10 Fairy Tail Characters Who Would Make Great Pokemon Masters


at Ash Ketchum Pokemon it’s been a long journey and still shows very few signs of slowing down anytime soon. Over the course of 20+ seasons, well over 1000 episodes across 8 generations, Ash has gone from being a naïve rookie Pokemon trainer to being considered one of the best.

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His goal has always been to become a Pokémon Master. There are many anime characters that display the qualities and potential required to become a Pokémon master, and a number of them come from the anime. Fairy tale. A lot of Fairy tale characters could easily transition into the world of Pokemon, especially those dealing with elemental or specific types of magic.

ten Lucy would use powerful Pokémon representing the signs of the zodiac

While the Fairy tale the guild is made to feel like a collective protagonist in Fairy tale, Lucy Heartfilia sometimes attracts attention as the main character. She is a celestial spirit mage who can call on many spirits when she needs their help.

As these spirits represent the signs of the zodiac, they can naturally translate to certain species of Pokémon. She could boast of having a varied team of Tauros, Kingler, Ditto and several others. Lucy’s journey to becoming a powerful mage could also easily translate to a journey to becoming an outstanding Pokemon master.

9 Gildarts would raise a team with destructive abilities

Gildarts is one of the oldest members of the Fairy tale guild and is a respected S-class mage. His signature Crush magic is known for its destructive abilities. Not only can it destroy environments, people, and objects, but it can also tear through opposing magic.

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Gildarts has the experience, skill, and respect to become an established Pokemon master, with his team likely reflecting his ability to destroy. Powerful Pokémon such as Conkeldurr, Rhyperior, and Copperajah would undoubtedly have a place on his team, as well as those capable of using Explosion or Self-Destruct. This could include Forretress, Golem, Electrode and many more.

8 Erza’s intensity makes her a formidable opponent in any situation

Erza Scarlet is the hulking S-class mage who is part of Lucy and Natsu’s small team within Fairy tale. She is one of the most terrifying fighters in the entire guild, with her Requip magic allowing her to quickly change armor and weapons to match the current situation.

Erza’s serious personality and reputation would make her a terrific Pokemon trainer and certainly a Pokemon master. Requip’s magic would suggest that it would have a varied team of Pokémon with considerable type coverage, adept at dealing with any potential situation. This could mean six Pokémon, each with two unique typings. Alternatively, Aegislash and Bastiodon would be two obvious additions, the former being a sword and the latter being resurrected from an armor fossil.

seven Gray would bring the powerful ice types

Gray Fullbuster is another powerful member of Team Natsu within the Fairy tale guild. With him favoring ice magic, he is seen as Natsu’s polar opposite, and the two constantly butt heads.

Gray looks like a Pokémon Gym Leader and could definitely have what it takes to become a Pokémon Master. He would have a full Ice-type team, with Weavile, Avalugg, Abomasnow, Cryogonal, Glaceon, and Glalie being the obvious candidates. There would even be a lot of potential for him to have a Regice and Articuno to complete his formidable squad.

6 Gajeel is the definition of a steel specialist

When Gajeel was first introduced as a villain with the Phantom Lord guild, it didn’t seem at all likely that he would join not only Fairy tale, but also become one of the most beloved characters. He is an iron dragon slayer, having learned to use magic from Metalicana, the iron dragon.

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He would naturally be a formidable trainer of Steel-type Pokemon, with Scizor at his side, unafraid to unleash his true power on his opponents. While he’d probably also pick sturdy Steel-types like Aggron, Steelix, and Metagross, the Steel-Dragon dual-types would complement his team perfectly. Hisuian Goodra and Duraludon would do.

5 Natsu’s Fire Would Burn Fiercely As A Pokemon Master

Natsu Dragneel is a fire dragon slayer and mage of the Fairy tale guild. Although there are many other mages known to be stronger than him, Natsu is always the one called into the heat of the moment to rise up and save the day.

Given his use of powerful fire magic, Fire and Dragon-type Pokemon would help him become a Pokemon master. A Litten could represent his best friend Happy, who later evolves into Incineroar. A Charizard would also be a perfect fit, though flying types are generally out of the question given Natsu’s severe motion sickness. Magmortar, Infernape, Turtonator, and Arcanine would complete his formidable team.

4 Juvia’s volatile temper would make her an unpredictable trainer

Like Gajeel, Juvia is another mage who is introduced as part of the Phantom Lord guild before undergoing a redemption arc and later joining Fairy tale. Her affections towards Gray can often turn her into a comedic character, but that shouldn’t detract from her powerful water magic abilities.

She would undoubtedly be an accomplished Water-type Pokémon trainer. His team could consist of Primarina, Golduck, Milotic, Jellicent and Vaporeon. Gyarados would be a perfect ace for her, representing the rage she often shows out of jealousy towards those who get Gray’s attention.

3 Mirajane’s Terrifying Side Would Be Unleashed As A Pokemon Master

Mirajane Strauss is introduced as the model and the friendly face of the Fairy tale guild, but in reality, it is one of their deadliest weapons. She is an S-class mage whose signature magic is centered around Take Over, specifically demons, thanks to the Satan Soul spell.

It’s a drastic departure from his usual looks and cuteness, but this combat and courage would be perfect in Pokémon battle scenarios. A team focused on Dark and Ghost types would suit him well, though Noivern can also work with his design and general coloring. Mismagius, Gengar, Houndoom, Grimmsnarl, and Froslass would also be viable options for this demonic Pokemon master’s mysterious and intimidating team.

2 Makarov could be a master in any universe

Makarov Dreyar is the main guild master of Fairy tale, and he is widely respected and feared. Although he is old and short in stature, Makarov’s signature magic is called Giant, which sees him grow into a colossal demolition machine.

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As Pokémon Master, Makarov would likely start proceedings with a small, unassuming Pokémon before surprising his opponents using Gigantamax. Meowth would be a perfect candidate for this, as he appears to be a pet but has his own Gigantamaxed form. The rest of his team could consist of large and imposing Pokemon, with some also having Gigantamax forms if necessary. Snorlax, Coalossal, Slaking, Copperajah and Wailord would complete this huge and formidable lineup.

1 Luxus would eclipse all other Electric-type Specialists

Makarov’s grandson, Laxus, is initially revealed to be the problem child of the Fairy tale guild, with him not being particularly friendly. His attitude problem is essentially solved when he rejoins the guild after being expelled, and he uses his extraordinary temper and skills for the good of the guild.

Considering Laxus is a talented S-Class mage focused on lightning magic, an Electric-type team would be an obvious choice for him as a Pokemon Master. Electivire, Alolan Golem, and Luxray would make sense as physically imposing Electric-types. Raichu, Zeraora, and Jolteon would round out an incredibly powerful team worthy of a Pokemon Master.

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