Gas station simulator arrives in control units



Celebrating one year, after its launch last year, Gas Station Simulator is preparing to hit consoles.

As its name leaves no doubt, it is a game in which the player is the manager of a gas station.

With more than 450,000 PC units sold over 4 months (figures from DRAGO Entertainment Studios), Gas Station Simulator is preparing to be released on consoles.

This way, gamers who own Playstation 4, Playstation 5 (backward compatibility), Xbox One, Xbox Series X (backward compatibility), and Nintendo Switch can start planning their gas and diesel prices.

The console release date is set for October 20 this year.

The name leaves no doubt and Gas Station Simulator is a management game in which the player owns a gas station. Her responsibilities, as she cannot miss, are to renovate, enlarge and improve the service of a service station located on an American highway, lost in the middle of the desert.

Taking a dilapidated and abandoned gas station, the player will have to rebuild it again and turn it into a profitable business. Cleaning up debris and trash, purchasing furniture and equipment, painting, and repairing doors and walls will all be among the first steps to consider.

As the business grows, further improvements and enhancements will follow. For example, it will be possible to equip our service station with a vehicle repair shop for any unlucky driver who needs assistance. Or on the other hand we can extend the structure to have a warehouse where materials and resources can be stored.

As the business grows, the demand also increases and to help the player in this task, Gas Station Simulator offers the possibility of hiring staff to take over the management and maintenance of the different services offered in our organization.

On the other hand, when customers start pouring in, the player will find that there are many different types with very different needs. In this way, there is always the possibility of improving the business as well as improving existing services.

Everything depends on the form of management that the player prints in his way of controlling his gas station.

The game offers players great freedom of choice in how the business is run through many possible methods. However, this is a business subject to external pressures and as such, not every business approach will always be the right approach.

Gas Station Simulator for Playstation 4, Playstation 5 (backward compatibility), Xbox One, Xbox Series X (backward compatibility) and Nintendo Switch will be released on October 20.

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