Customers line up at Ashwaubenon gas station for Mega Millions


ASHWAUBENON (NBC 26) – The winning numbers for Friday’s Mega Millions draw are 67, 45, 57, 36, 13 and 14.

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There’s lottery fever in northeast Wisconsin. Customers lined up at the Jackson Pointe Citgo on Friday just to grab a $2 ticket, hoping to get those winning numbers.

We asked, what would you do if you won?

“I take more blood pressure pills before I really read the numbers twice,” said Harold Ambrosius of De Pere.

“That’s going to be my focus, paying for education because tuition is expensive right now,” said Malak Spencer of Green Bay.

“Hanging out and playing, without having a real job, you know?” one of the Citgo employees, said Mike Wendricks.

Dreaming about what might happen if they won the $1.28 billion jackpot. The chances ? One and 302 million.

“I would like to organize a big barbecue in the garden and have free games that do not require any skills,” said Dennis Charles, a customer from Luxembourg. “I’m looking for apples; this apple is worth 5,000,000, this apple is worth $10,000,000. There’s a bingo card, everyone gets a bingo card and it’s $10,000 if you win bingo”

Some of the customers are newbies, others are knowledgeable.
“We’re rolling the dice here and hopefully I get lucky,” Spencer said.

All are customers of the same gas station where a couple won the Powerball in January. Cliff and Tammy Webster have won a jackpot of over $316 million.

“Well, that’s supposed to be a recent hot spot, so I bounced around town hitting a few stations and that was on my list,” Charles said.

Kristy Sommers is the assistant manager of this gas station. She said business was 10 times crazier than normal.

“[We’re] probably one of the busiest gas stations in Green Bay right now,” Sommers said. “A lot of people come in saying they’ve never played this game before, but they’ve seen us and they want try their luck.”

She still gets goosebumps thinking that someone else who bought a ticket from her store might win.

“I just, I feel like everyone’s energy is coming in, like, you can almost see dollar signs in their eyes because you just think they’re gonna get that lucky too,” Sommers said.

Winning numbers will be released nationally at 10 p.m. CST.

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