10 Horror Movie Characters Who Get The Most Satisfying Revenge


Revenge is a powerful and deadly motivation, especially in horror. Whether it’s the vengeful spirit of Freddy Krueger haunting the dreams of his killers’ children, or Pamela Voorhees drenching Camp Crystal Lake with the blood of the counselors who let her son drown, “Vengeance is mine “, said the murderer.

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But not all revenge plots are led by supernatural killers or psychopaths, sometimes it’s the group of teenagers or townspeople who draw first blood to conjure supernatural revenge. They might not be angels, but some horror movie characters have certainly earned their dose of sweet revenge.


Jennifer Check (Jennifer’s body)

Megan Fox in Jennifer's Body

At the time of its release, Jennifer’s body was marketed as a standard teenage scream with Megan Fox as its gory freak. But behind the skin-heavy movie posters lurks a gory revenge tale that had far more poignant themes than viewers might first assume.

After being assaulted and used for occult rituals by a rock band, Jennifer Check becomes possessed by a bloodthirsty succubus who devours most of the male main cast, including her attackers. While that was definitely heavy with the hype, Jennifer got her gloriously bloody revenge and more.

The monsters (the monsters)

Horror Movie Freaks

“Offend one and you offend them all.” Although this black-and-white classic was made in the early days of the genre, Monsters was one of the most shocking movies to hit the big screen. Known for its grotesque nature and the use of actual freakshow performers in its cast, this is a revenge story that might make some viewers feel a bit gross.

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When a greedy trapeze artist, Cleopatra, seduces and tries to murder Hans, the show’s little character, the rest of the troupe takes revenge to defend him. After brutally disfiguring her, Cleopatra is left scarred, humiliated, and ends up becoming the show’s new main attraction.

Edward Lionheart (Theater of Blood)

Vincent Price in Theater of Blood (1973)

There are few performers who play the villain as wonderfully as Vincent Price, and blood theater is one of his most entertaining performances. While he’s not the most likable character, there’s no denying the delicious delirium that goes into the character and how he gets revenge.

When a Shakespearean actor is shamed by a panel of critics, Edward Lionheart swears a vicious vendetta against the Theater Guild by killing them in a manner inspired by the works of William Shakespeare. It’s hammy, it’s bloody, it’s over the top in every way, a performance by Price could be. It’s a dark comedy that any fan of the actor will greatly enjoy.

Dr. Phibes (The Abominable Dr. Phibes)

The Abominable Dr. Phibes Vincent Price at a Masquerade with a Man in a Frog Mask

At the other end of the spectrum in Price’s repertoire, The Abominable Dr Phibes. is a grotesque love story that many horror fans will immediately compare Seen. Price plays Dr. Phibes, a brilliant musical expert who loses his wife after being disfigured in a car accident. Blaming the team of surgeons who tried to save her, Phibes begins to eliminate them one by one with evil traps inspired by the plagues of Egypt.

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While this movie was definitely intended to be a horror-comedy, some of the deaths are pretty gruesome for something made in Price’s time. The scene with the mechanical frog mask is definitely the one that will make many viewers wince. And Phibes himself is easily one of the actor’s most unsettling characters.

Jacob Atkins (candy corn)

Jacob strangles victim in Candy Corn

candy corn is a different breed of horror movie, but not without its own breed of personality. An independent John-Carpenter film that draws several creative inspirations from Halloween, this tale of revenge and mystical justice sees a resurrected teenager take down the group of bullies who assaulted and murdered him at a Halloween carnival.

After Jacob Atkins is accidentally killed during an annual hazing ritual, the ringmaster of a mysterious freakshow brings him back as a bloodthirsty masked corpse. It’s a slow burn that shows teens get what they deserve. Although not as creative as Michael Myers in his kills, Jacob is certainly an intimidating and memorable presence in the film.

Eric Draven (The Raven)

Not all horror movies feature villains getting revenge, sometimes that’s enough to create an equally effective anti-hero. In the comics and the 1994 film, rock star Eric Draven is murdered in cold blood. He returns as the titular Crow to avenge his and his girlfriend’s deaths in dark, gothic fashion.

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Although Eric may be the protagonist and hero of the film, he takes down his attackers in an incredibly vicious way. Killing gang members guilty of murdering a loved one is certainly more than an adequate catalyst for the carnage that ensues, and justice, like revenge, is generally sweeter when it’s truly earned.

Arnie and Christine (Christine)

Sometimes Stephen King relies on two types of monsters in his books and movies. They are either the insidious supernatural entity plaguing a Maine town or a gang of virtually irredeemable brutal bullies. Where the possessed Plymouth Fury fills the first descriptor, it’s Buddy Repperton and his gang who fill that second role.

Buddy is a violent delinquent who makes Arnie’s life a nightmare before he renovates his beloved Christine, and when he and his henchmen threaten Arnie and vandalize his car, Christine comes out and hunts them as the predator. which is. Their endings are admittedly chilling, but satisfying nonetheless.

Carrie (Carrie)

If there’s one Stephen King character who deserved every ounce of vengeance she wrought, it’s Carrie White. Sue Snell and the rest of her mean groupies got more than a stern lecture after the incident in the showers. The blame for the prom night massacre really isn’t Carrie, but the girls who pushed her over the edge.

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Carrie is the victim of this horror classic, and it’s almost undeniable. Sue is easily one of King’s cruelest characters with the pig’s gore hit, and if readers/viewers found themselves in Carrie’s position, they’d also be using their psychic abilities to wreak havoc on their abusers.

The Outcasts (The Finale)

If there isn’t an unspoken rule about being a bully in horror movies, there must be. Taking some notes from the previously mentioned title, The final casts a group of misfit high schoolers as the villains as they dish out their own brand of poetic justice to their tormentors. After being lured into a boozy Halloween party in the sticks, nerds and outcasts don masks and weapons as they torture their petrified captives.

The scenes leading up to the carnage are all too familiar to some viewers, as the outcasts are relentlessly bullied and harassed by their peers and the adults in their lives do nothing to stop it. Although the casualties are few and the gore is under control, the torture footage is still hard to watch.

Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker (Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

Sweeney Todd much darker original script ending johnny depp

Leave it to the mad genius of Tim Burton to make a slasher-movie musical with lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. Based on the musical of the same name, the film sees Benjamin Barker become the titular Sweeney Todd after the evil Judge Turpin sentences him to life in a penal colony on a false charge. When he returns, he is a changed man with an unquenchable desire for revenge.

Todd’s musical descent into madness is presented in a quirky, bloody way only Burton could create, and the final showdown is well worth the wait through lesser corpses. There’s not a theater kid who’s seen this movie who didn’t want to shout “Benjamin Barker!” loudly thanks to the musical and its film adaptation.

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