10 Iconic Anime Characters Voiced By Satomi Sato


Satomi Sato is one of the most recognized anime anime voice actorsappearing on top-rated shows such as Fruit basket and Fairy tale, she is able to voice a wide range of character types, from those who are cute and bubbly to others who are dark and dark.

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Sato’s vocal work also lent itself to a successful musical career; she performed songs related to the characters she voiced. With an overall prolific presence in entertainment, his work has yielded some of the best performances in anime, with ten roles, in particular, standing out among the rest.

ten Speed ​​(one piece)

Speed ​​first appeared as one of the Shinuchi working under Kaido; she helped hoard food and drinking water for herself and the other animal-themed Beast Pirates. As a SMILE horse user, she has many horse characteristics like her centaur appearance and comical horse smile.

In the A play anime, Speed ​​briefly battled Zoro and Kiku in Bakura Town before being tamed by Tama’s Kibi Kibi no Mi powers. Afterwards, she becomes more sympathetic towards the people of Wano and is completely submissive to Tama, forming a mother-daughter relationship with her.

9 Saki Hanajima (Fruit Basket)

After relentless bullying throughout her childhood for being perceived as a witch, Saki was finally accepted for who she was upon meeting Tohru Honda. Naturally, her devotion to Tohru is unmatched, to the point that she admits that Tohru is her only weakness.

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These days, Saki is still quite reserved, but she likes to scare people with her gothic looks and her ability to wave. Her personality would eventually clash with her rotorella during the school play, so much so that the script was rewritten in order to accommodate her aloof nature.

8 Manami Tamura (Oreimo)

Manami may be simple when it comes to her looks, but her personality is extremely dynamic. She can seem shy and introverted at first, but when pushed to the limit, Manami can become very rough and mean, much to the shock of those nearby.

Manami’s most defining aspect is her obsessive love for Kyosuke, whom she has known since they were both children. In an effort to be with Kyosuke, Manami takes it upon herself to sabotage all of Kyosuke’s other relationships before finally choosing to support him and the person he chooses as his girlfriend.

seven Yukiko Kanzaki (Assassination Room)

One of the many students in Koro-sensei’s class, Yukiko is one of his most mature students, maintaining a refined and composed demeanor. Despite this, Yukiko can be quite sweet, especially when it comes to men. As a result, she often falls victim to unwarranted flirtations from her male peers.

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Noted by others as the most beautiful girl in their class, Yukiko has spent her entire life being raised to be a proper lady. Although she witnesses the many assassination attempts on Koro-sensei, Yukiko ultimately chooses to spare his life, as she considers him her mentor.

6 Eru Chitanda (Hyouka)

Like Yukiko, Eru grew up in an affluent environment and was raised to be a proper lady. She is also extremely adventurous, always happy to solve any mystery that comes her way, contrasting sharply with Hotaro’s lethargic personality.

Along with Hotaro and Satoshi, Eru is one of the three founding members of the Classic Literature Club. Together, the three investigate many happenings inside and outside the school, with Eru’s mysterious motivation being the glue that keeps the trio going. Combined with her admirable intelligence, Eru ensures that any mystery that comes her way will never go unsolved.

5 Aria Shichijo (Seitokai Yakuindomo)

The student council secretary, Aria happily supports the student council and its members to the best of her abilities. Although she comes from wealth, she does not hesitate to use her family’s immense fortune to finance various activities and expenses, although she is also naive because of her origins.

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Aria is highly respected in the student council, with many members considering her a parent figure. But of them all, Aria is closest to her childhood friend Shino Amakusa, with the two sharing the same lewd sense of humor.

4 Chiya Ujimatsu (Is this order a rabbit?)

The main character of Is this order a rabbit, Chiya is a kind and optimistic girl with a wild imagination; she surprisingly loves scary stories and strives to become a samurai. She owns a pet rabbit named Anko, which her parents decided to use as the mascot for their new cafe, Ama Usa An.

Chiya helps Ama Usa An by tending to the sweets sold there, though she tends to give them outrageously weird names. When not helping around Ama Usa An, she can be seen in the company of her childhood friends, Cocoa Hoto and Sharo Kirima, giving them emotional support when they need it.

3 Mizuki Shibata (Irregular at Magic High School)

Although she seems shy and sweet, Mizuki can quickly become angry when provoked. However, she is still somewhat innocent, as she takes her classmates’ jokes at face value and has a secret crush on Mikihiko Yoshida, her lower classmate.

A rarity in first high school, Mizuki wears his glasses in order to avoid the negative effects of his hypersensitivity to spiritual energy, officially known as Pushions. Her special ability, Crystal Eyes, allows her to see the physical forms of spirits and their colors, which came in handy when Pixie’s body was overrun by a parasite.

2 Wendy Marvell (Fairy Tail)

Originally a member of the supposed Cait Shelter guild, Wendy officially joined the Fairy Tail guild after the tumultuous battle with Oracion Seis. She is the third Dragon Slayer to join, possessing Sky Dragon Slayer Magic.

Initially very hesitant to fight, Wendy begins to take a more active role in times of peril, which leads her to face powerful foes such as Ezel and Irene. It is particularly close to Sherria Blendy from Lamia Scale; they were even called the Sky Sisters during Wendy’s brief stay in her guild.

1 Ritsu Tainaka (K-ON!)

Proactive and outgoing, it is Ritsu who revives the Light Music Club, saving it from being abolished and taking over as club president. She and Mio Akiyama are childhood friends, with Ritsu pestering Mio to join the Light Music Club although the latter has other plans.

Although Ritsu’s antics can anger her bandmates, which usually earns her a smack on the head from Mio, she has overall good intentions and has the Light Music Club’s best interests at heart. She chose to play drums as she didn’t want to use her fingers to play other instruments and cites Keith Moon as her musical inspiration.

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