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Natsu Dragneel is the main protagonist of Fairy tale and a very powerful fire magician. Throughout the series, Natsu’s power continues to grow as he battles powerful opponents. His love of combat and its proofs drove him to become one of the most powerful humans in the world.

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That said, there are still characters in the anime that would give Natsu a run for his money. As expected, these characters are the most powerful in the Fairy tale world. If Natsu and any of these characters were to face off in battle, it would undoubtedly spell disaster for Natsu.

ten Makarov Dreyar possesses the power to wipe out millions of his enemies at once

Makarov launches fairy law

As a holy wizard, Makarov possesses an immense amount of magic and a vast array of magic types ranging from fire to lightning. Her ultimate move is one of the Three Great Fairy Spells – Fairy Law. With it, Makarov can instantly annihilate anyone he considers his enemy. It’s a good thing that Natsu is like a son to him, because if they fought in a life or death battle, Makarov could use this spell to end Natsu forever.

9 Laxus has as much potential as Natsu, if not more

Fairy Tail Laxus Dreyar

Laxus is the great-grandson of Yuri Dreyar, one of the founders of the Fairy Tail guild. This whole line of wizards is incredibly powerful, except for Ivan, Laxus’ father. Natsu had two fights with Laxus, the first of which ended in a tie and the second which Natsu lost. Towards the end of the series, Natsu had become extremely powerful, but so had Laxus.

Laxus is incredibly strong, and with a clear head he can defeat just about any enemy. Being more physically resilient, Laxus could use his endless stamina and blinding speed to his advantage in defeating Natsu.

8 Brandish has power with incredible possibilities

Brandish uses his magic

Brandish, known as the Nation Destroyer, has the power to mass alter anything she sees fit. Given that she has the power to shrink an entire nation just by stepping on it, she could easily shrink Natsu to a size capable of stomping or increase in size and terrorize him. She could also reduce her spells and make them useless like she had against Lucy. The possibilities are almost endless and Natsu would have a hard time keeping up with it.

seven Gildarts Clive is powerful enough to give Natsu the fight of his life

Fairy Tail Gildarts Clive

Gildarts’ power is legendary, and even Natsu has spent much of his life watching him. Gildarts uses crush magic to devastating effect and has made a name for himself with his ability to destroy anything he touches. At one point in the series, Natsu was terrified to the point of crying of what Gildarts’ power was capable of.

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In the final season, when Natsu and the rest of their guild were stopped in their tracks by God Serena and nearly wiped out, Gildarts stepped in and effortlessly saved their hides. He was also the only human capable of taking on August and giving him a good fight.

6 God Serena was the most powerful wizard on the continent of Ishgar, where Natsu lives

God Serena, Fairy Tail

There’s no denying that God Serena is more powerful than Natsu, as he was the most powerful wizard in the whole continent. Against an enemy like this, Natsu would have to remove his demon form to stand a chance. After all, God Serena in her weakened state nearly wiped out the entire Fairy Tail guild until Gildarts showed up. Natsu was just helpless against him. As a dragon slayer with eight different magics for slaying dragons, he earned his status as the most powerful wizard on the continent.

5 Irene Belserion is second or equal to August in power

Irene Belserion uses enchantment magic

Irene is the creator of Dragon Slayer magic and a very intelligent witch. She is second only to August in the Spriggan 12. Her ability to use her powers on anything she sees fit makes her virtually invincible. She even enchanted souls with personalities into two swords that took human form and fought in her place. Her power is simply mind-boggling, and if she were to face Natsu in a fight, there’s no doubt she’d outclass him.

4 August was billed as the Wizard King and had incredible magical power

Wizard King of Fairy Tail August

August, son of Zeref, was arguably the most powerful human wizard at the time, given that Acnologia was both human and dragon. It was said that he probably possessed more magic than Zeref himself. His magic makes him able to copy and instantly master any type of magic, his only weakness being holder-type magic.

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His battle with Gildarts proved his strength more than ever as he single-handedly brought Gildarts to his knees. Gildarts only briefly gained the upper hand thanks to his quick-wittedness. Natsu would have no chance of winning against someone so powerful, especially because Natsu has no idea how to use wielder-type magic.

3 Zeref may have lost to Natsu, but only because he wanted it deep inside.

Zeref Fairy Tail

Emperor Spriggan, better known as Zeref, is an immortal legend and an extremely powerful wizard. He was powerful enough to create several strong demons, including END, who turned out to be Natsu. During their first battle, Zeref advised his army to retreat several miles away to give them room to fight. Their fight was as epic as expected, but since Zeref was an immortal, he could have easily ignored all of Natsu’s attacks and killed him when he was exhausted.

2 Igneel is second in power after Acnologia and aptly named “Fire Dragon King”

Igneel is the dragon who taught Natsu fire dragon slaying magic and acted as Natsu’s adoptive father. He is the only being in the entire series to have been able to fight Acnologia, even getting the upper hand on a few occasions. Although Acnologia ultimately killed him, it should be noted that Igneel was fighting with only a fraction of his true power.

Although Natsu and Igneel would probably never fight, if they did, Natsu would have no hope of winning against Igneel as Igneel taught him everything he knows about dragon slayer magic. As the Fire Dragon King, Igneel schooled Natsu effortlessly.

1 Acnologia is the most powerful character in the entire series

Acnologia, Fairy Tail

There’s no doubt that Natsu wouldn’t stand a chance in a one-on-one fight against Acnologia. This was made evident by the fact that the mere mention of Acnologia’s name struck fear into the hearts of characters far more powerful than Natsu. During their fight against him, the Dragon Slayers, including Natsu, were overwhelmed by the barely moving Acnologia. If Natsu took Acnologia head-on, even if he gave his all, he would most likely be wiped out.

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