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With The Mandalorian set to return for Season 3 in late 2022, fans will start to theorize about what they expect to see – and what they’d like to see in the new season. Live action star wars The series last hit screens in late 2020, when viewers saw the titular Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal) say goodbye to Grogu to train as a Jedi.

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The character of Pascal and Grogu have since been reunited in Boba Fett’s Book. Other significant events happened to The Mandalorian, AKA Din Djarin, in the spinoff, including his expulsion from his lifelong Mandalorian belief. With these dramatic events unfolding, fans will be eager to see the iconic duo meet certain characters again.


Lady Frog

While perhaps an odd character to want to see back, “Frog Lady” was beloved by fans for good reason. The unnamed female amphibious creature offered great comic relief when Mando was tasked with bringing her to her homeworld, as well as the task of ensuring her species does not go extinct while she bears the last of the eggs of his species, which Grogu particularly thought. delicious.

The value of Frog Lady is that she served as a reminder of the importance of family to lonely bounty hunter Din Djarin. Her reunion with her husband and the birth of their children emphasized to Mando her bond with Grogu above her duties to the creature as a foundling. A Frog Lady appearance would be a fun callback – especially if Grogu needs a babysitter.

Cobb Vanth

Cobb Vanth (played by Timothy Olyphant) also appeared in The Boba Fett Book – and her final scenes on the show left fans oblivious to her fate. Following a confrontation with Cad Bane, Marshal appears to have been killed in action as his fellow citizens fought against the Pike invasion of Mos Espa.

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Later, however, Cobb Vanth was seen in a batch tank helped by Boba Fett. It will be interesting to see how the character acts after being revived by Fett. Plus, her character’s partnership and chemistry with Din Djarin makes for an entertaining watch, and fans will be eager to see the pair cross paths again.

Currency Peli

Peli Motto is one of the few allies Mando has in both his own show and Boba Fett. The brave engineer helped Mando find other Mandalorians outside of his own belief, as well as helping the notoriously tough bounty hunter deal with Grogu with her gentle, caring ways.

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In Boba Fett, Peli Motto builds and refurbishes an old New Republic X-wing fighter for a reluctant, and later impressed, Mando. Motto’s ability to reach out to Mando and trick him into doing things he doesn’t want to do, whether it’s driving frog aliens or meeting other types of Mandalorians, makes her a character. who stands out for his abilities.


Omera only appeared in one episode of The Mandalorian so far, but holds significant power over Din Djarin. Omera appeared in one of the best mandalorian episodes, “Sanctuary”, where Din establishes a connection with a farming village which he protects from looters. Omera, a beautiful young widow and mother, shows extraordinary kindness to both Din and Grogu when they greet the couple.

In the brief time they interacted, Omera pulled off something very impressive – she almost convinced Din to take off his helmet he’d been wearing since he swore the Mandalorian creed, while leaving Grogu with her to take care. With their chemistry and Omera’s good heart, it would be intriguing to see Din Djarin interact again with the young woman who has more influence on him than almost any other human in the series.

Greif Karga

Greef Karga in The Mandalorian

Greef Karga went from antagonist to ally in The Mandalorian. Head of the Bounty Hunters Guild, he orders Mando to hand Grogu over to the Client, an agent of the Empire, before siding with Din in a confrontation against Moff Gideon. He is also the source of several The Mandalorian funniest quotes.

Karga is a powerful ally that Mando must have on his side in his fight against the forces of the Empire. He provides protection from other bounty hunters through his leadership. The character did not appear in the final battle of the Season 2 finale nor in Boba Fett, fans will therefore be eager to see what he has been up to since viewers last saw him.

Bo-Katan Kryze

Bo-Katan Kryze, much like Ahsoka Tano, started out as an animated character before her appearance in The Mandalorian, having made its first appearance in The Clone Wars series. Unlike Ahsoka, however, Kryze only appeared in The Mandalorian and not its own broadcasts or other derivative broadcasts. In live-action, her character has served as an unlikely ally to Mando, as she comes from an opposite creed of Mandalorians.

In the clone wars, Bo-Katan plays a more antagonistic role as part of the violent Death Watch movement seeking to assert sovereignty over all of Mandalore. It’s a darker characterization compared to her mandalorian representation, and clone wars fans would likely appreciate an extension of his live character in this way.

Koska Reeves

Koska Reeves, unlike Bo-Katan, only appeared as a live-action character, making her debut in The Mandalorian. His participation in a rival Mandalorian creed threw Din Djarin, revealed as a child of the fundamentalist Watch creed, into an existential crisis because of his upbringing and religious teachings.

Koska usually sides with Bo-Katan and helped her and Din Djarin defeat Moff Gideon in the Season 2 finale, but little is known about her character overall. Season 3 would be a great opportunity to develop his character as an ally of Din Djarin who could help him after he left The Watch creed during Boba Fett.

Fennec Shand

Fennec Shand (played by Ming-Na Wen) has appeared in several Disney Lucasfilm projects, including The Mandalorian, the villain Batch, and Boba Fett- more than any other live-action star wars character. She’s served as a mercenary to both The Mandalorian and Boba Fett, but her own background remains a mystery when compared to those characters.

Fennec has her own moral code that sets her apart from her contemporaries who follow specific doctrines, making her more of an anti-hero. While a highly skilled assassin, his personality is bold and unwavering unlike many Stoics. mandalorian characters. His character is a prime candidate to be deepened in a new mandalorian season, especially considering Ming Na-Wen’s performances in multiple shows.

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