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Fairy tale is full of interesting characters with intriguing personalities, and while each character is interesting in their own way, there were many that fans just couldn’t get enough of. Among those characters are people who had the potential to move the story forward in a more interesting way and who would have made the anime longer and more enjoyable.

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They are very powerful characters that viewers needed to see in action more often, and their lack of screen time was quite disappointing. Even now, some of these less-seen characters are favorites of many fans.

ten Jellal was popular despite his lack of screen time

Fairy Tail_ Jellal Fernandez

Jellal became a beloved character when he became an ally of the Fairy Tail guild. He is a very powerful wizard and an ancient holy wizard who wields very rare magic. Although he was shown a few times, his influence in the anime was barely felt. As a result, many fans did not realize how powerful a wizard he is. Being a holy wizard doesn’t say enough about his power or his personality. To this day, fans still don’t know the full extent of his power.

9 Fans will never know if Lyon Vastia was greater than or equal to Gray

Lyon was first presented as an antagonist plotting to revive a demon in the hopes of defeating it himself. He fought Gray and almost killed him. Gray became more powerful over time and even acquired Demon Slayer Magic, but Lyon also got stronger. Unfortunately, it was difficult to say who was stronger as the score was never settled. If Lyon had gotten more screen time, fans might have gotten a response.

8 August never had to face Natsu like his nephew

August is holding 3 fingers

As strange as it may sound, Natsu is indeed August’s uncle. August was probably aware of it, although he was never sure. That said, if August had had a good chat with Natsu before or after his fight with Gildarts, it would have changed the dynamics of the whole story in a good way.

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Instead, the show focused on Natsu’s fight with Zeref and August’s fight with Gildarts. August needed more time to really show why he was known as the Wizard King, or at least a longer story showing how he helped Zeref build Alvarez’s empire.

7 Irene Belserion would have performed better as a neutral character than a villain

Irene ended her fight with Erza by taking her own life. This meant that she finally felt a bit for Erza and chose to spare her life. Her decision to spare Erza would have been better displayed if she had given up the battlefield like Brandish did. Any future episodes of her coming to visit Erza would have been welcome. It would have been a better way to move the story forward, adding another powerful individual to the list of Fairy Tail allies.

6 Gildarts has rarely been seen in the anime

Gildarts Clive

Gildarts was probably too powerful to be seen this many times in the anime. With the exception of Spriggan 12 and Acnologia, there was no enemy the Fairy Tail Guild faced that Gildarts couldn’t beat on his own. If more powerful villains were more plentiful, it would have been necessary to see more Gildarts in action. The story has always progressed well, but fans still feel a bit deprived of such a great character.

5 Hyberion was Ishgar’s second most powerful wizard

Fairy Tail_Hyberion

As a member of the prestigious Wizard Saints, Hyberion was believed to possess immense magical power. He was only seen in action once when he fought against God Serena, but his abilities seemed most impressive. You have to wonder why he’s hardly ever been seen in the anime, given his potency. In fact, the four emperors of Ishgar hardly had time to show the power that earned them such high titles.

4 Wolfheim is yet another Ishgar Emperor who has barely been shown

Fairy Tail_Wolfheim

Wolfheim is the de facto number 2 of the ten wizarding saints thanks to the defection of God Serena. Like Hyberion, its introduction was rushed. Given his position on the mainland, one would expect he had had a more epic introduction, likely an entire arc where he or another emperor showed up to save the day.

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Seeing how the Wizards Saints were held in high esteem, it’s unfortunate that someone so powerful was introduced so late in the series and hardly ever seen again after their first on-screen battle.

3 Igneel’s power was too impressive to be seen once

Fairy Tail Fire Dragon King Igneel

The Fire Dragon King was just too powerful for words. His epic appearance and fierce battle with Acnologia were exhilarating to watch. That said, fans barely saw him in the anime, and his awesome power was only seen once when he fought Acnologia. He was an important part of Natsu’s life and much of Natsu’s journey was built around the goal of finding him. It would have been nice to see him dominate more battles or at least have a story of his rise to power as one of the strongest dragons in history like the one they did for Acnologia.

2 God Serena needed her own bow that showed all her might

God Serena, Fairy Tail

Despite being Ishgar’s best wizard, God Serena only had a few minutes of screentime throughout the anime. If fans had known him earlier, before Alvarez’s war, then his betrayal of Ishgar would have hit harder and made the heroes fight him. Unfortunately, his character was wasted and was only used to show how powerful Acnologia was when the latter killed the former Wizard Saint.

1 Mystogan’s departure was possibly the anime’s biggest mistake

Mystogan uses his magic

When Mystogan first appeared, viewers couldn’t help but be intrigued by his character design and disturbing personality. Everyone wanted to see more of him and what he could do. Mystogan had such enormous potential that many fans came to love him even though he was only shown very few times in the anime.

The fact that he was an S-class wizard in the Fairy Tail Guild said a lot about him, which is why viewers wanted to see him in battles more often. Since fans are unaware of his abilities when pushed to his limit, they can only guess which of the powerful characters he has passed.

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