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Kolkata: The two leading app taxi aggregators – Ola and Uber – have made booking information, including ride destination and payment method, transparent to drivers to reduce ride denials and cancellations. Passengers booking App-Cabs are frequently asked by drivers about the destination and payment method. If the journey is long or the payment method is online, drivers cancel the reservation even after initially accepting it. Passengers face multiple cancellations and are exasperated when drivers refuse to cancel the trip. Customers are charged a penalty if they cancel the ride after the driver has accepted a booking. While Ola addressed the issues earlier, Uber recently introduced the changes. The local Ryde app-cab service is also trying to integrate the information.
“Drivers shared concerns about revenue following rising fuel prices, intercity pickups and payment methods. Passengers complained about drivers canceling rides or not wanting to turn on the air conditioning said Nitish Bhushan, head of Uber India (central operations).
“We have increased fares to protect drivers from the impact of rising fuel prices in India. We are now showing travel destinations to drivers before they decide to accept the ride. Drivers who reach a predefined trip acceptance threshold will be able to get the destination information so they can make an informed choice,” Bhusan explained.
On its driver partner portal, Uber displays earnings for long pickups on the receipt. The company has also implemented a daily payment process for drivers. Uber is also improving the quality of service for drivers, particularly in cancellations and providing AC journeys. Repeated passenger complaints could result in penalties and restricted access to the app.
“Over the past few months, Ola drivers have been able to see the trip destination as well as payment method before accepting bookings,” Ola co-founder Bhavish Aggarwal tweeted in December. .
“While Ola’s details are available for every ride, Uber only activates this feature after the driver has accepted two to three rides. The situation will only improve if our basic requirements are met. This includes driver earnings before the kilometer which will be set at Rs 20 for non-AC trips and Rs 25 for AC trips.We have met Transport Minister Firhad Hakim and asked him to stop police excesses,” said Indranil Banerjee, head of the Online Taxi Operators Guild of West Bengal, also a Ryde stakeholder.

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