10 Fairy Tail Characters Who Would Make Great Wizards In Harry Potter


Fairy tale is a shonen fantasy series about magic and wizards, though many of the characters don’t look like a typical wizard in robes and staff. In this shonen universe, magic comes in many diverse forms, from Erza Scarlet and her space magic to Minerva Orland’s portal spells and Evergreen’s gorgon-like magical eyes.

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Some of these wizards look like dragonball-hero style with enchanted fists or elemental attacks, while others Fairy tale magic users are more like traditional wizards who use wands and spell books, just like those of the famous Harry Potteruniverse. Full of Fairy tale wizards, heroes and villains, would do well if they transferred to the “guild” of Hogwarts and began to study magic there.

ten Levy McGarden would love Ravenclaw

Book lover Levy McGarden would make an excellent Ravenclaw student in particular, and she’d discuss magical theory with Professor Filius Flitwick after every Charms lesson for sure. Levy isn’t much of a hand-to-hand combatant — instead, she’s all about solid script magic, which creates supernatural, script-based effects in the air itself.

Levy would pass her OWLs and NEWTs at Hogwarts, then find work as an Auror or magical research somewhere in the UK, and she would have a great time with such a job. It’s so rewarding to dive into a whole new world of arcane studies.

9 Lucy Heartfilia promotes traditional magic

Heroine Lucy Heartfilia can sometimes perform physical attacks while donning her Star Robes, and she isn’t afraid to strike her foes with Taurus’ distinctive Star Robe. For the most part, however, Lucy is the “stand back and cast a spell” type of wizard, similar to Harry Potter wizards and witches.

Lucy would be sorted into either Hufflepuff or Gryffindor, then show everyone how it’s done with her advanced celestial magic, summoning astrological beasts out of nowhere. It’s like a more radical version of the subject of the Transfiguration, which is to conjure up things from nothing.

8 Juvia Lockser is also good at transfiguration

Water magician Juvia Lockser is a megadere, being absolutely obsessed with her guildmate Gray Fullbuster. Prior to this, Juvia belonged to the Phantom Lord guild as part of an elemental team, being the water-based member of that team. The conjuration of water also happens to be Harry Potter-Transfiguration style.

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Juvia’s book intelligence is a little low, but with the proper motivation, she could be sorted into Gryffindor and improve her grades under the tutelage of Professor McGonagall, especially if it’s to impress Gray. At least Juvia has a huge head start with transfiguring water in all its forms.

seven Yukino Agria Could Be Lucy’s Roommate In Gryffindor Tower

Yukino Agria is one of the many celestial wizards of Fairy tale, just like Lucy. Yukino appeared in the Grand Magic Games Tournament arc as a member of Sabertooth, but she was not hostile to Lucy’s team for long. Soon, she became a friend of Fairy Tail, and she would also join Lucy at Hogwarts.

Yukino is the “stand back and cast a spell” type of wizard that Hogwarts is looking for, and Yukino’s brave and cunning spirit is a perfect fit for Ravenclaw or Gryffindor. She would do well with Transfiguration and Charms, and maybe Defense Against the Dark Arts as well.

6 Ichiya Vandalay Kotobuki should take a potions class

Ichiya Vandalay Kotoboki may be annoying as an obnoxious womanizer, but at least he can walk with his unique brand of magic and strong leadership skills in the Blue Pegasus guild. Ichiya is all about scent-based magic, he’s like a potioner. Hogwarts still needs it.

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Ichiya and Professor Severus Snape wouldn’t get along very well, but there’s no doubt that Ichiya would intrigue Snape with his magical scents, something Snape had never seen before. That’s probably the only reason Snape won’t kick Ichiya out of Potions class.

5 Mavis Vermillion is all about charms

The intelligent Mavis Vermillion founded the Fairy Tail guild a century ago, and if not for its curse, she could become an outstanding student at Hogwarts in first year. Mavis has incredible book intelligence and a clever mind, which allowed her to defeat the entire Blue Skull Guild despite being outmatched the whole time.

Mavis would be sorted into either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, then get to work with advanced lessons in charms, including her illusion-based spells and even fairy law. She would also do well in Defense Against the Dark Arts and possibly Transfiguration as well.

4 Evergreen is the magical fairy queen

Evergreen is a member of the Thunder God Tribe, a small team in the Fairy Tail guild centered around Laxus Dreyar. While Laxus is a melee fighter, his three followers are more like Harry Potterstyle wizards, using ranged magic attacks and tricky tactics to fight, and Evergreen is no exception.

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Evergreen can be conceited and aggressive at times, but her devotion to her friends and guild is legit, and she also has tremendous eye-based magic and arcane ranged attacks. She would do just fine as a charms specialist at Hogwarts and be split between Slytherin or Gryffindor to prove herself.

3 Sherria Blendy can use Air Magic

Sky god-slaying witch Sherria Blendy belongs to the Lamia Scale guild, the same guild as Gray’s rival Lyon Vastia. Sherria is also Sherry’s younger cousin and a tenacious fighter, no matter how innocent she looks. She can even take on Wendy Marvell and win.

Sherry isn’t afraid of melee combat, but works best from a distance with her wind-based spells and clever tactics. She would do well as a humble but hardworking Hufflepuff witch at Hogwarts and specialize in air-based charm and transfiguration spells.

2 Liberated Justine should study charms or transfiguration

Freed Justine is another member of the Thunder God Tribe, and her magic is remarkably similar to Levy’s. Both wizards use script-based magic, which allows them to perform a wide variety of arcane effects depending on what exactly they write.

This means that Freed has the intelligent mind and ingenious thinking of a true Ravenclaw, and Professor Flitwick would be delighted to see Freed’s magic at work and dissect exactly how it works. Freed and Levy are about to redefine the world of Charms and/or Transfiguration at Hogwarts.

1 Cana Alberona has a flexible and creative magic

Cana Alberona is another Fairy Tail witch who is a spellbook type rather than a melee type, she would also do well at Hogwarts School. Most likely, Cana’s bold and outgoing personality would get her into Gryffindor house, and she’d have all kinds of fun in class from then on.

Cana is a bit of a troublemaker unlike rule-abiding students like Hermione Granger, but her magic is real. Her many card-based effects make her somewhat similar to Freed and Levy, and like them, she would also excel at Charms and possibly Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

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