Epic Games v. Apple continues in court today for an appeal over App Store rules



Epic Games’ legal debacle against Apple on the App Store escalated further today as both sides return to court to appeal the rules. That appeal – coming from Apple after winning their antitrust lawsuit against Epic – is not to change App Store rules after being ordered to allow developers to add in-app links to third-party sites where payments are accepted.

The appeal began at 2:00 p.m. PT in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and is still streaming live on YouTube for anyone interested. According to MacRumors, the discussion will focus on Apple and Epic arguing over the initial court ruling. The first argues against the injunction warrant forcing changes to the App Store, and the second on exposing the “multiple legal errors” of the original rule while arguing to allow sideloading.

Apple believes Epic’s anti-competitive behavior accusations were “baseless” and “unprecedented” on all fronts, which they say is why they lost the previous lawsuit. Additionally, Apple says Epic has made sweeping antitrust claims and believes the decision has no basis to overturn on appeal. For the most part, Apple says the App Store rules aren’t unfair or engage in anti-competitive behavior, which Epic will argue in court today.

How it all turns out at the end of the day is not certain. The legal battle between these two giants is more likely to last longer before we see a resolution.

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