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Elektra Natchios is a complicated woman. A martial arts master and assassin, she has walked the tightrope between hero, anti-hero and villain for nearly her entire existence. Most often associated with Daredevil, Elektra stands as an iconic character in the shift to darker storylines that began in the comic books of the late 1980s.

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Being a famous fighter in the Marvel Universe means having plenty of challengers. While Elektra often finds herself in more street-level stories, she has always fought and defeated some of the best and strongest in the Marvel Universe.

ten Irreplaceable: Elektra Eliminates Super Skulls

Secret Invasion was a 2007 event that saw the heroes of the Marvel Universe face off against a race of shape-shifting aliens, the Skrulls, attempting to take over Earth. Elektra was one of the first major players to be replaced by a lookalike, but she didn’t go down without a fight.

In writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Khoi Pham’s Mighty Avengers #16, Elektra is confronted by a Skrull version of herself. She easily defeats the alien, although he also has the powers of Ghost Rider and the Thing. She also kills Skrull-enhanced versions of Daredevil and Wolverine, using her impressive martial arts abilities to defeat the invaders.

9 Playtime is Over: Elektra Stomps Arcade

Although typically an X-Men villain, Arcade has continued to threaten the entirety of the Marvel Universe. Cunning and cruel, Arcade’s deadly traps have made him one of MU’s top hitmen, taking on heroes like Spider-Man and Captain Britain, and even causing the deaths of several Avengers Academy students. .

While in Las Vegas, Arcade kidnapped Elektra and put her in Murderworld, his deadly theme park. She fought through this, eventually leading to a confrontation with an Arcade wearing a mech suit. The confrontation ended when Elektra used powered samurai armor to defeat her foe. This story can be read in artist Juan Cabal and writer Matt Owens Electra Volume 5 #5.

8 Sweet Revenge: Elektra eliminates Bullseye

Bullseye and Elektra have a long history together. Villain Daredevil Killed Her in Writer/Artist Frank Miller and Artist Klaus Janson Daredevil 181. Since then, Bullseye has continually threatened the Marvel Universe as an Assassin, Thunderbolt, and even Dark Avenger.

Upon Elektra’s return from death, Bullseye sought to kill her again. The two had an epic hand-to-hand battle in the pages of writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Deodato Jr. Elektra Tome 2 #2. Bullseye desperately tried to beat the woman he once killed, using everything from bladed weapons to an escape route against his enemy. However, Elektra’s willpower and skill give her the edge to deliver a killing blow to the villain.

seven Sai Against Sword: Elektra Silences the Silver Samurai

The Silver Samurai is a mutant with a command of martial arts and ties to Japan’s criminal underworld, including the ninja cult of the Hand. With the ability to generate an all-through energy field, Keniuchio Harada has faced foes like Wolverine, Daredevil, and the New Mutants.

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Writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Chuck Austen saw Elektra take on the samurai in issue #4 of Elektra Volume 3. The two engaged in silent, dark and brutal combat, the samurai fighting in the name of Hydra. Their battle was a long one, but Elektra ultimately proved the superior fighter, impaling Harada on her sais.

6 Fool Me Once: Elektra Defeats Lady Bullseye

As a child sold into slavery, Lady Bullseye was inspired to take her nickname when she saw the original Bullseye kill his captors. Joining the Hand as an assassin and mercenary, Lady Bullseye trained to become an expert martial artist, employing katanas, shuriken, and her fists to slay her enemies.

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2014 Elektra Tome 4 #2 (written by W. Haden Blackman and drawn by Michael Del Mundo) featured Bullseye’s heir apparent battling Elektra for a contract on an assassin known as Cape Crow. Both swords locked in the nest of a giant monster, but Elektra won by stabbing her opponent in the gut.

5 Ninja Knock-Out: Elektra Finishes Kirigi

A seemingly immortal ninja assassin, Kirigi is one of the Hand’s finest warriors. In addition to being a master fighter, Kirigu stands 7 feet tall and weighs 300 pounds, giving him a physical advantage over more average-sized human opponents.

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Completely loyal to the Hand, Kirigi sought to kill Elektra twice. She beat him every time, ultimately killing the menacing figure of Frank Miller and Klaus Janson. Daredevil #176. Their battle was fierce, starting two issues early, but Elektra won by cutting off the ninja’s head.

4 Purple Rain: Elektra Pounds Paladin

The Mercenary Paladin has long been a controversial figure in Marvel’s hero community, a man with some honor, but who only cares about a paycheck at the end of the day. Armed with his stun gun and purple combat armor, Paladin has battled the likes of Daredevil, the Purple Man, and Mister Hyde.

During Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign, Elektra was recovering from her abduction from Skrull on the Helicarrier. Paladin sought to collect the bounty on her while she healed, sneaking up to kill her. However, this was precisely the opportunity Elektra needed, taking down Paladin and using his assassination attempt as a way to escape.

3 Copycat: Elektra Overtakes Task Master

Another mercenary, Taskmaster has photographic reflexes, meaning he can replicate any feat he sees a person without powers performing. Traditionally wielding a variety of weapons, Taskmaster has copied the abilities of heroes like Captain America, Wolverine, and Hawkeye to help him train and battle superhumans.

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When a series of villains sought to prove their strength against Elektra in writer Peter Milligan and artist Mike Deodato Jr’s Elektra Volume 2 #7, Taskmaster was among the last standing. Despite using the fighting techniques of Spider-Man, Daredevil, and even Elektra herself, Elektra overpowered the mercenary.

2 Whippersnapper: Elektra Stops Blacklash

Marco Scarlotti is Blacklash, a supervillain who has expert-level proficiency over his cybernetic whip. An early Iron Man villain, Blacklash worked as Maggia’s enforcer and for Justin Hammer during the “Armor Wars” event. As a mercenary, he often sold his whip to the highest bidder.

However, the circumstances of Blacklash’s confrontation with Elektra are different from his clashes with other enemies. In the same contest that saw her defeat Taskmaster, Elektra eliminated the threat of Blacklash by listening to her. Blacklash no longer wished to take the supervillain path, and Elektra helped him take the first steps towards redemption.

1 The Best There Is: Elektra Hunts the Villains

If it’s not obvious by now, Elektra is a villainous fighter who can take on the best in the Marvel Universe. When she finds herself on the wrong side of the Assassin’s Guild in Elektra Volume 4 #6she decides to take a more proactive approach and eliminate her enemies before they can reach her.

In an epic two-page spread drawn by Alex Sanchez and written by W. Haden Blackman, Elektra recounts her battles against agents of the Assassin’s Guild. The enemies she knocks down range from the silly, like the Shocker and Boomerang, to the fearsome, like Tiger Shark and Crossbones. After this story, there’s no doubt who the best assassin in the Marvel Universe is.

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