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Amazon has finally introduced a native macOS app for Prime Video, who understand Support for offline downloads, in-app purchases, and movie and TV show rentals so you can enjoy them on your brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro (or an older Mac, as long as it’s running Big Sur or later).

Now available as A free download from the Mac App Store, the new app allows users to access the full library of Amazon Prime Video content with essentially the same user experience you would have on the platform’s sister apps on iOS and Apple TV. A pop-up appears after installation ask if you want to receive notifications and other alerts with recommended content.

In-app purchases will allow you to make payments right in the Prime Video window using the payment method, if available, linked to your Amazon account, instead of having to go through Safari to pay (the free system with Prime -the subscription selection will still be there and still won’t require any payment method, obviously). You’ll also be able to do some of the more standard settings from the desktop app, including turning captions on or off, tweaking parental controls, or managing other devices that have been registered to your Prime account.

If you have other Prime-related devices, there is also good news in this regard, as the new app is able to sync your content across multiple platforms so that you can grab the movie or show you want. you were looking exactly where you left off. disabled.

The new app will also combine support for native Mac features such as Picture-in-Picture and AirPlay support, alongside The mainstays of Prime Video, like the X-Ray function which offers casting information and anecdotes. While movies and TV shows can be viewed in full screen mode, the app itself, oddly enough, cannot be maximized, which creates a sort of bizarre experience in our tests.

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