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Fresh paint, new flooring, electrical work and updated toilets are just some of the renovations that have been completed at Hope Station in Carlisle over the past month and a half.

The renovation came at no cost to the nonprofit organization through the Carlisle branch of Bimbo Bakeries United States Good Neighbor Program.

Michael Ghetti, COO of Bimbo Bakeries, said the company partners with an organization in the community each year to carry out a project.

“They want you to know we’re part of the community,” he said. “We’re just not the biggest bakery company in the world, but we’re also great partners and great neighbors, which is why we do it.”

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Last year, Bimbo Bakeries installed a flag pole and landscaping at the Carlisle Chamber of Commerce. Previous projects have included cleanup with the Borough’s Parks and Recreation Department and renovations at the Carlisle Family YMCA.

Safronia Perry, executive director of Hope Station, said work began just after Labor Day and was finished Monday morning except for a few minor details.

Hope Station held a soft opening on Monday afternoon to usher in the renovated space ahead of the children’s return for the organization’s after-school program, which is scheduled to begin Nov. 1.

The impact on children contributed to the selection of the project by Bimbo Bakeries.

“We met the team here, we saw that they needed a space where they felt welcome,” Ghetti said. “Children play a very special role in my life, I have a 20 year old daughter and I’m about to have a toddler son so it touches my heart and I was like…the kids need a place, they want a place to do their homework, a place to feel safe and I’m like ‘OK, I’m like we’re sold on this one now’.

Bimbo Bakery training coordinator Beth Shunk said she lives in Carlisle and passes through Hope Station frequently, which has drawn attention to the needs there.

“We had other opportunities to consider, but this one kind of appealed to me because it’s kids, number one, that’s my big thing, I love kids,” she said. declared.

The renovations focused primarily on the organization’s general room where the children spend the most time. The newly painted blue space now includes comfortable chairs located in a reading nook.

It was hard for Perry to figure out which renovation she was most excited about, but she finally settled in the bathroom next to the general room, saying it now contains a new sink, toilet and urinal. .

Ghetti said Bimbo Bakeries allocates a certain amount of money to each project based on the size of the facility, and anything beyond that requires them to be resourceful.

“BBU partners with the community, our suppliers and contractors partner with us and we have this great bond, that’s the only way it would work,” he said.

The budget for this project was around $8,000, Ghetti said.

“We had to get a lot of donations and a lot of those volunteers… donated their time and supplies,” he said. “We were somewhere around $60,000 on this project, all inclusive. We couldn’t do it without these volunteers and these contractors.”

Perry was grateful to Bimbo Bakeries and the construction workers who completed the renovations.

“I feel like thank you isn’t enough,” she said. “When you’re doing this kind of work it can sometimes be a thankless job and you start to feel like… do people really believe in us and do they believe in our mission and what we’re trying to do, and then having a company reach out to you and say, “We want to come and do a project in your building,” and then come in and do so many things and spruce up the space for our kids, it’s just amazing.

Perry said Bimbo Bakery did a “fabulous” job on the installation, going “beyond expectations”.

“I’m excited for the kids to come and be in space, I feel like they’re going to really enjoy it,” she said.

Maddie Seiler is a reporter for The Sentinel and covering Carlisle and Newville. You can contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at: @SeilerMadalyn

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