Amouranth spent hundreds to buy another gas station


Amouranth is back. Yes, not the pigeon mask. The popular Twitch streamer has announced that she has purchased a gas station now.

Amouranth is hugely popular and controversial in Twitch streams and JustFans content, but the adult star has also earned a lot of money that really deserves his fans’ attention. Amouranth had previously bought a Seven-Eleven and a gas station for $10 million, and now she’s the proud owner of a new gas station.

Yesterday, Amouranth posted a proud tweet, which she sent to her Facebook to reveal the latest purchases from her personal business. According to Amouranth, that time she bought the 7-Eleven gas station with a heavier than usual car wash.

I PURCHASED A HALF QUAD FOR $8.3M, it is 1.5 acres of land and includes a USY FUELING INTERNATIONAL/service pump CANOPY of over 4000 square feet. It’s one of the last days before

Kaitlyn (@wildkait) August 12, 2022

It’s likely one of the last before the 50% accelerated depreciation ends, Amouranth adds.

As usual, this is more than just an investment for Amouranth. This time around, Amouranth is pitching the idea of ​​acquiring the commercial real estate/building that Real Work is in, with the idea of ​​letting the creators invest in the commercial real estate that the digital entertainment agency is in. who represents them is hosted.

Amouranth tweeted, “Well I don’t know how cool that is.” If anything else, the investment is worth the diversification.

My fans applauded the idea of ​​Amouranths and impressed her with her endless concepts to earn money. Amouranth was a successful businesswoman. She admitted that she makes around $1.5 million a month from OnlyFans alone, but continues to invest in stocks, companies and property.

Amouranth’s net worth is estimated at $20-25 million, based on her work as a content creator, investments, and businesses. Although it’s impossible to say, Amouranth was candidly asked to explain her monthly income, which gives a very compelling insight into her impressive business model.

Amouranth originally told her followers that she was going to opt out of adult content in June 2022, but that didn’t happen. Amouranth filmed and photographed his explicit messages until August, allowing him to look bad about the future of his OnlyFans career. After someone called a liar, Amouranth said she expanded her content creation to continue her research, including creating her own convention.

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