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With his typical six-week schedule, Genshin Impact brings new content, including quests, events, and characters in each version update. The most recent characters to tease are Genshin Impact‘s Shenhe and Yun Jin which should appear in version 2.4. Like the majority of Genshin ImpactBanner’s income comes from Banner sales, so it makes sense that new characters are often teased in order to keep players engaged.

This six-week formula of new content has proven successful so far. However, this begs the question of what will happen once new character updates start to tap off. As a roadmap for Genshin Impact nearing completion, it may be more difficult for developers to maintain the same momentum as in the first few years of launch.


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Creating new characters takes incredible design work. Genshin ImpactThe success of can depend on new characters, as they are a popular reason for people to gamble and spend money. Instead of depending on new characters to attract players, miHoYo may choose to upgrade already existing features, such as Genshin ImpactThe Co-Op functionality of. There are many directions miHoyo can take in order to attract new players as well as retain their current players, ensuring the continued success of the game.

Genshin Impact needs a fully customizable traveler

Genshin Impact Travelers Letterhead

Following Genshin ImpactAs part of the “Golden Apple Archipelago” event, character skins were first introduced for Jean and Barbara. This opened up the possibility for other characters to have special skins, most likely based on an event or part of the character’s story. Aside from the playable characters in the Archive, the developers should allow the Traveler to be fully customizable.

Ideally, players should be able to customize the Traveler before the game’s first cutscene begins, and then throughout their journey through Teyvat. Players can receive special customization accessories during celebratory events such as the Windblume Festival, Lantern Rite, and the holiday season. By allowing players to customize Genshin Impactmain protagonist of at all times, he will be able to match his version of the Traveler to his individual preferences, participate in special or holiday-themed events, or even associate with friends.

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This customization feature gives players another creative outlet – besides the Serenitea pot – which can be important, especially when fans are expecting new content involving the traveler. With the release of new regions, it is expected that the traveler will receive a new set of skills depending on the region element. This gives the Traveler the potential to be versatile in team builds, meaning they’ll be used much more frequently as the story progresses. This additional customizable feature will prompt players to use the Traveler more often, as the character may represent something unique to each player.

Genshin Impact could follow the full MMORPG route

Genshin first anniversary poster

With Teyvat shown through Genshin ImpactAs the map continues to expand, many players can explore the vast open world with others thanks to the game’s co-op capabilities. Developers should go a step further and upgrade co-op mode to role-playing similar functionality. Massively Multiplayer Online (MMORPG). Since the cooperative mode can only accommodate four players at a time, this gives players the opportunity to expand their team of adventurers in order to take on more difficult challenges, which may appear more frequently as the game progresses. story is progressing.

Similar to MMORPGs, there may be special cards that contain a certain type of monster that reappears quickly and regularly. This way, players can efficiently farm the materials needed by their characters without having to scour the entire Teyvat map for the location of each specific monster. It also eliminates the long wait time for drops, as most monsters in the open world only respawn after each daily server reset.

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Even following Genshin ImpactWith the courtesy of Co-Op, it can be difficult for players to find others to venture with. By introducing an MMORPG feature as an extension of the cooperative mode, it is easier to find and match with others, which can be especially beneficial for those who find it difficult to take initiative when looking for support. ‘aid. The live community hosted in this massive multiplayer world also gives players a sense of community as they can see and talk to all players currently online in one place. Whether it’s grouping up with others to defeat bosses or chilling out in town with others, the shift from a limited co-op to a full MMORPG is more than enough to keep players engaged once new. characters stop arriving. Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact could add guild creation and ranking systems for community building

Genshin Impact's Spiral Abyss needs an update

There are many types of players when it comes to Genshin Impact. Some may like to focus on Genshin Impactthe story aspect of, while others may focus on calculating artifact stats to ensure maximum damage. Genshin Impact does well in responding to a large audience with different interests and needs. This can be taken further with the introduction of guilds, which are organized groups of players who regularly play together. Players should be able to invite and recruit other players into a guild, whether it’s to have a community they can ask for help in, have others to chat with, or share something unique with others.

As the bosses get more and more difficult, it would be beneficial to have leaderboards that show which guilds are able to defeat the boss in record time. It might appeal to players who challenge regularly Genshin Impact‘s Spiral Abyss. The top contenders from each event period could be posted on a leaderboard for name recognition and additional rewards, such as Primogems or Mora. This ranking could also provide insight into what each guild stands for, its strength, or other information that can aid in the membership recruiting process.

These community-wide events can help keep players engaged as they give them something to work on and maintain. Similar to Spiral Abyss, it presents players with a challenge to complete, although it will require different tactics outside of team lineups. For those who strive to be the best, ranking systems can be useful in fostering healthy competition. With these additions and improvements to Genshin ImpactWith the existing features, players will be encouraged to stay active and engaged for many version updates to come.

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