Frostpunk’s Next Mobile Interpretation Is Starting To Look Promising



New Details Emphasize Cosmetics Monetization

NetEase just announced that he’s teamed up with 11 Bit Studios to bring the popular post-apocalyptic city builder Frostpunk on Android and iOSbut thanks to today Nebulous PR, it is not known if it will be a port or a derivative mobile interpretation. Luckily, NetEase has confirmed to me that it won’t be a separate title, but rather will exist alongside the base game with some changes for mobile play, much like the difference between EVE Echoes and EVE Online.

Like most mobile game announcements, the details today are pretty light. The big news is that 11 Bit Studios has partnered with NetEase to bring Frostpunk to mobile, although it looks like NetEase will be making more than a few changes to the base game for this mobile version. Perhaps a simple reference to expected changes like the addition of a user interface and touch controls, although the lack of detail on that front is a little worrying. More or less, it looks like Frostpunk Mobile won’t be a direct port, but NetEase has made it clear that it’s not a separate title either, existing roughly in between.


Authentic to the original frostpunk iconic gameplay mechanics players were used to, Mobile Frostpunk will allow players to dive deeper into the survival experience of post-apocalypse society. With new features such as Roguelike Adventure, Law and Guild, Rare Animal Rescue Station and Character Development, Mobile Frostpunk aims to provide an immersive experience for players around the world.

The above quote from today’s PR at least indicates that NetEase is planning authentic gameplay in the mobile version of Frostpunk, and it also details that new features not found in the console/PC game will be included, such as a mode roguelike and a kind of animal rescue station. So it seems that the game differs in some ways, although it is still unclear how it will be monetized, which is the biggest area of ​​concern when it comes to mobile games.

At the very least, NetEase plans to announce more about Frostpunk Mobile on May 20 during its annual product launch event, so it looks like we won’t have long to wait for more on the game. here there, feel free to explore brand new website for Frostpunk Mobile.


Frostpunk Mobile FAQ posted on Twitter alleviates fears of greedy monetization

Above you can read the new Frostpunk Mobile FAQ, recently shared on Twitter by the official Frostpunk Mobile account. As you can see, some of the concerns shared in the article above are addressed in this FAQ. So now we know that this mobile rendition of the popular indie city builder will indeed contain in-app purchases. However, it seems that this monetization is focused on cosmetics, which is good news.

Apparently, there will be two modes available in Frostpunk Mobile, an Endurance mode and a Serenity mode. Endurance mode seems to offer a challenge where every decision you make is permanent, which is more or less like hardcore mode for hardcore gamers. This mode will not contain any in-app purchases. Then there’s Serenity mode, which is like the zone where players are free to build as much as they want without any constraints. However, this mode will contain in-app purchases for architectural skins and resources (which can also be obtained in-game by playing), and this seems to be the main source of monetization. While I’m sure everyone would prefer a premium experience exactly like the original Frostpunk, so far what’s detailed in the tweet above doesn’t seem too blatant, although balancing will play a big part, so we’ll have to wait and see how it goes.

The FAQ above also reveals that Frostpunk Mobile will be a single-player experience, and when released it will include a unique storyline that will be different from the PC version, although it will look similar since it is also a stage. snowy. Unfortunately, we still don’t have an expected release date or dates for upcoming regional test rollouts, although I’m sure those details will be shared soon enough.

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