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The 26-year-old often trains in the reserve during breaks and even inside the store when he runs it alone at night.

Devadath Manohar

By Lamya Tawfik

Published: Mon 14 Nov 2022, 06:00

“Without music, I don’t feel alive. Doing anything other than music won’t give me peace. This is how Devadath Manohar, who works in a convenience store inside a gas station in Hatta, talks about his love for music.

Devadath does not hesitate to share his talent with the customers of the station and sings to entertain them. He once sang for a client and her family who were waiting in the car. The 26-year-old often trains in the reserve during breaks and even inside the store when he runs it alone at night.

“I like night work. When the front door closes, there’s only me. I can sing and practice,” he said, adding that his colleagues who heard him sing always encouraged him to pursue his dreams.

Devadath, who holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree, arrived in the UAE from Kochi, India just five months ago. He said that when he was in eighth grade, the death of legendary music icon Michael Jackson set him on the path to becoming a musician himself. “A group of friends and I created a tribute band for him.” Today, his friends took different paths, but he stayed true to his dream.

Music helped him through difficult times in his life. “In all of life’s troubles, I find solace in music,” he said. He sees his difficult life as a blessing. “Problems are fuel for me; without them I would just be a normal guy,” he said.

He has a video of himself strumming a guitar on his YouTube channel. “I don’t really play the guitar, although I would like to one day. This video has a story behind it,” he said. In 2018, a trailer crashed into Devadath, which left him unconscious for two days. After the accident, a friend lent him his guitar, and he started strumming some notes that he picked up.

At first, her family did not support her dream. “They told me I had no talent. ‘Why do something you’re not good at?’ they would tell me. After releasing his “I am Dying” music video on his YouTube channel, they recognized his talent. “I wish they had supported me from the start, but better late than never,” he said.

Speaking about these powerful lyrics of his song, Devadath said they are not about lost romantic love as people think, but about loneliness.

He sent the song to his friend, who works in the music industry, and after listening to the number, he immediately offered to help Devadath shoot a video. As the song is about a difficult time in his life, he said it was important for him to sing it.


“I wanted to get rid of it before I start other things,” he said before unofficially sharing snippets of another unreleased song.

His decision to come to the UAE was to offer financial support to his family in India but also to save money to return to India and consult professional artists and sound engineers to produce more professional videos for his unreleased songs.

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