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Anime characters have all kinds of hobbies, talents, and interests to make their lives more interesting, just like people in real life. It’s not enough to go to high school or do chores around the house – anime characters also want meaningful hobbies and sometimes they turn to the world of music to express themselves.

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Some anime series are mostly music-driven; others simply feature one or two characters who may play an instrument as a hobby, such as the guitar, acoustic or electric. Today, the guitar is more popular than ever and is associated with genres like rock ‘n roll, heavy metal, country, and more, and these guitar-playing anime characters are ready to make a splash. music with their favorite instruments.

9 Kyoka Jiro can play guitar and sing (My Hero Academia)

My Hero Academia Kyoka Jiro bass guitar

The students of My Hero Academia UA doesn’t have much time to pursue her interests or work on her hobbies, but that doesn’t stop Kyoka Jiro/Earphone Jack from harboring a passion for guitar and rock music in general. Her room in the UA dorm is full of musical treats and her classmates were pleasantly surprised.

Kyoka was embarrassed by this at first, but she quickly learned to openly embrace her musical hobby and with her guitar and microphone, she helped Class 1-A put on the concert of the year during the festival. ‘school. Her parents are also very fond of music, that’s where she gets her passion.

8 Masami Iwasawa plays guitar to soothe his soul (Angel Beats!)

Masami Iwasawa (Angel beats!)

The short but popular anime series The angel beats! takes place in an unusual high school, which is actually in purgatory. Among the colorful students at Afterlife High School is Masami Iwasawa, who is the lead guitarist for Girls Dead Monster.

In life, Masami had a difficult childhood, with her parents arguing loudly every night and the students at school making fun of her, so she retreated into the world of music for solace. Now she can play uplifting music for everyone at Afterlife High School, even if the good times can only last a while.

7 Gajeel Redfox plays the guitar badly (Fairy Tail)

Gajeel guitar

Wizards of the Fairy Tail Guild all have their own quirks and hobbies, from Mirajane’s volunteering as a bartender to Erza’s big penchant for cake. Then there’s iron dragon slayer Gajeel Redfox, who’s an aspiring musician, with Mad Max –stylish guitars.

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Fairy tales Gajeel thinks he’s an excellent musician with his soulful voice and guitar playing, and the frosty Gray Fullbuster thinks so too. The sad reality is that Gajeel’s voice and guitar playing are more like fingernails on a blackboard and no one is looking forward to his performances.

6 Yoshinobu Gakuganji can really scratch (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Yoshinobu uses a guitar to transmit his cursed energy

The elderly but tough headmaster of the Kyoto School of Sorcery, Yoshinobu Gakuganji, is much cooler than his stern personality and appearance suggest. He’s a strict traditionalist who wants Yuji dead and he doesn’t like Satoru Gojo very much either. That doesn’t endear him Jujutsu Kaisen fans, but he found a way to make up for it.

Yoshinobu earned some cool points when he showed off his cursed guitar and amp-based technique during the Kyoto-Tokyo tournament. He can use cursed sound waves to drive away enemy curses and, according to lore, he can also play other instruments and is looking for a drummer.

5 Akira Otoishi plays music during pit battles (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures The diamond is unbreakable story arc introduced a dazzling variety of new stands to enrich the Jojo combat system and which includes the electric Red Hot Chili Pepper, with Akira Otoishi as the user. This Deadly Stand can drag people into power lines and kill them, among other techniques.

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Meanwhile, Akira has been known to occasionally play his electric guitar during his stand battles, which adds music to the action. As a bonus, he has “AC/DC” on the cuffs of his outfit, an example of Jojomany musical references. Akira dreamed of becoming a rock star one day, but Josuke and Okuyasu put him down.

4 Yui Hirasawa is a natural with guitars (K-On!)

Yui Hirasawa

The charming high school anime K-On! has a strong musical component and the main girls have formed a rock band called After School Tea Time to put some music in everyone’s life. This includes guitarist Yui Hirasawa and she learned the guitar manners in a very short time.

Within weeks, Yui had gone from a total novice to a skilled player worthy of any amateur band, suggesting that she has a lot of talent for music, maybe even a scholar. Now she can cheer everyone up with her wonderful music.

3 Haruhi Suzumiya plays the guitar well (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

haruhi suzumiya

The holder Haruhi Suzumiya is no ordinary high school girl – she is actually a goddess and can bend reality to her will. This famous anime character is also very good at a variety of things, including playing the guitar. Like Kyoka Jiro, Haruhi showed off her musical talents at a school festival for everyone to enjoy.

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Haruhi put on the show of a lifetime, and her songs have now become staples in the anime community. This includes hit singles such as “God Knows” and “Lost My Music”.

2 Nana Osaki didn’t have it easy (Nana)

girl Nana Osaki, as her punk looks suggest, had a tough upbringing and is scarred by her experiences, but she still persisted and now she’s a rock legend in the anime world. In fact, his life story is pretty much similar to that of many real-life musicians who themselves went through a lot of hardships before launching their music careers.

Nana’s own mother abandoned her and she was falsely accused of high school prostitution. However, Nana then embraced her passion for music and the music of her guitar became her guiding light in a rather dark life.

1 Ryusuke Minami leads his group (BECK)

ryusuke beck

by BECK Ryusuke Minami is a classic example of a rock star, being a very talented and skilled young man who loves the guitar, but also enjoys alcohol and debauchery. Yet his ferocious passion for music makes him undeniably compelling in the story of BECK.

Ryusuke leads the group BECK with his blues style playing and his guitar of choice is a Gibson Les Paul which he named Prudence (Lucille in some versions). He has notably lived in the United States and is fluent in English.

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