10 Marvel Characters Catwoman Would Fall In Love With


Created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane, Catwoman debuted in Batman N°1 in 1940 alongside the Joker. Over 80 years in the making, Catwoman has gone from a costumed criminal to one of Batman’s closest allies and partners, in costume and out of costume.

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Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne have become one of the deepest and most complex couples in comics and their characters continue to grow with each year and each new story. While many believe Catwoman to be Batman’s true love, it’s interesting to speculate who Catwoman would fall in love with if she existed in the Marvel Comics Universe. She would mostly fall for characters who share her criminal backstory and redemption or those who bear similarities to Batman.

ten Daredevil is drawn to danger

Daredevil is, in many ways, like Batman. Both heroes suffered tragic childhood losses, fueling their quests for revenge and justice. Both have developed romantic relationships with heroes and villains. Daredevil has dated many Marvel characters, including Black Widow, Black Cat, and Elektra.

Selina was an ex-criminal like Black Cat, who eventually sided with the hero who pursued them for years, and Catwoman is a skilled fighter like Black Widow, with a complicated past like Elektra. Daredevil shares many traits with Batman, much like Catwoman shares many with Daredevil’s love interests. It makes sense that they could also gravitate toward each other.

9 War Machine is a more compassionate Iron Man

Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark are similar characters in that they are both billionaires who use their fortunes to fund their heroic adventures. They both use gadgets and advanced technology to explain their lack of powers, and they both bankroll their superhero teams. Despite their similarities, Bruce and Tony are very different people.

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Selina Kyle would probably never fall in love with someone like Tony. However, she might fall in love with someone like James Rhodes. Rhodey is much more trustworthy and compassionate than Tony. Rhodey recently had a close relationship with Carol Danvers during Second Civil War. While Selina would find Tony obnoxious, she would find Rhodey endearing and more transparent.

8 Gambit is a charming thief

Before she officially fell in love with Batman and joined the Bat Family, Catwoman was a costumed villain. She was considered one of the best cat burglars in the world, and she still puts those skills to good use, albeit to more heroic ends. In the Marvel Comics Universe, Gambit is an extremely skilled burglar who joined the Thieves Guild for a time.

Gambit became a hired mercenary, acting selfishly for years before officially joining the X-Men. If Catwoman and Gambit met, they’d probably hate each other, at least at first. They may both be stubborn characters who think they know best, but their shared skills and similar criminal backgrounds could spark a deeper connection.

seven Namor is a powerful leader

Namor can be quite unpleasant. He rules Atlantis with an iron fist and often talks to other heroes like he’s better than them. Despite his cold and off-putting attitude, Namor developed several successful romantic relationships. During the events of Avengers vs. X-MenNamor and Emma Frost fell in love with each other as they both possessed the cosmic power of the Phoenix Force.

Namor is extremely powerful and an incredible ally to have. He can be a bit of a jerk sometimes, but he’s loyal to those he loves. If Catwoman was born in the Marvel Universe, she might have sided with Namor at times and possibly developed a romantic interest.

6 Luke Cage defends his city

Luke Cage first appeared in Luke Cage, hero for hire #1 in 1972. He is one of the most trusted and beloved heroes in the Marvel Universe. He’s worked with just about every major superhero, acting as a member of teams like the Avengers and Defenders.

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Luke doesn’t wear a mask when fighting crime. He wants criminals to know who to be afraid of, and he wants the people of his town to know who is protecting them. Luke is an inspirational leader who seems to draw other heroes like Iron Fist and Jessica Jones into his orbit. If Catwoman lived in Marvel’s New York City, she would end up working with Luke and the Defenders and possibly fall in love with him the same way Jessica Jones did.

5 Bucky Barnes has a dark past

During World War II, Bucky Barnes was Captain America’s sidekick. Years later, Steve Rogers has been thawed out of his cocoon of ice and Bucky has been brainwashed into becoming the Winter Soldier. For years, Bucky operated as a villain before reforming. Then he acted as an anti-hero before taking over the role of Captain America after-Civil war.

Catwoman was also a villain who reformed and became an anti-hero before officially joining DC’s heroes. Steve Rogers just seems too “good” for Catwoman, but Bucky Barnes, someone with a troubled past as a villainous character, is someone Selina Kyle would have more in common with.

4 Nighthawk fights crime with an array of gadgets

Nighthawk debuted as a villain in The Avengers #69 and was a member of Squadron Sinister, a team of supervillains heavily based on DC Comics’ Justice League. Nighthawk was a costumed villain who wore a cape and cowl and used various gadgets, clearly inspired by Batman.

Nighthawk reappeared later in Defenders #13 as a hero. Catwoman also had a redemption arc after her origins were explored in Frank Miller’s “Year One” storyline. The fact that Nighthawk is inspired by Batman and the fact that he and Catwoman are both ex-criminals would potentially bring the two characters closer together.

3 Kaine is a more brutal Spider-Man

Catwoman is likely a character that Spider-Man would fall in love with. She shares many traits with Black Cat, and Selina and Bruce’s relationship was once very similar to Felicia and Peter’s relationship. However, Selina might not reciprocate those feelings for Spider-Man.

Spider-Man is a much more positive hero than Batman. While both suffered tragic losses, Batman seems to carry those losses with him. Batman is a much darker and more enigmatic character than Spidey, and some may find that appealing. If Selina didn’t fall in love with Peter, she might fall in love with her clone, Kaine. Today, Kaine shares Peter’s sense of power and responsibility, but his methods of justice are far more violent and reckless.

2 Moon Knight stalks the night

Moon Knight is a costumed vigilante who uses an array of advanced gadgets to traverse the city and fight crime. He is not Batman, although Moon Knight has often been compared to the Dark Knight who preceded him. The two heroes share many similarities, and that might be what would initially draw Catwoman to Marc Spector, but the two vigilantes are quite different.

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Most notably, Batman didn’t gain supernatural powers from the Egyptian moon god. Moon Knight, meanwhile, became a costumed hero thanks to his connection with Khonshu. If Catwoman fell in love with Moon Knight due to her initial similarities to Batman, she would soon discover that Marc’s situation could be much more complicated.

1 Wolverine attracts many heroes

Wolverine and Catwoman would form an unlikely couple. Catwoman looks more sophisticated, while Wolverine looks wilder. However, when Catwoman and Batman first developed a relationship, some thought they were an unlikely pair. In Marvel Comics, Wolverine actually developed a relationship with Black Cat in the Claws limited series and its sequel.

Despite Wolverine’s violent instincts, he’s formed many relationships with Marvel’s most popular heroes like Storm, Jean Grey, and even Sue Storm in an alternate universe. As unlikely as it may seem, there is a universe where Wolverine and Catwoman could fall in love with each other.

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