7 Fairy Tail Characters Smarter Than Hermione Granger


Hermione Granger may be the smartest character in the game. Harry Potter series. Hermione’s main skills include her mad intellect, smarts, and mastery of books. Hermione may be considered one of the smartest fictional characters, but she has strong competition in the anime world.

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In the anime world, there is a plethora of clever anime characters that can give Hermione a hard time. just like Harry Potterthe anime Fairy tale also features a world of wizards and magic. Therefore, Fairy tale has brilliant characters who are just as smart, if not smarter, than the famous Hermione Granger.

seven Lucy Heartfilia is an intelligent character who likes to solve puzzles

Lucy Heartfilia is the main character who joins the Fairy Tail guild and becomes a member of Team Natsu. Lucy may not be the strongest physically, but her intelligence makes up for it.

Much like Hermione, Lucy loves books and is in the process of writing her own book about her adventures with the Fairy Tail guild. In addition, she loves solving difficult puzzles and taking on challenges by coming up with strategies to win. In fact, Lucy was smart enough to rewrite The Book Of END, which gave Natsu the edge he needed to defeat Zeref.

6 Liberated Justine is proficient in the use of runes in combat and other situations

Freed Justine is a mage in the Fairy Tail guild and a member of the Thunder Gods tribe of Laxus. Freed is another smart character who knows how to use runes, and he crafts them with a high level of skill.

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In battle, Freed can position his runes to trap his enemies and separate them from each other. Freed has a wide variety of runes that can be used in any situation. When Laxus tried to take over the Fairy Tail guild, Freed was the key part of the strategy to take them down.

5 Levy McGarden is a brilliant book lover who can solve any problem

Levy McGarden is perhaps the smartest member of the Fairy Tail guild, and she is the leader of the three-person team, Shadow Gear. Like Lucy Heartfilia, Levy loves to read and is known to be very smart when it comes to books. Thus, Levy’s brilliance and magical power make her very reliable to the guild.

Due to her intelligence, the whole guild constantly asks Levy for help with their problems, and she always gets away with it with her big brain. Another attribute that Levy contributes to the guild is his knowledge of the language field; it can even translate several old scripts.

4 Ultear Milkovich learned the magic of making ice cream without his mother’s help

Ultear Milkovich is a female mage and the daughter of Gray’s master, Ur. Ultear was a former member of the Magic Council and was also a former member of Grimoire Heart, where she was the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory. Ultear is so smart that she was able to easily manipulate Jellal.

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Ultear was even able to break into the Magic Council’s high-security prison and free one of their most dangerous convicts. Additionally, Ultear learned the incredibly difficult Arc of Time ability at a very young age and learned ice magic without his mother’s guidance.

3 Jellal Fernandes is a wizard prodigy who can fight his way to the magic council

Jellal Fernandes was a childhood friend of Erza Scarlet, and before he lost his memory, Jellal was a dark mage who sought to revive Zeref through the R-System. When he was younger, Jellal was able to become the youngest wizard using only half of his powers.

Jellal is also a smart and clever mage who tricked Erza and the entire Magic Council into bringing Zeref back to life. He even managed to trick the Magic Council into letting him become a member, which is a huge feat, considering the Magic Council is the most powerful mage on the continent. He did all of this while keeping his true identity and agenda secret.

2 Mavis Vermillion’s tactical mind can come up with winning battle strategies

Mavis Vermillion was the first guild master and co-founder of the Fairy Tail guild. Known as “The Fairy Tactician”, Mavis has the ability of a tactical mind with the brilliance of coming up with battle strategies so good it seems she can see into the future.

Thanks to Mavis, the kingdom’s troops won several battles. Combat strategies are not only Mavis’ strong suit, as she can also assess the character and personality of anyone she meets very quickly and predict how they would react in different situations.

1 Zeref Dragneel studied to find a way to bring the dead back to life

Zeref Dragneel was considered the strongest and most intelligent evil mage of all time; he possesses extremely dangerous and powerful black magic. When he was young, Zeref’s younger brother Natsu was killed by a dragon, and in order to bring him back to life, Zeref became a student at Mildian Magic Academy.

Zeref studied the connections between life, death, and magic at the academy to revive Natsu. He was eventually successful in his research and created Dark Art magic, which allowed Zeref to bring his brother and other demons back to life.

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