Black Desert Mobile concludes its path to glory with the launch of season 10



Pearl Abyss has just released a new update for Black Desert Mobile. The update brings the tenth and final season of the Path of Glory PvE mode. During this season, the Family Dungeon will introduce new features such as permanent emblems and fairy brooches that will further facilitate character progression.

In Black Desert Mobile’s Path of Glory mode, players choose a team of up to six classes from their family. This team must then defend a castle gate against waves of relentless enemies, who gradually become tougher.

Season 10 will conclude this long series with the introduction of a new difficulty level, Rift 19. Players can expect to fight rabid monsters like Red Nose, Giath, Bheg, and Muskan. Adventurers able to complete all quests this season will be rewarded with permanent emblems and additional stats for all family characters.

On top of that, gemstones are added to give a new layer of complexity. This is another item that will build on player progression and can be added to primary or higher level emblems to make characters much stronger. Gems can be further upgraded using the Breath of Tus which can be obtained by completing the Tus’ Nest Dungeon.

Black Desert Mobile’s Fairy update launched in September, and with this season players will be able to strengthen their bonds with their adorable new companions. Brooches and fairy outfits will be available for players who complete the Fairy Meets Fashion quest. The former can be upgraded to provide PvP damage reduction as well.

To top it off, players can take part in a number of events that run throughout the month. These are part of Play Black Desert Mobile! Series that includes relay missions, guild battles and bingo. There are also plenty of rewards up for grabs, such as Weapon Outfit Chests, Appearance Coupons, Equipment Chests, and more.

Participate in the final round of Path of Glory by downloading Black Desert Mobile now for free.

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