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After an already impressive and versatile career that includes classic Nickelodeon shows (including Zoe 101), a recurring role on The CW’s sex and the city prequel series Carrie’s notebooksa stage-stealing role in Quentin Tarantino Once upon a time in Hollywood cast as Tex, and more, Austin Butler is finally one of Hollywood’s most recognizable and sought-after actors.

That tends to be the case when you’re playing one of the most recognizable icons in pop culture history – in this case, the title role in director Baz Lurhrmann’s hit musical biopic, Elvis. So, I now ask the question that always comes up whenever a multi-talented artist like him achieves a hit like this: are there any upcoming Marvel movies in his future?

While this wouldn’t actually mark his first time in a comic book adaptation (and more on that later), it would mark his first time in new superhero movies (or, perhaps, any shows Marvel TV series coming to Disney+, even. Because if and when that happens, I’ve taken the liberty of imagining a list of Marvel characters who have yet to debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and who seem like the perfect choice to bring him to life with the heroes (and/or villains) we’ve thought of – starting with the one who actually shares something in common with the actor’s most famous role to date.

Marvel Comics Freakout

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Austin Butler really put himself through his paces to play what many call the King of Rock ‘n Roll Elvis — so much so that he ended up in the hospital, literally, the day after principal photography for the biopic wrapped. According men’s healthhe even played guitar for real and backed his own voice over the film’s musical numbers, with Presley’s real voice later added at certain points in post-production for more precise mixing. However, the evidence that Butler is talented enough to sing on his own while filming the movie gave me the idea to cast him as a Marvel character who, like Elvis, is also a musician…but not quite a musician. like Elvis.

Arthur Amadeus Van Krijg had a successful career as a heavy metal artist within reach, until his dreams were shattered by a drug overdose that damaged his brain so badly that he (literally) separated his mind from his body and rendered him insensitive to pain. So when this new mutant was captured by Bedlam and recruited into his team, known as the Derangers, he didn’t even think to protect himself from the metal shards that killed him when he attempted to attack Alpha Flight. I believe this character’s origin story and ability deserves a more fleshed out story if it were to be adapted for a future. x-men movie after Marvel Studios rebooted the property, especially if an actor like Butler was in the role.

marvel comics reaper

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As I mentioned earlier, if Butler joins the MCU, it wouldn’t be his very first time in a comic book adaptation. In 2014, he debuted his recurring role on one of the most beloved DC television shows of all time, Arrow, like Chase – who’s also kind of a musician (if you count a nightclub DJ, that is) but moonlights as a member of Ra’s Al Ghul’s League of Assassins . Knowing that the actor has experience playing a deadly, highly skilled warrior trained by Batman’s own mentor, I think it would be a fun idea to see him play someone who is basically part of the game. Marvel Comics equivalent of this organization.

Founded in New Orleans by Candra, the Assassins Guild is a collective of super criminals made up of Sabretooth, Crossbones, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings character Razorfist and many other notable villains from the Marvel Universe. One of its most imposing, essential, and skilled members is Harvester – a highly skilled swordsman whose identity remains unknown and who also has superhuman speed. He also had an awkward and deadly encounter with Deadpool once, which could be a fun way to bring him into the MCU.

Marvel Comics Dark Heart

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Black Heart

Before Austin Butler’s performance in Elvis made him a top man, I already had a good idea of ​​his future from his performance in Once upon a time in Hollywood as notorious and actual member of the Manson family, Charles “Tex” Watson. Although it was followed by a tension-busting quip, I’ll never forget his chilling delivery of the line, “I’m the devil and I’m here to do the devil’s business.” This convinces me that he would be an ideal choice to play a truly demonic entity – something the Marvel Universe is actually chock-full of.

However, I don’t see him as the right person to play Marvel’s canon equivalent to Satan, Mephisto, whenever his highly anticipated MCU debut finally happens. Still, I’d be interested to see his portrayal of Mephisto’s son, Blackheart, who was previously portrayed in Nicolas Cage. ghost rider Wes Bentley movies. Considering how the horror genre is slowly becoming more prevalent in the franchise, it’s the perfect time to bring it into the universe (or Marvel Multiverse, we should say), especially to hint at the his father’s upcoming debut.

Marvel Comics Zombie

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Speaking of the horror genre, Austin Butler is actually no stranger to horror films himself, having played a victim of evil reanimated corpses in writer and director Jim Jarmusch’s extremely bizarre horror-comedy. , The dead don’t diein 2019. If the experience has already made the actor curious to see things through the eyes of his undead, that opportunity may lie in the MCU.

Simon Garth was once a vain businessman until he was murdered by his gardener and brought back to life (sort of) by voodoo as a grotesque superhero aptly named Zombie. Once again, this is a character whose MCU debut has never had more potential than it does now, especially with another horror-centric creature, Werewolf By Night, leading the special. Disney+’s Halloween from 2022.

Marvel Comics Quasar

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However, Austin Butler may no longer have an interest in playing horror movie characters, killers, or even musicians. Maybe for his MCU debut, he wants to explore new worlds (literally) by going on an adventure in space. Well, there are plenty of characters he could play to indulge in such an experience if he wanted to, like Quasar.

There are actually several people who go by this name in the comics (including Richard Rider, better known as Nova), but the first and most recognizable is Wendell Vaughn – a human soldier turned SHIELD agent who has accidentally tapped the power. quantum bands and became the protector of the universe. Honestly, I didn’t have much to cite from Butler’s resume to justify his casting in the role. I just think his likeness to the character is near perfect.

On the other hand, it might be cool to see Austin Butler pop up in all of the upcoming DC movies reprising his Arrowverse role in one way or another. When you’re as talented as he is, the possibilities are endless.

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