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VALDOSTA – Upon entering The Dosta Playhouse auditorium, the stage is filled with what appear to be towering shelves of books.

Children, teenagers and adults emerge from the entrances amidst the decor designed by Dana Welch. They are costumed as a colorful collection of book characters: Sherlock Holmes, Huck Finn, Dorothy, the Wicked Witch of the West, Long John Silver, Dr. Doolittle, Frankenstein, Robin Hood, Pollyanna, Fagin, the Queen of Hearts, etc

They broke into a song and danced for the opening pun, “A Novel Idea”.

The Gingerbread Players of Theater Guild Valdosta are set to open “The Enchanted Bookshop Musical” this weekend.

Synopsis from The Guild: “During the day, A Likely Story may look like any other second-hand bookstore. But at night, it’s a place where the magic happens. That’s when the characters at the interior of the books come to life. Six of these characters—Dorothy Gale, Robin Hood, Pollyanna, Sherlock Holmes, Heidi, and Tom Sawyer—are eager to help scatterbrained owner Margie save her struggling store. But they are not allowed to leave the building or be seen by human eyes, so when a pair of Smugglers come looking for a stolen necklace hidden inside one of the books, the characters are torn. Should they warn Margie and risk to disappear forever? Or can they find a way to defeat the crooks without being seen?

Pauline Player, director, said playwright Tom Wallinger and composer Stephen Murray create a lively show filled with vibrant songs.

“It’s not so much an enchanted bookstore as an enchanted bookstore,” she said. “He becomes enchanted.”

To play on the idea of ​​enchantment, doors are integrated into the shelves of the decor, to emphasize that the characters come out of the pages of their books.

The show also emphasizes the importance of reading. In addition to seeing live theater, Player said children who attend “The Enchanted Bookshop” will receive a book.

She sees the play as a fun way to learn not only for the audience, but also for the cast and crew.

Traditionally, the cast of Guild Gingerbread Players shows are filled with children and young people. But Player wanted a cast that included kids, teens, and adults, a cast that included newcomers and Theater Guild/Gingerbread Players regulars.

“I like to mix actors so everyone can learn from each other,” she said. Player used a similar technique when she made The Guild’s “The Wizard of Oz” in 2004.

She has also made it a point to share administrator duties with others. Sandi Parrish, assistant director, is in charge of the realization of a scene. Dalton Bell, who plays Officer Ketchum, is the series’ junior director and was also given a scene to direct.

Player said she wants the next generation of Theater Guild members to be ready to carry on the tradition of the Dosta Playhouse.

“This theater has been here for over 30 years,” Player said, “and I want to be sure it’s been here for another 130 years.”

THE CAST: Tasha Conrad, Kylah Wilson, Harmony Cantu, Samuel Harden, Isaac Darflinger, Brawdy Gupton, Caleb Andres, Lydia Barton, Riley Browning, Rebekah McGee, Nyla Howard, Star Leonard, Lyanah Wilson, Trey Brown, Qian Wilson, Dalton Bell , Taylor Scharfner, Ashton Harden, Sunny Lee, Kristina Latham, Sommers Coleman, Pam Barton, Ezra Barton.

DIRECTION, PRODUCTION: Pauline Player, director; Grant Brown, musical director; Sandi Parrish, assistant director; Dalton Bell, junior manager; Star Leonard, choreographer; Patti Robertson, June Bell, producers; Kassandra Morris, stage manager; Kelly Phillips, assistant stage manager; Dana Welch, scenography; Brock Gilliard, lighting design; Josh Robertson, music design; Mary Ann Green, Linda Stikkel, Dana Welch, Pam Barton, Pauline Player, costumes; Kelly Phillips, Sandi Parrish, props; Uma Wilson, light board; Edward Wilson, soundboard; Jérémie Wilson, curtain.

Valdosta Drama Guild Gingerbread Players “The Enchanted Bookshop Musical” performs at 7:30 p.m. Friday and Saturday; 2 p.m. Sunday, March 27; 7:30 p.m., April 1-2; 2 p.m., April 3, The Dosta Playhouse, 122 N. Ashley St. More information: Call (229) 24-STAGE or visit www.theatreguildvaldosta.com.

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