A ‘Station 19’ fan might have figured out if Jack left after the explosive Season 5 finale


Station 19Season 5 finale episode, titled “Crawl Out Through the Fallout”, left fans with more questions than answers. In the foreground are questions about Jack (gray damon) after its explosive exit.

Even before Maya (Danielle Savre) approached Natasha (Merle Dandridge) and Bob (Boris Kodjoe) to demand his job back, the fire chief was already hinting at “a job opening” at Station 19. After Maya ruffled Natasha’s feathers, the captain offered a job – but not at she. Unbeknownst to all, Natasha was thinking about Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz) would be the best person to fill a position recently vacant after the relinquishment of his charges.

“Now that you’re back at 19, you’ll have a chance to catch me because it turns out a lieutenant just opened up,” Natasha said. Although she refrained from telling Andy which place she would be taking over, she quickly put two and two together. Andy rushed to Jack’s locker to find it empty and with a post-it that said “You’re welcome”.

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Although he tried to catch up with the co-captain, Andy was too late. “Jack?! Jack! Where the hell are you going?” she cried as he walked away. Station 19 fandom had been watching the Season 5 finale from home. Looking back on the episode, there didn’t seem to be any telltale signs that Jack was heading for the door. He didn’t hesitate to be there for Andy as she tried to build a strong enough case to overturn her possible 10-year prison sentence.

That said, Maya and Carina (Stefania Spampinato) got an ear from Jack when they checked him out during the party. “I’m fine…I don’t need to be a part of anything,” he said, referring to the trio’s family planning. But I don’t need to pity the family, okay? Well (Jason George)’s moving speech on family – a subject in which he felt lost.

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The next time viewers would see Jack would be in the parking lot. While there was differing opinions about the end of the season 5 finale, several people came to his defense for bowing out while saying goodbye. React to a comrade Station 19 fan on Reddit calling out Jack’s actions”a tantrumanother person offered a different explanation.

“Tantrum doesn’t get what you want. It’s Jack who takes care of finding out that his parents didn’t want him and also finding out that he has what 2-3 other brothers and sisters? » replied Reddit user @TheQuirkyReddit. “Go… away from anger. He’s the one who doesn’t know how to go about it, he needs to get away from it all. He probably needs to clear his mind.

A different fan @savejenni accepted“I mean it’s not a tantrum, which understates the pretty extreme emotional trauma [he’s] To go [through].”

So, is Jack venting or is he gone for good? It’s hard to say right now, but either could be possibilities. Until then, we’ll keep an eye on the actor gray damonwho plays the (now former?) Station 19 member, and her instagram in case he drops any hints about what Season 6 will entail.

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