5 characters stronger than Erza Scarlet (and 5 weaker than her)


Fairy tale is a long-running and popular shonen action series starring an array of colorful characters, from Natsu Dragneel the Fire Dragon Slayer to his friends Lucy, Gajeel, Gray and more. Natsu is also a close friend of Erza Scarlet, an S-rank wizard who is one of the top fighters in the Fairy Tail guild.

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Erza Scarlet had a difficult childhood, but once she was accepted into the Fairy Tail guild, her true strength and talents blossomed, and she is now a true powerhouse in battle. Erza possesses incredible strength, durability, swords and armor, not to mention an indomitable willpower and absolute faith in all of her friends. She is a powerful witch, but a few characters always rank above her in terms of strength. Who are they?

ten STRONGER THAN ERZA: Mirajane Strauss slightly outperforms Erza’s power

Mirajane, fairy tail

Erza and Mirajane have been rivals for years, but recently their rivalry has become much friendlier than it was before. The two girls are some of the best in the Fairy Tail guild and wield different types of magic. Erza has swords, while Mirajane’s body is her best weapon.

Mirajane Strauss uses Take Over demonic magic, and she only got stronger as the series progressed. She is slightly but certainly stronger than Erza, and she is even able to fly and can use her tail as a fifth limb in melee combat, among many other techniques and spells.

9 WEAKER THAN ERZA: Juviaa Lockser falls short on Erza

Juvia Lockser was once part of the Phantom Lord Guild, but she switched sides after that guild lost to Fairy Tail at the start of the Fairy tale series. Juvia is all about water, and she can even turn her own body into water to resist physical attack. It can also heat water until it boils.

Juvia can use an impressive variety of aquatic spells, and she can even perform raids in unison with Lucy. Ultimately, however, she can’t compare to Erza, and she and Lisana have a serious loss to Erza at the start of the Island of Tenrou story arc.

8 STRONGER THAN ERZA: Luxus Dreyar is barely stronger

fairy tail_ laxus with lightning in her hand

The gap between Erza and Luxus Dreyar is narrow, and in theory either could win if they got into a serious fight, depending on the circumstances. Still, Luxus does have a few perks of Erza, such as her status as a Lightning Dragon Slayer. He can use Dragon Force, unlike Erza.

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Luxus can also move like lightning, making him faster than Erza, and his durability is very slightly higher than Erza’s. They once fought seriously in the 100 years of quest manga sequel, and in the end, Erza fell just before Luxus.

7 WEAKER THAN ERZA: Sting Eucliffe reportedly scared of Erza

Sting Eucliffe belongs to the Sabertooth guild, and he ranks among the best fighters in that guild, along with his ally and friend Rogue Cheney. Sting and Snape are strongest when they fight together to mix their light and dark magic, and on their own they aren’t as powerful.

Sting is a formidable wizard, but he and Rogue lost together to Natsu and Gajeel in the Grand Magic Games tournament, and it’s safe to say that Erza is stronger than either Natsu or Gajeel. So Sting is definitely less powerful than Erza.

6 STRONGER THAN ERZA: August can cast any spell

Fairy Tail Wizard King August

August is a member of Spriggan 12, Zeref Dragneel’s elite wizarding unit. Even among these incredible fighters, August is a real powerhouse, and he’s known for using magic of all kinds in combat to gain the advantage. He’s a generalist rather than a specialist, which makes him incredibly flexible.

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This sheer flexibility, combined with her huge reserves of magic, makes it clear that August is stronger than Erza, and if they were to fight, Erza would realize just how outclassed she is. Retirement is his only option.

5 WEAKER THAN ERZA: Ikaruga lacks Erza’s stamina and flexibility

ikaruga fairy tail

Ikaruga is an evil sword master, and until she faced Erza Scarlet, she had never lost a single sword duel, and it soon became clear why. Ikaruga possesses remarkable speed and precision as a warrior, and she can shatter magical armor like Erza’s with little effort. She can also make fire with her sword.

Ikaruga might have defeated Erza without Erza’s superior stamina, strength, and willpower, all of which gave him the advantage. While Ikaruga is formidable, she is slightly weaker than Erza overall, especially since she lacks the flexibility of Erza’s collection of armored suits.

4 STRONGER THAN ERZA: Irene Belserion is scarier than her daughter

Irene, Fairy Tail

Some anime characters end up overtaking their parents, but others never do. Some anime parents are much stronger than their sons and daughters, often because they have had more time to learn and practice their fighting style. Or they were simply born with superior talent.

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Spriggan 12’s Irene Belserion is stronger than her daughter and their relationship is difficult to say the least. Irene is a human and a dragon, and she can change any landscape with Universe One. She can also enchant herself and perform devastating melee attacks, and even shoot ultra-destructive blasts from her mouth.

3 LOWER THAN ERZA: Lyon Vastia ice cream is quite impressive

Lyon Vastia can use ice magic in combat, just like Gray Fullbuster, although he never acquired Ice Devil Slayer magic, which sets them both apart. Lyon is somewhat friendly with the Fairy Tail guild, but he is more loyal to his Lamia Scale guild and interests.

Lyon’s ice cream magic is just as flexible as Gray’s, and it rewards creative thinking in battle. While Lyon can craft powerful weapons and animals with ice, Erza is still the strongest wizard between them in many ways, and she can defeat enemies that would make Lyon run for her life.

2 STRONGER THAN ERZA: Gildarts Clive is the best of Fairy Tail

Gildarts Clive

Gildarts Clive is often considered the most powerful wizard in the Fairy Tail guild, and it’s easy to see why. He’s already survived a fight with the dreaded Acnologia, albeit with serious injuries, and he has strength and stamina beyond anything Erza, Mirajane, or Natsu have.

Gildarts also has more combat experience than Erza, being older than her, and her crushing Crush magic is even more powerful than Erza’s collection of swords. He once faced August with his daughter Cana Alberona and survived, which speaks volumes.

1 WEAKER THAN ERZA: Elfman Strauss ranks below Erza

Elfman Strauss is a brute force fighter like Gildarts, but he cannot compare to Gildarts or Erza in terms of overall power, although it is not for lack of trying. Elfman can use Take Over magic to take beastly forms and gain immense power, and he narrowly beat Bacchus Groh in their GMG tournament match.

Elfman is a formidable wizard, but even he cannot compare to Erza’s strength and endurance, and he also lacks his offensive firepower. Erza’s countless swords allow her to demolish the enemy in a way Elfman can only dream of.

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