BP will host the first green hydrogen refueling pod at an Australian service station


Petrol and diesel retailer bp Australia is to build what is billed as the first green hydrogen refueling station to be installed at a service station in Australia.

The facility, which includes a 220kW electrolyser powered by a 100kW solar plant on nearby Bulwer Island, will provide refueling facilities for the state government’s hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo five-car fleet.

The hydrogen refueling station is to be built by gas and engineering company BOC, using technology developed by its parent company Linde, and located at the BP truck stop in Lytton, east Brisbane.

John Evans, head of BOC South Pacific, said the partnership with bp Australia is an important step in developing a network of hydrogen refueling stations in Queensland.

“BOC is committed to supporting the development of hydrogen as a zero-emission fuel and to decarbonising Australia’s transport sector,” Evans said.

“Working closely with our partner bp, we will demonstrate how state-of-the-art hydrogen fueling stations can be safely integrated into the existing fueling station network, paving the way for more infrastructure to facilitate hydrogen trucks and buses.

The company says the Bulwer Island facility will produce up to 2,400kg of green hydrogen per month, with up to 50kg per day made available to the refueling station. That’s enough to refuel about eight hydrogen Nexos a day.

The state government’s five hydrogen Nexo cars were refueled with a portable facility, which takes much longer because it lacks the full pressure of a dedicated refueling station.

There are only a handful of green hydrogen electrolyzer refueling stations in Australia – in Sydney at Hyundai offices, in Melbourne with Toyota (for its Mirai hydrogen cars) and in the ACT, which has 22 Hyundai Nexo cars, mostly with ACT government.

Lytton’s facility was partially funded by ARENA and the Queensland Government.

Frédéric Baudry, president of bp Australia and head of its low-carbon fuels and solutions business in Asia-Pacific, says hydrogen will play an important role in the future energy and mobility mix.

“bp has extensive industrial experience in hydrogen and now combines this with our expertise in delivering energy to the world, creating end-to-end offerings and decarbonization solutions for our customers,” he said. he declares.

Minister for Energy, Renewable Energy and Hydrogen, Mick De Brenni, said it was essential that locally made fuel continued to be available to power our heavy transport sector as it slumped. was working to reduce its emissions and looked forward to supporting more green hydrogen initiatives from traditional fuel suppliers.

“The importance of this to our economic future cannot be overstated as it is another link in the supply chain, ensuring Queensland cements its status as a global force in the hydrogen industry.” , said the Minister of Brenni.

“From hydrogen-powered trucks and coaches to trains and ships, we are exploring every opportunity to capitalize on the opportunities of Queensland’s energy transformation.”

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