Fairy Tail creator apologizes to fans after app flops



Fairy tale was one of the biggest anime series in its heyday, and fans around the world still fall in love with the magical story week after week. Creator Hiro Mashima has become the series’ most ardent champion, and he continues to celebrate Fairy talethe best accomplishments of as its sequel continues. But for now, it looks like Mashima is apologizing on behalf of the franchise after Fairy talethe latest project collapsed.

It all happened on Twitter recently when Mashima posted a note to fans. This is where the artist revealed Fairy talethe new mobile game from, Guild master, is on social media in light of its disappointing debut. In fact, Youtube figures in Japan have used the game as content to show how bad it is, and Mashima apologizes for the lackluster gameplay.

“I am also responsible for not having supervised [the game] at all. I’m sorry to all the fans who were looking forward to it, ”he wrote.

Continuing, Mashima took to Twitter to reassure fans about another of his games in the works. After all, it was announced this year that Edens Zero had his own game. Mashima said he is working closely with the game’s developers on the title, so he is sure to live up to expectations.

Of course, fans were quick to cheer Mashima up with assurances online. Mobile games vary widely in terms of quality, and not all titles can be a banger. Unfortunately, Fairy Tail: Guild Master came out on the wrong side of this spectrum, but it won’t be the last we’ll see of Fairy tale. Mashima will be able to trade the series with the players, and he will make sure to oversee the return as it happens.

Do you think Mashima’s apologies are too much? Or are you happy to see the creator recognize the Fairy tale spot? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or contact me on Twitter @Megan PetersCB.

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