7 Best Supporting Characters In Weird West


Because Weird West is such an open-ended game, you can kill people that even have ties to the main story, similar to Skyrim’s NPC mechanics. Most of these characters appear throughout the five episodes, acting as quest givers or traveling companions, rarely appearing outside of their respective episodes.

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Then there are the ones like Heathen and the Mystery Child who pop up throughout the story, giving you only the tiniest bit of information about what to expect. These characters are what make the Weird West so weird in the first place, and we love them for it.

Note: There will be spoilers for the Weird West story to follow.


seven Sheriff Albright

Sheriff Albright is the first person you really spend time with in the game, she’s your first introduction to Jane Bell’s life, upcoming missions, and how towns work in the Weird West. It’s because of this that Albright has had such an impact since the shift. And it becomes even more apparent when the truth about Albright is revealed in a scene where Jane goes to her house to find a mermaid instead of Flora’s human form.

You then have to decide at the end of Jane’s campaign whether to reveal Flora’s identity or keep it a secret. He’s an intriguing character from the start, but becomes especially so when everything is revealed.

6 Pig Joe

There’s no one like Pigman Joe, who’s been an open and generous friend to the protagonist from the start, a stark difference from those judging Cl’erns Qui’g. Joe is the kind of friend everyone expects, someone who has your back no matter what and doesn’t go into debt. He’s also someone who can join your party once you’ve completed his side quest.

Joe was tricked by a specter who cursed him into having the ability to speak but only in rhyme. Don’t worry, because you will have the chance to help Joe solve all these problems during The Bard’s Bargain mission.

5 Woman standing west

The Lost Fire Nation want the best for their people and protect their tribesmen, devoting themselves entirely to defeating the Wiindigoo. Across Rivers (the protagonist of the third episode) works with West Standing Woman to achieve this. The two eventually locate a house where Across Rivers must next enter the Spirit World.

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But before all that, West Standing Woman will send relays to Across Rivers, thanking him for his generosity and admiration of others. So even though West Standing Woman doesn’t physically travel with Across Rivers during her episode, her determination is what keeps both the character and the player fighting to defeat the Ravenous.

4 Leila

Whenever a werewolf pack is introduced in any form of media, there is always a family mentality that makes the people of the pack feel grounded and raw. The best example of this is the bond between Dezi and Leila, who work together in their episode. Like the Lost Fire Nation, Leila is someone who wants the best for her people and only wants to help protect them.

Although lycanthropy is considered a blessing for them, it can also be something that makes life difficult for them. In wolf form, members can be hit with something known as being moon drunk, where it becomes difficult to control their actions. After this happens to Leila, she must learn to overcome it as Dezi tries to track her down through the Strange West.

3 Ruth

Unlike the other notable Weird West characters, who have a morally good or gray alignment, Ruth is someone who is impressive for the uniqueness of the insults she hurls at Cl’erns Qui’g. Each relay Ruth passes is a step up from the previous one, knocking the player down every turn. She’s the kind of character you love to hate and yet you can’t help but feel bad for her.

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As your mission for the Cl’erns Qui’g episode is to destroy the three tree roots, Ruth sends people to you to try to prevent this. Sure, it doesn’t work, and Cl’erns comes out on top, but it’s always fun to have someone so dedicated to your cause.

2 Mysterious girl, Anais

Why do little kids in movies or games always have to be so scary? Likewise, why do they always end up being the most intimidating characters in the group? These two questions might cross your mind during your third, fifth, or first encounter with the mystery girl, where she gives very little information about why she’s there staring at the player. Towards the end of the game, the girl’s name is revealed to be Anais, which is unsurprisingly increasingly ominous, as are her origins and rather tragic backstory.

Even if the first clashes with Anaïs are frightening, it is quite comforting because you know that you are in the right place when Anaïs appears.

1 Pagan

Everyone loves a solid witch character, their charming antics that only make sense to the character themselves. Influential witches in games are always people you know will have a high interest in the final game, but someone you know you have no chance of defeating. Which is why it’s a good thing that Heathen sits on the sidelines for most of the game, only playing a larger role in the final act.

Heathen mostly appears in random encounters that advance the connection of the five protagonists, with odd tasks like having to beat Heathen in a slapping contest. She’s definitely someone we’d love to hang out with or even just share a little chat with, as she’s sure to have some great stories from her past.

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