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The world of Japanese anime is made up of thousands of characters of all kinds, and these characters express an astonishing variety of worldviews and philosophies, some gloomy, others optimistic. Dark characters like Guts the Mercenary Swordsman or Lucy the Diclonius don’t have much hope for the future or humanity, but others certainly do.

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Many of the most inspiring anime characters are steadfast optimists, and they are sure the future will be bright if everyone works hard enough. These characters also tend to see the best of themselves and others, and they won’t give up on anyone or anything as a lost cause.

ten Ken Kaneki wants ghouls and humans to get along (Tokyo Ghoul)

Kaneki in coffee

Ken Kaneki is the dark anti-hero of Tokyo ghoul, and even though he’s not a ray of sunshine shining like a one-eyed ghoul, he’s still more optimistic than Touka Kirishima or Shu Tsukiyama. Like Mr. Yoshimura, Ken is convinced that humans and ghouls can get along if they really try.

That makes Ken Tokyo ghoulby far the most optimistic character, and he fights hard to try and bring humans and ghouls together despite the odds against him. He won’t even kill the human investigators chasing him, like Kotaro Amon.

9 Futaro Uesugi will not abandon the Nakano sisters (the quintuplets par excellence)

The quintuplets par excellence

Futaro Uesugi is an excellent student with a strong will, and that is why Mr. Nakano chose him to give private lessons to his five daughters-in-law, the quintuplets. Despite a few early mishaps, Futaro and the sisters have learned to get along and, more importantly, Futaro firmly believes that the Nakanos can and will become better students.

Although the sisters repeatedly skip studies or bombing tests, Futaro is certain the five can pull it off and surprise everyone with good grades when it really matters, and he has made extraordinary efforts to ensure that it happens. This makes Futaro an ideal tutor and a true optimist, and it has finally started to pay off.

8 Tohru Honda gives everyone a chance, even their enemies (fruit basket)

Tohru Honda is a beloved Shojo heroine whose optimism knows no bounds. She won’t change the world with her upbeat ways, but she can still uplift the people around her and give them a second chance, even when no one else will. His conviction is foolproof.

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Tohru lost her parents but still hasn’t given up on hope, and she even lived in a tent without complaining. Most importantly, she sees the best of everyone around her and brings them up, including delinquent Arisa Uotani and troubled tsundere Kyo Sohma. Tohru can heal anyone’s heart with enough time.

seven Natsu Dragneel Believes Friendship Makes Everything Possible (Fairy Tail)

Flame eater Natsu Dragneel can be obnoxious and dense, but he can always be praised for his stubborn optimism and faith in others. Natsu doesn’t have time for desperation or cynicism – he prefers to fight alongside his guild mates and friends, and fight for a better future.

Natsu is convinced that with enough friends he can overcome any challenge and help anyone find a reason to smile. No wizard or dragon can intimidate him in battle or convince him to abandon his avant-garde ideas.

6 Izuku Midoriya Thinks He Will Save The World (My Hero Academia)

izuki midoriya hero smile

Izuku Midoriya is the shonen star of My hero university, and he has long overcome his childhood desperation to be Quirkless. He always admired All Might, and now he is All Might’s chosen successor and bearer of One For All. Izuku takes this very seriously.

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Izuku can have moments of hesitation or doubt at times, but in all fairness he took on a huge burden early on and has a lot going on. He has come a long way in a short period of time and he is convinced that he can save the world as a new symbol of peace and protect the happiness of all. He will never give up justice and hope for all.

5 Son Goku will always be the champion of humanity (Dragon Ball)

Goku is smiling

Son Goku is often considered the best and most powerful shonen protagonist of all time, but there are more seasons to him than his punches and Super Saiyan forms. Goku is a hero at heart, regardless of his physical strength, and he will stubbornly defend his adopted world, Earth, until the end.

In many ways, Goku is the Superman anime, faithfully defending humanity against alien threats, killer robots, and more. Goku’s determination is absolute and he will fight any enemy to the death for what he believes in. Nothing can make him give in to despair.

4 Senku Ishigami will revive all mankind (Dr. Stone)

senku dr.  rock

Senku Ishigami may have limited physical strength and no supernatural power, but he has the power of science on his side, and that counts for everything in this New Stone Age. Senku may have limited human skills, but he is optimistic about the potential of humanity and he will not let it go to waste.

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Senku has taken it upon himself to revive all of humanity 3,700 years into the future, after everyone has been turned to stone. He will bring civilization back no matter what and allow humanity’s greatest achievements to shine again. There is too much to lose to give up now.

3 Avatar Aang will help anyone (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Avatar Aang is another animated protagonist who will never give in to despair or abandon those who need him. He came through a low point after his loss to Ba Sing Se, but that was an exception. Otherwise, Aang firmly believes that peace is always possible and deserves to be defended even in the darkest of times.

Aang believes that no one is truly lost or beyond redemption, and this is what helped Prince Zuko complete his Redemption Arc. Aang even spared the life of Fire Lord Ozai and supported Zuko as the new Fire Lord. Give someone a second chance and they’ll grab it.

2 Naruto Uzumaki will make Jiraiya’s dream come true (Naruto)

naruto and kurama

Naruto Uzumaki grew up as a feared and hated outcast, so he resorted to unrest to gain attention. He then joined Team 7 and started making a real difference, and his stubborn optimism quickly manifested itself as his famous ‘talk jutsu’. Even the worst enemies can be redeemed if everyone speaks.

Naruto saw the best of characters like Gaara of the Sand, Neji Hyuga and even Zabuza Momochi and Nagato and helped turn things around. On a larger scale, Naruto is certain that he will someday fulfill Jiraiya’s dream of world peace despite obstacles, and this inspired Nagato to give his life to support the cause.

1 Rimuru Tempest builds a tolerant nation of monsters (this time I reincarnated as a slime)

happy rimuru

Rimuru Tempest is the most upbeat isekai hero ever, and he’s not interested in slaying the Demon King or building a harem of elf maidens. Instead, it’s his personal mission to build a whole new nation where all monsters can coexist in peace. Nothing like this has ever existed in this world.

Rimuru changed the face of this isekai realm with his dream, and of course, he recruited many races of monsters to join, including a lot of ancient enemies, such as goblins, wolves, orcs, ogres and even lizardmen. Rimuru has made many friends with her bottomless optimism, and it inspires their complete loyalty. Rimuru is a symbol of hope.

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