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Many anime series include characters that are lovable but have creepy powers. These abilities are often deadly or risk injuring those around the characters with their overwhelming force. In the wrong hands, these powers could easily be used for nefarious purposes. In the possession of gentle characters, terrifying powers are harnessed or used to help others.

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Dangerous powers can indicate how good-hearted those sweet anime characters who possess them are. Many people would be corrupted by so much power, but the nature of the gentlest people remains unchanged. The strong contrast between the character’s sweetness and the death of his abilities adds a lot of depth to the character, while also making him easy for fans to admire.

10/10 Main is kind and generous, but its mana can easily overwhelm others

Ancestry of a Bookworm

Main, a librarian who reincarnated in the body of a child in a world without libraries, is the bright and charming protagonist of Ancestry of a Bookworm. Main has an intense love for books and she often displays childlike excitement in her journey to make books more accessible to the world. Main’s kind and generous nature has led her to befriend many people.

Hand has an extraordinary amount of mana. When her emotions spiral out of control, her excessive mana makes her dangerous. If angry enough, Main is capable of inflicting incredible pain on those around her. She can attack the heart or suffocate someone without even touching them. Main reserves this ability for himself when his family is in danger.

9/10 Orihime Inoue’s weapon seems weak because she doesn’t want to fight


In Bleach, Orihime Inoue is a gentle soul who will heal anyone. She let herself be captured in exchange for saving the Shinigami that Ulquiorra Cifer defeated, and in Hueco Mundo, Orihime was tormented by two Arrancar, but still healed them when they were injured. His ability to reject phenomena saved the lives of friends and foes alike.

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Orihime has a powerful ability called Koten Zanshun. This incantation summons a spirit that pierces an enemy and erects a shield, splitting the enemy in two. This ability is rarely used as Orihime’s attacks never have the intent to kill, or even the desire to inflict harm on others.

8/10 Kyo Sohma’s bestial form made him constantly worry about hurting others.

Fruit basket

At the beginning of Fruit basketthe The Sohma family belittled Kyo Sohma and did not see his good heart because he carried the spirit of the cat. The family’s harsh words made Kyo recoil, fearing that the people around him would suffer misfortune.

Due to the cat’s rejection of God’s curse, Kyo could turn into a hideous monster. In this form, he had enhanced speed and enough strength to smash through a cliff. An arm shot from Kyo was also enough to send Tohru Honda flying. Kyo felt he couldn’t afford to spare kindness for others, but Tohru’s acceptance of this form eventually allowed him to show a softer, kinder side of himself.

7/10 Ochaco Uraraka can control gravity but only uses it for hero work

my hero academia

my hero academia has many budding heroes with intimidating powers, and Ochaco Uraraka is one example. Himiko Toga revealed that Ochaco’s Zero Gravity Quirk can be extremely deadly. With Ochaco’s ability to erase a target’s gravity, Himiko caused people to rise up into the air and die. This is something Ochaco would never do.

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Ochaco became a hero so she could earn enough money to help her parents. As a hero, she uses her Quirk to clean up debris in disaster areas. Ochaco also uses her powers to prevent people from getting hurt when falling. She wouldn’t consider using her whim to kill people.

6/10 Mitsuri Kanroji had overwhelming physical strength and a love for all humans

demon slayer

Mitsuri Kanroji was one of the cutest characters in demon slayer. When introduced, she continually noted the good qualities of her friends and exclaimed how much she loved them. Even though Mitsuri seemed harmless, she had the strength and skill that made her worthy of being one of the best demon slayers.

Mitsuri had a slim build, but his muscle composition was inhumanly dense. This allowed him to resist demon attacks that would have wiped out other people. Mitsuri even ripped off one of Muzan’s arms with his bare hands.

5/10 Korosensei was nearly indestructible and used his powers to become the greatest teacher

Assassination Classroom

Korosensei was introduced as a villain who claimed that he would destroy the Earth if his class of students failed to assassinate him. This gave the series its titular name, Assassination Classroom. Although the students have no idea what their new teacher’s motivations are, they soon realize that he is a passionate teacher. Korosensei used his powers to help his students and was fiercely protective.

Korosensei’s ability to move at a speed of Mach 20 allowed him to create afterimages of himself, which framed each student as he skillfully dodged their attacks. He was also indestructible and quick-witted, requiring students to strategize, collaborate, and expand their knowledge in order to bring him down. Assassinating Korosensei proved difficult as his natural abilities exceeded those of any ordinary human.

4/10 Miroku uses his wind tunnel to save people despite the risks to himself


Miroku was a monk who protected others by warding off demons. Before the events of Inuyasha, Miroku’s family was cursed by Naraku to have a wind tunnel in their right hands. The wind tunnel sucks up whatever Miroku directs it to and slowly grows larger over time until it consumes the user.

Miroku would rely on her curse, as she could easily wipe out hordes of enemies. He would even use it at inopportune times if it involved protecting his allies, absorbing insects from Naraku, and even using it despite being injured. Although it was Miroku’s greatest weapon, it could easily have been his downfall.

3/10 Mare Bello Fiore can easily overpower humans but is immensely loyal to Nazarick


Mare is one of Nazarick’s sweetest ground keepers in Suzerain. He is shy and anxious, and is constantly eager to impress his leader, Ainz Ooal Gown. Mare often doubts himself and his abilities to carry out Ainz’s orders. Although this slows down Mare in completing a mission, he is extremely loyal and always follows orders.

Mare has a lot of physical strength, for a blow from his staff is enough to break bones. His magical power is even stronger, as he can create chasms that engulf people. Mare also played a role in the destruction of the Royal Capital, by order of Ainz.

2/10 Mavis Vermillion has powerful magic but prioritizes helping her guild members

Fairy tale

Mavis Vermillion was the original founder of the Fairy tale guild. She is a kind and caring leader, often giving advice and support to members of her guild. Mavis also played the biggest role in saving Fairy Tail and Zeref. While she was a guild leader, Mavis perfected the Law spellcreating fairy law.

Fairy Law has a wide area of ​​effect, and when cast it deals a lot of damage to anyone the caster perceives as an enemy. This means that the caster’s allies remain unscathed. This magic is capable of bringing down some of the most powerful wizards, but can be deadly if cast on too many people at once.

1/10 Zeno is a childish God who wanted true friendship

Dragon Ball Super

Zeno is a character introduced in Dragon Ball Super with the sweetest voice and childlike demeanor. He rules the universes and is the most powerful being in the series. Since most people were afraid of him, it was no surprise that Zeno instantly liked Goku. Goku wasn’t afraid of him, as he was too innocent and naive to understand why others treated Zeno like royalty.

What Zeno wanted more than anything was a friend. At the same time, Zeno is powerful enough to obliterate people and universes effortlessly, which is why most people cower before him.

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