10 Shonen Characters One Piece’s Roronoa Zoro Would Team Up With



A play features one of anime’s best found families, the straw hat pirates crew, whose members are remarkably diverse. This group includes the stubborn bakadere Monkey D. Luffy as captain, the skillful womanizer leader Sanji Vinsmoke and certainly the famous swordsman Roronoa Zoro. Zoro has fought bravely alongside Luffy or alone in countless battles for the cause of the Straw Hat.

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Zoro is comfortable with his team, but in theory he would team up with anime characters from other franchises as well. Zoro’s ideal partners should be compatible with his melee swordsmanship style and his chivalrous and reckless demeanor in battle. Many of Zoro’s potential partners are like the Roronoa Zoro of their own universes.

10/10 Erza Scarlet shares Zoro’s chivalrous spirit and bravery

Fairy tale

In many ways, Fairy taleErza Scarlet’s red-haired witch is to the Fairy Tail guild what Roronoa Zoro is to the Straw Hat crew. Both are master swordsmen and are even tougher and stronger than they look. They fight with courage and recklessness to defend all their friends.

What sets Erza apart is her use of space magic. With it, Erza can reach pocket dimension and swap her armor and swords in any fierce battle. This makes her much more flexible than Zoro, and it makes her worthy to fight alongside him.

9/10 Ichigo Kurosaki fights hard for all his friends


Bleachthe protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki is the heroic main character rather than a secondary character, meaning he is Luffy’s shonen counterpart, not Zoro’s. Otherwise, Ichigo is much more like Zoro than Luffy, and not just because they’re expert swordsmen.

Ichigo and Zoro have a similar attitude, being serious and stern heroes who try not to ridicule each other in the story. They can act aloof and tough, but Ichigo and Zoro would understand and respect each other as good people who risk everything for their friends or nakama.

8/10 Major General Olivier Armstrong masters tactics perfectly

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Major General Olivier Armstrong is the eldest sister in his family, and she plays the part. She’s tough, responsible, mature, and secretly generous, making her a memorable tsundere in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. She may lack chemistry, but Olivier is worthy to fight alongside any shonen protagonist.

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Olivier Armstrong is a deadly swordsman who is also handy with pistols and battle tanks. Armstrong is also a skilled military strategist who could give clever orders to allies like Zoro to make the most of their abilities. In that sense, Armstrong is a better crew captain than Luffy himself.

7/10 Tenya Iida studies hard and trains harder

my hero academia

my hero academia proves how diverse professional heroes can be in terms of hero costume designs, quirks, and personalities. Clumsy, careless heroes like Mina Ashido or Minoru Mineta would annoy serious shonen heroes like Roronoa Zoro, but Tenya Iida is different.

Much like Zoro, Tenya is a noble and chivalrous fighter who will risk his life for what is right. Tenya is also tenacious, stubborn, and serious like Zoro, which would make a partnership between them more likely. The only real difference is that Tenya fights with kicks rather than swords.

6/10 Benimaru studied the way of the sword

This time I got reincarnated as a slime

The world of isekai has some honorable swordsmen who should fight alongside Roronoa Zoro, like the knight Benimaru from This time I got reincarnated as a Slime. Unlike the destructive and reckless Milim Nava and the vain Gabiru, Benimaru is a true master of combat.

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Benimaru is a loyal friend and staunch defender of Rimuru’s monster village. Like Zoro, Benimaru is a disciplined and highly motivated swordsman who takes himself very seriously. But they also know how to enjoy life and make the most of their wonderful friendships outside of battle.

5/10 Tanjiro Kamado is a good boy with a nice gun

demon slayer

demon slayer features many powerful sword fighters who could fight alongside Roronoa Zoro. If Zoro can be picky about it, he would reject the coward Zenitsu Agatsuma and the obnoxious Tengen Uzui in favor of the hero himself, Tanjiro Kamado.

Tanjiro has more charisma and personal warmth than Zoro, but they would still get along very well. Tanjiro is an expert swordsman despite his limited experience, and he is tough, tenacious, and smart in battle. He’s the kind of partner Zoro needs against a powerful enemy like the Blackbeard Pirates.

4/10 Asuna Yuuki defends her friends at Swordpoint

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online is a shonen series with many sword fighters, but most of them are not good enough for Roronoa Zoro. Zoro might consider fighting alongside Kirito, but he would definitely team up with Kirito’s best friend and lover, Asuna Yuuki.

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Asuna is kind and compassionate outside of battle, and stubbornly tough and noble in mortal combat while playing virtual reality games online. Asuna believes in the power of nakama, just like Zoro, and will fight hard for her lover Kirito and adopted daughter Yui.

3/10 Kotaro Amon fights hard as a conscientious CCG investigator

tokyo ghoul

tokyo ghoulGhoul characters are too selfish, monstrous, and unpredictable for Zoro’s tastes, like the independent-minded Touka Kirishima or the slippery Shu Tsukiyama. Zoro might find better partners in the CCG, or the Ghoul Hunting Organization, instead.

Zoro wouldn’t like the punk Juzo Suzuya or the creepy Kureo Mado, but Kotaro Amon is different. Amon sometimes goes over his head, but he’s still a dedicated, disciplined, and passionate ghoul hunter with some serious skills. Zoro could appreciate Kotaro’s honorable streak and fight alongside him against any foe.

2/10 Asuma Sarutobi fights with elegance and honor


Many naruto ninjas work best alone or with other ninjas, which basically makes them incompatible with a swordsman like Roronoa Zoro. In fact, Zoro and characters like Shino Aburame or Neji Hyuga would get in each other’s way. This leaves Asuma Sarutobi, Konohamaru’s uncle.

Asuna is a simple shinobi who fights her enemies directly with her chakra-infused bladed brass knuckles and fiery ash breath attack. Asuma could easily pair his fighting style with Zoro’s, and they would respect each other as strong, chivalrous fighters who don’t need dirty tricks to win.

1/10 Casca is a true knight commander


A large number of Berserkthe characters would disgust Roronoa Zoro, of the scheming villain Griffith to the monstrous father Mozgus to the little Gambino. Even Guts, the swordsman, might not appeal to Zoro as much, which makes Casca Zoro’s best new battle companion.

Casca is a disciplined, serious, responsible and courageous knight who considers each member of the gang as a brother in arms. These are the qualities Zoro needs in a partner before any battle. It also helps that Casca has the skills and experience to command troops in a campaign.

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