9 Anime Characters That Would Suit Tengen Uzui Perfectly


demon slayer is a hit shonen fantasy series featuring a relatively small but beloved cast of characters, mostly sword-wielding demon slayers who risk their lives to protect humanity from monsters in the dark. This includes the nine elite Hashira, and some of the Hashira have direct reports, such as Tengen Uzui, the Hashira sound.

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Tengen prides himself on being flashy and dazzling, and he also has a bit of a temper. But deep down, he’s also a caring and compassionate man who cherishes the three kunoichi who follow him, his three wives. Tengen entrusts her life to each of these warriors. However, if he wasn’t lucky enough to have them by his side, he would have to recruit a female warrior from another anime series, and only a reliable, brave, and noble character can do the trick.

9 Yoruichi Shihoin Fear No Demon (Bleach)

Yoruichi makes a sneaky reaction

Ideally, Tengen’s female warrior will be someone he can get along with on a personal level, a woman he cherishes and respects. A great start is deadly Soul Reaper assassin Yoruichi Shihoin, who can give Tengen a run for his money.

Yoruichi is easily on par with the Hashira, but she would always volunteer to help him on a mission, and she can do things Uzui’s current three wives can only dream of. And it helps that Yoruichi’s flamboyant and energetic personality matches Tengen’s.

8 Kurenai Yuhi is kind and smart (Naruto)

smiling kurenai from naruto

Kurenai Yuhi is also a ninja, as are the three wives of Yoruichi and Tengen, making her an obvious candidate. Like Yoruichi, she has skills that the three wives of Tengen cannot even imagine, since she has the power of ninjutsu on her side. Few, if any, demon slayer characters can create convincing illusions like this.

Yoruichi can trick any opponent with his plant-themed genjutsu, buying time for his teammates to complete the job. Meanwhile, Kurenai has a warm, mature air that would make her intensely attractive to Tengen.

7 Ryukyu can turn into a dragon (My Hero Academia)

Ideally, Tengen would recruit melee hero Mirko as his bride, but Mirko doesn’t like working in a team, so Tengen will try Ryukyu instead. Ryukyu is almost as powerful as Mirko and has a much stronger sense of teamwork, and she has a mature, humble personality to match. So far, so good.

Ryukyu is an experienced and tough professional hero who would see demons as special villains to kill, and she wouldn’t even fear moons in battle. His Quirk, meanwhile, transforms Ryukyu into a scaly dragon, perfect for protecting innocent people from harm or immobilizing a powerful demon.

6 Maki Oze Knows Her Duty (Fire Force)

maki oze waving

Firefighter Maki Oze is a great choice for any anime superhero team, as she has tremendous discipline and courage from her time in the Tokyo Empire army, not to mention her remarkable ability. second generation ignition. She poses as a fire witch and can easily dispatch Infernals.

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Maki’s background as a monster hunter makes her a natural fit for Tengen’s team, and Tengen would also like Maki’s confident, colorful personality and strong will. The two will quickly become friends, to say the least.

5 Shion has a flashy personality (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

shion happy slime

Shion is an ogre who carries a huge sword into battle, and she has a confident and fun personality to match. Tengen would approve of Shion as a flashy and powerful fighter, and he would convince Rimuru to let her join his team for a few missions.

Shion is a cheerful and warm-hearted warrior who would get along easily with Tengen Uzui and support him however she could on a mission, either with her fists or her sword. It wouldn’t take long for Tengen to realize why Shion is one of Rimuru’s most trusted and valued subordinates. She is definitely something special.

4 Asuna Yuuki has a good heart (Sword Art Online)

sword art asuna wide eyes

After years of playing MMORPGs, Asuna Yuuki has become a powerful and skilled gamer and swordsman in a variety of virtual worlds. She has always been a brave and noble young woman, and now, after countless adventures with Kirito, she is ready for a new mission.

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By the events of the Unital Ring arc, Asuna is a powerful warrior who fears no enemy, and Kirito trusts her with his life, so Tengen would do the same. He and Asuna would get along well if they fought on the same team, and if Kirito wasn’t around, they might get even closer.

3 Jolyne Cujoh is pretty flashy too (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jolyne is imprisoned for a crime she did not commit.

Jolyne Cujoh is the sixth hero of Joestar and the protagonist of the ocean of stone story arc. Jolyne was falsely accused of a horrific crime and ended up in Green Dolphin Street Jail in Florida. In this ocean of stones and metal bars, Jolyne acquired the power of Stone Free, her stand, and put it to good use.

If the opportunity arose, Jolyne would gladly team up with Tengen as her new ally in exchange for her freedom. Like Tengen, Jolyne has a flashy and strong personality, and she won’t let anyone cross her. She and Tengen will get along very well.

2 Mirajane Strauss believes in teamwork (Fairy Tail)

Mirajane, fairy tail

Mirajane Strauss is one of the most powerful wizards in the Fairy Tail guild, if not the strongest, but she’s not likely to brag about it. Mirajane greatly prefers peace and even volunteers as a bartender, but if anyone threatens her guild, she will unleash her formidable Take Over magic, turning her into a demon.

Even though Tengen is trained to kill demons, he would accept Mirajane on the team and he would be enchanted by her warm, caring, and responsible attitude as a powerful witch. She could even take on the Upper Moons with Tengen by her side, and no doubt they would get much closer after a few battles together against the Muzan hordes.

1 Diana is a Flashy Giant (The Seven Deadly Sins)

diane seven deadly sins

Diane is a giantess from the land of Megadozer, the homeland of the warrior giant race. These titanic humanoids love battle and bloodshed, but Diane is far nobler than that. She prefers peace to war, and she only fights to defend her friends and protect the innocent, not for glory.

Tengen would approve, and he would also be amazed by Diane’s energetic and cheerful personality. She would make a nice addition to the team, but it would help if she used her human form between battles, otherwise the demons would see her coming a mile away.

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