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Here are all the competitive leaderboards in CoD: Mobile and what players need to do to reach them.

Like any competitive game, CoD: Mobile has its own ranking system. This allows players to compete against opponents of similar skill.

CoD: Mobile has two ranked modes: Multiplayer and Battle Royale. Players progress through the same ranks for both modes. However, the ranks of each mode are independent of each other.

There are six ranks in CoD: Mobile, and this article will show you where you fit in those ranks. Are you a veteran just beginning your rise to legend, or are you just a few levels away from being the best?

CoD: ranks and mobile levels

CoD: Competitive Movile works quite similarly to all other ranked modes in video games. Players queue up in competitive lobbies and earn points based on their performance. If you lose a match, you lose points. If you win, you earn points.

You are ranked based on the number of Competitive Points you accumulate. Each rank has five levels and players move up these levels by earning points. Earn enough points and you will eventually increase your rank.

Here are the rankings in order and the number of points needed to climb each level.

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Rank #1 – Recruit

Rookie is the lowest rank a player can have in CoD: Mobile.

This rank is reserved for real bots and low-skilled players. Anyway, there are still five levels to climb to escape the Rookie rank.

  • Rookie I -1 to 200 Competitive Points
  • Recruit II – 201 – 400 competitive points
  • Recruit III – 401 – 600 competitive points
  • Recruit IV – 601 – 800 competitive points
  • Rookie V – 801 – 1000 competitive points

Rank #2 – Veteran

Veteran is not a very prestigious rank, but it’s better than being at the bottom. By now you’ve probably learned which weapons best suit your playstyle and know some of the maps.

However, you still have a long way to go to reach the most prestigious ranks.

  • Veteran I – 1001 – 1200 competitive points
  • Veteran II – 1201 – 1400 competitive points
  • Veteran III – 1401 – 1600 competitive points
  • Veteran IV – 1601 – 1800 competitive points
  • Veteran V – 1801 – 2000 Competitive Points
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Rank #3 – Elite

In Elite, there are no more bots, and beginners are rather rare. These players are considered “good” or “decent” in CoD: Mobile. This is also where climbing the ranks can feel more like a chore for new players.

  • Elite I – 2001 – 2200 competitive points
  • Elite II – 2201 – 2400 competitive points
  • Elite III – 2401 – 2600 competitive points
  • Elite VI – 2601 – 2800 competitive points
  • Elite V – 2801 – 3000 competitive points

Rank #4 – Pro

As the name suggests, Pro is only for players who have an excellent understanding of CoD: Mobile.

These players aren’t the best of the best, but they are the best of casuals. This is also where it takes more than 1000 CP to advance to the next rank.

  • pro i – 3001 – 3300 competitive points
  • Pro II – 3301 – 3600 competitive points
  • Pro III – 3601 – 3900 competitive points
  • Pro IV – 3901 – 4200 competitive points
  • Pro-V – 4201 – 4500 competitive points

Rank #5 – Master

Master is the second highest rank in CoD: Mobile, and it’s hard to achieve. It’s also very difficult to get a Master’s degree. Each level is separated by 400 CP and it takes a total of 2000 CP to reach the highest rank.

  • Master I – 4501 – 4900 competitive points
  • Master II – 4901 – 5300 competitive points
  • Master III – 5301 – 5700 competitive points
  • Master IV – 5701 – 6100 competitive points
  • Master V – 6101 – 6500 competitive points
CoD Mobile battle royale

Rank #6 – Legendary

Legendary is the highest rank in CoD: Mobile and is the hardest to achieve. There are no levels to climb, because being in Legendary is something difficult to achieve. Legendary is for players who have 6501+ CP.

Unfortunately, when a new season begins, your rank will be reset. Even if you manage to reach Legendary, you will drop back down to Pro. This makes each new season the start of another grind to reach the highest ranks in CoD: Mobile.

For more CoD: Mobile, check out the best weapons in the game and stay tuned for more news and guides.

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