Best Pyro Characters in Genshin Impact, Ranked by Attack


Gamers fell in love with Genshin Impact, not only because the open-world gameplay is fun, but also because of the unique and interesting characters they meet during their adventure. Players can unlock characters through Wishes, the game’s loot box system, and through certain special timed events. These characters all have a specific element assigned to them: Pyro, Hydro, Geo, Cryo, Anemo, and Electro.

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These elements can combine attacks, if they are complementary, in order to boost the damage to enemies. When players choose their team of four characters, there are plenty of Pyro characters to choose from. It is easily the most abundant of the elements. Players can upgrade each character through Ascension Levels which increase their stats and unlock talents which can add improvements to combat or item handling.

ten Hu Tao starts at 8-21 and peaks at 99-106

Hu Tao is the manager of Wangsheng Funeral Home in Liyue Port. She wields a polearm with standard normal, charged, and dipping attacks. His Guide To Afterlife elemental attack causes him to consume some of his HP to fend off enemies and enter the Paramita Papilo state.

While in this state, his attack increases by up to 400%, converts attack damage to Pyro, and applies Blood Blossom to enemies hit. Blood Blossom is an effect where the inflicted enemy loses health every four seconds. With Spirit Soother, Hu Tao summons a small ghost to inflict Pyro damage on the target with a direct attack.

9 Bennett starts at 16-41 and maxes out at 178-191

Bennett was raised by the Mondstadt Adventurers’ Guild but has streaks of bad luck that follow him on his adventures. He wields a sword with standard normal, charged, and dipping attacks. With his Passion Overload attack, Bennett charges his sword with Pyro energy, then strikes with fast attacks to deal Pyro damage.

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With his other Fantastic Voyage attack, Bennett performs a leaping Pyro Kick that generates the Inspiration Field around him. This field gives any character Pyro energy, regenerates HP if the character’s HP drops below 70%, and adds an attack bonus if their HP is above 70%.

8 Thoma starts at 17-43 and maxes out at 188-202

Thoma is a well-known “fixer” in Imazuma as well as the governess of the Kamisato clan. He wields a polarm with standard normal, charged, and dipping attacks. With Blazing Blessing, Thoma lunges forward with a Pyro Kick and also summons a Blazing Barrier around him that absorbs damage and Pyro damage even more effectively.

When Thoma uses Crimson Ooyoroi, he unleashes a spinning polearm attack and generates the Scorching Ooyoroi state. In this state, normal attacks deal Pyro damage and a fiery barrier is created around the character.

seven Amber starts at 19-48 and maxes out at 208-223

Amber is the only remaining Outrider of the Knights of Favonius and one of the first characters players will encounter on their journey. She wields a bow, and while her normal five-hit attack and dive attack are normal, Amber’s charged attack deals Pyro damage.

With the Explosive Puppet attack, Amber throws the Baron Bunny puppet which acts as a target for enemies and then explodes, dealing Pyro damage. His second attack, Fiery Rain is a volley of arrows that deals Pyro AoE damage to the target.

6 Xiangling starts at 19-48 and peaks at 210-225

Xiangling is the chef at Wanmin Restaurant and can be obtained through the Spiral Abyss permanent event. Much like Bennett and Hu Tao, Xiangling wields a polearm with standard normal, charged, and dipping attacks. With his Gouba Attack, Xiangling summons Gouba the Panda who breathes fire at enemies for its duration.

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With her second attack, Pyronado, Xiangling performs a spinning polearm sweep that generates a small tornado of fire that spins around her, dealing Pyro damage to any enemy in her path.

5 Yanfei starts at 20-52 and maxes out at 223-240

Yanfei is a legal advisor in Liyue, under the care of Madam Ping. She’s a catalyst carrier, so her normal, charged, and dipping attacks all deal Pyro damage. When she casts Signed Edict, she summons an explosion of flames at her target, dealing Pyro damage. Each enemy hit by the attack grants Yanfei up to three Scarlet Seals, reducing his stamina usage.

With Done Deal, Yanfei sprays a flurry of flames that attack nearby enemies and deal Pyro damage. This attack also grants him the maximum number of Scarlet Seals and activates Brilliance, which grants Scarlet Seals at intervals and increases the damage of his charged attacks.

4 Xinyan starts at 21-54 and peaks at 231-249

Xinyan is a rock ‘n roll musician who wields a claymore when she’s not strumming her guitar. She performs up to four normal attacks as well as standard charging and dipping attacks. With Sweeping Fever, Xinyan inflicts a Pyro-infused sweep which, depending on the number of enemies hit, generates a shield that also goes off, dealing Pyro damage. When Xinyan performs Riff Revolution, she strums quickly on her guitar, launching enemies into the air, then causing fiery explosions from the ground in an AoE around her.

3 Klee starts at 24-63 and maxes at 289-311

Klee is the child of the adventurous Alice and is under the watchful eye of the Knights of Favonius. She is a catalyst user, so all of her normal attacks are imbued with Pyro energy. With his Jumpy Dumpty attack, Klee throws a large toy that bounces up to three times, dealing Pyro damage and exploding into mines on the third bounce. With his second attack, Sparks ‘n’ Splash, Klee summons a small spirit to float alongside him and continue to attack with bursts of flame that deal Pyro damage.

2 Yoimiya starts at 25-65 and maxes out at 300-323

Yomiya is the owner of Naganohara Fireworks and wields a bow. Its normal and dipping attacks are standard, but its charged attack has two charged levels. The former fires a flaming arrow while the latter can fire up to three flaming arrows, both of which deal Pyro damage. Casting Niwabi fire-Dance causes Yoimiya to generate a sparkler that creates a field of saltpeter around her. In this state, his normal arrows become fire arrows that deal Pyro damage.

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Along with Ryuukin Saxifrage, Yomiya leaps into the air and launches fireworks around her. An enemy hit by this attack is inflicted with Auruos Blaze, a state where if a character other than Yoimiya hits it, the enemy explodes with Pyro damage.

1 Diluc Ragnvindr starts at 26-68 and maxes out at 311-335

Diluc is a former Knight of Favonius and current owner of Dawn Winery. He wields a claymore with standard normal, charged, and dipping attacks. With Searing Onslaught, Diluc can perform up to 3 forward sword swings, all charged with Pyro energy to deal Pyro damage.

With his second attack, Dawn, Diluc charges his flame sword and releases it forward in the form of a phoenix. The Phoenix deals Pyro damage while in flight, then explodes in a giant Pyro AoE attack. The flames that charge the sword for this attack, then imbue the sword with Pyro energy for a short time.

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