking sculptures, across Edinburgh’s famous landmarks, celebrating the city’s extraordinary heritage and cultural diversity.

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A Drop of Culture focuses on Edinburgh’s iconic skyline and is located at Haymarket Station

Launched last week, the project will run until August 29 before culminating in a farewell weekend in September at Edinburgh Zoo where the delightful giraffes will be auctioned off as part of the fundraising efforts of RZSS.

After a five-month closure of Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park, the charity has lost over £1.5million due to Covid-19 restrictions.

David Field, Managing Director of RZSS, said: “Giraffe About Town will help locals and tourists fall in love with Scotland’s capital all over again by encouraging them to get out into town and explore these beautiful sculptures, while supporting recovery. of our wildlife conservation charity.

Mr Field added: “The trail is a way of saying thank you and bringing a feel-good factor back to Edinburgh with something really special. It has also been a really exciting opportunity for businesses, organizations, artists, schools and entire communities to get involved.

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Over the next month, we’ll introduce you to these awesome creatures, their history, and where you can spot them.

Designed by Blair McCafferty, A Drop of Culture focuses on Edinburgh’s iconic skyline to celebrate our country’s wonderful capital.

The pink sunset highlights the stunning silhouettes found throughout the city, from the Scott Monument to Edinburgh Castle. The paint drips refer to the city’s diverse and burgeoning arts and culture.

Blair McCafferty is an artist and illustrator from Dundee and enjoys creating art that is easily understood and enjoyed by all.

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Blair, aka “The Creature Emporium”, is an artist and illustrator from Dundee. Best known for his vibrant and colorful artwork, he enjoys creating art that is easily understood and enjoyed by all. His work is heavily influenced by street art, graffiti character design and vintage skateboard art.

Having lived and breathed skate culture since his first steps on a skateboard in the late 80s, he discovered that it’s more than just a passion, it ripples into every aspect of his life.

This beautiful sculpture is sponsored by Burges Salmon, an independent UK law firm which provides clients with a wide range of services, often at critical times when sound legal and business advice is needed.

Don’t forget you can download the Giraffe About Town app to help you explore the trail and also have a chance to win prizes.

When you find a sculpture, enter the four-digit code into the app and you may be able to unlock a reward from one of the project’s sponsors.

You can also add to the sculpture gallery, vote for your favorite, and track how far you’ve come while walking the trail.

The app costs 89 pence with proceeds going to the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. It is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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