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Square Enix has an impressive number of iconic series under its belt, and while the most famous games are touted as gems, sci-fi series Star Ocean tends to fly under the radar. Each game is filled to the brim with a lush, colorful world to explore, and you can even travel through space-time depending on which game number you decide to choose.

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This list is by no means exhaustive. After all, in terms of combat prowess and personality, one person’s S-level is another person’s F-level. Or maybe they just don’t like the character’s attire. You never know, you might discover a new character to love, or at the very least, a reason to check (or recheck) the games.


ten Nel Zelpher – Star Ocean: Until the End of Time

A cunning and relentless assassin of the Queen of the Aquariums, Nel Zelpher gathers information against the neighboring kingdom of Airyglyph. She doesn’t take her position as the Crimson Blade for granted and works hard to try to be the leader her father was before he lost his life on a mission.

Nel uses a pair of daggers as his primary weapon and is adept at using runology – this game’s magic system – and chaining his physical attacks with them. She’s not the strongest character you can get from Planet Elicoor II, but she’s loyal and decides to go with your party as thanks for saving both her country and Airyglyph, allowing them to get together. reconcile.

9 Reimi Saionji – Star Ocean: The Last Hope

The deuteragonist of Star Ocean: The Last Hope, Reimi becomes one of the strongest units in the game, and with her bow and arrow and extremely high crit rate, it’s easy to see why. Some just consider her to be Edge’s romantic interest, but she’s so much more than that. She masters several disciplines of archery.

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More than that, Reimi harbors what she thinks is a terrible secret: she is a seed of hope, someone who has been genetically enhanced so that her cells regenerate at a much faster rate than a normal human, making her immune to all diseases and able to heal wounds quickly. When she was a child, she was the victim of a terrible accident, where she should have died along with the other children involved, but she survived. The survivor’s guilt weighs heavily on her heart.

8 Mavelle Froesson – Star Ocean’s first start

If you’ve played the first Star Ocean or its remake counterpart First Departure, you’ll know that Mavelle is much more than a cold ball of steel vengeance. She is very skilled on the battlefield – with a mastery of both magic and physical combat, she can easily dominate most situations.

Mavelle is an enigma. When you first meet her, she is singularly focused on exacting revenge on the Crimson Shield, who killed her parents and (presumably) her brother Ioshua before brainwashing her and selling her to a guild. assassins. During her journey, she mellowed and learned to open up and trust others while keeping a deep secret of her own.

seven Maria Traydor – Star Ocean Until the End of Time

Another character from Till The End of Time, Maria is one of three children who have been experimented with and have the ability to open and pass through an interdimensional portal to save their universe. A size order for three children, surely. Maria is a long-range fighter, attacking with pistols and having a few physical attacks under her belt when in range of the enemy.

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Maria, above all else, is looking for answers. Having discovered that she had been experimented on with two other children, she sought out Fayt and Sophia Esteed to find out why. The “gift” she received from these experiences is called Alteration, and it allows her to alter reality itself, making things tangible and places intangible.

6 Rena Lanford – Star Ocean Second Story/Second Evolution

Rena Lanford hails from the town of Arlia on the planet Expel, although she suspects she is not originally from there, as she is the only one who can use healing symbology on the entire planet . She decides to travel with alternate controllable protagonist Claude Kenny to find out where she really came from.

She uses both of her fists to fight at close range, while also possessing earth magic with her healing spells. Her strongest spell, Star Flare, summons beams of pure sunlight to decimate all enemies in the field, harnessing the true power of light magic.

5 Welch Vineyard – First Star Ocean Departure

For a character who has appeared in multiple games in the series, not much is known about Welch Vineyard. What we do know of her is that she is a founding member of the Craftsmen’s Guild, dedicated to bringing together and supporting inventors from all corners of time and space.

She always seems to know more than the game’s inhabitants and builds things much more technologically advanced than her current surroundings. Some even theorize that she isn’t from this dimension at all, but as with everything around her, it’s a mystery that won’t be solved anytime soon. Her weapon of choice is her white-gloved pointer, and she prefers to be a close range fighter.

4 Albel Nox – Star Ocean Until the End of Time

Anyone on Elicoor II who hears the name “Albel The Wicked” knows how to run and hide. Infamous for his ferocity and ruthlessness on the battlefield, he comes to recognize the party as someone worth fighting for (as they always do) and eventually teams up with the party based on the choices you have. done before.

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He is an offensive powerhouse, closing space quickly and slicing through enemies with his katana. The downside however, is that his defense is a bit lacking as he prefers to wear light armor; gotta keep your toes light to stay naughty, of course. He is the only Star Ocean antagonist to join the group so far.

3 Fayt Leingod – Star Ocean Until the End of Time

He started out as a nonchalant middle schooler who just wanted to play games and laze around on his vacation. Alas, that wasn’t supposed to happen; Fayt was thrust into the role of protagonist when the beach planet Hyda IV that he, his childhood friend Sophia Esteed, and her family lived on was attacked.

Her parents had left. The only consolation in this predicament was that Sophia was by his side. Fayt realizes that he is part of a three part plan to save the universe and is the reason why he and his group keep being attacked by aliens everywhere they go. He fights with a mixture of standard swordplay and symbology, gaining even more power once his “gift” of destruction awakens.

2 Cliff Fittir – Star Ocean Until the End of Time

Cliff might be considered the coolest face in the Star Ocean series. He has a knack for thinking on his feet in most situations, while also having a decent, even childish sense of humor at times.

There was a time when Cliff was the leader of the anti-Federation organization known as Quark, but once he witnessed the absolute power that Maria Traydor possessed, he easily gave her the position of leader. He found he was in a better position to support Maria in whatever she had to do. He and Mirage, his friend and shipmate, are Klausian, a race of humanoid beings who have exceptional physicality and combat prowess.

1 Claude C. Kenny – Star Ocean Second Story/Second Evolution

If the Star Ocean series had an official poster boy, it would be Claude. Claude primarily fights with a sword, but he can also use martial arts if the range is close enough. It also picks up light symbology spells that have affinity with fire and earth later in the game.

Claude was mistaken for the mythological Hero of Light after crashing into Expel and saving Rena Lanford from a monster – she thinks her gun and clothes are enough evidence to start telling people about it. Even though he wasn’t the great hero the town thought Arlia was, he still saved all of humanity. It makes him a Hero of Light after all.

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