10 Fairy Tail Characters Who Would Make Great Demon Slayers


demon slayer is a hit shonen action series that makes good use of the “monster hunter” formula as D.Gray-Man, fire force and Bleach, among other titles. In Taisho-era Japan, flesh-eating demons stalk the night, and only sword-throwing demon slayers stand a chance against them in mortal combat. This is not an easy task, even for the Hashira elite.

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Kaguya Ubuyashiki, the leader of the Demon Slayer Corps, is ready to expand his recruiting efforts and train new Demon Slayers from other anime series, and that includes hit fantasy titles like Fairy tale. It’s true, not many Fairy taleCharacters are trained with the sword, but they still have what it takes to become a killer and defeat the Upper Moons.

ten Erza Scarlet is the mighty swordsman

A little of Fairy taleThe best characters in are already accustomed to wielding weapons in battle, and that includes the notorious Erza Scarlet, an S-rank witch from the Fairy Tail guild. Erza’s magic allows her to traverse dimensions to access her many weapons and armor, making her very versatile in battle.

With or without this magic, Erza has the strength, durability, and technique to battle the twelve demonic moons, and she has the spirit of an indomitable warrior to match. Erza could easily become Hashira and battle Muzan’s hordes as a newly created Demon Slayer.

9 Kagura Mikazuchi is Erza’s best rival

The strongest witch in the all-female Mermaid Heel Guild is Kagura Mikazuchi, and in many ways, she is Erza’s true equal and rival. As she proved in the Grand Magic Games tournament, Kagura can match Erza blow for blow with the sword, and she has unique magic to offer.

Kagura can use her gravity magic to crush any enemy placed in front of her, and this, combined with her swordsmanship, means she could rival any Hashira should she find herself in the demon slayer world. Kaguya Ubuyashiki urgently needs her to take on the twelve demon moons as a uniformed demon slayer.

8 Gajeel Redfox fears no foe

Iron Dragon Slayer Gajeel Redfox is a redeemed villain who once belonged to the Phantom Lord guild along with water magician Juvia Lockser. Now they are both fighting for Fairy Tail, and they are not afraid to face the dark wizards or the most powerful monsters. Or demons, for that matter.

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Gajeel is a brute force fighter who can conjure great rods of iron to demolish his foes, but now is the time to trade his iron magic for nichirin blades. It will take some getting used to, but Gajeel could learn to fight demons with a sword, and his iron skin will even protect him from Akaza’s fists.

seven Lisana Strauss is quick and nimble

It’s true that Lisanna Strauss ranks among the weakest wizards in Fairy Tail, but the standards of this guild are quite high, which works in her favor. She is also comfortable fighting powerful enemies in close combat, which is essential for any Demon Slayer.

Lisanna could combine the agility of her cat form with her newfound swordsmanship to become a nimble, fast demon slayer who emphasizes mobility and cunning over brute strength, and that should be fine. serve him against a wide variety of ordinary demons. She might remind Tanjiro of his sister Nezuko, actually.

6 Bisca Connell could easily shoot demons

Most Demon Slayers are expected to fight Muzan’s minions up close with the sword, including the nine Hashira. But it’s still possible to use anti-demon materials to build ranged weapons, even shotguns. That’s what magician sniper Bisca Connell needed to hear.

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Any demon slayer in need of fire support can count on Bisca Connell, who could even threaten the twelve demonic moons with specialized bullets forged from sun-soaked ores. Other Slayers can lure the demon out into the open, then Bisca can shoot a few bullets in the head to incapacitate it. She will, however, need bodyguards during such a battle.

5 Bacchus Groh Could Use Nichirin Knives In Battle

If Kaguya Ubuyashiki hires new Demon Slayers from other anime, he and his subordinates will have to get creative with the weapons these new recruits will use. Not everyone shines when using a sword, so new Demon Slayers like Bacchus Groh can use knives instead.

Bacchus is a martial arts master who works best with his bare hands, but he will need nichirin gear to slay demons. Thus, he can wield two knives and incorporate them into his fighting style, which would make him a threat even to the Upper Moons. He could become the Demon Slayer Corps’ own Akaza.

4 Laxus Dreyar can endure any demonic attack

The Lightning Dragon Slayer, Laxus Dreyar, is another S-rank wizard in the Fairy Tail guild who can defeat almost any enemy in single combat. He can even narrowly defeat Erza if he really pushes himself, which means he should do well against most of the twelve demonic moons as well.

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Laxus rarely uses weapons, but he wouldn’t mind training with a sword to take on demons and show them what an S-rank wizard can do. Like Erza, Laxus has tremendous strength and durability as a close-range fighter, which is his way of matching a demon’s typical regenerative abilities.

3 Mirajane Strauss is a fighting fiend

Another melee power in the Fairy Tail guild is Mirajane Strauss, the oldest and strongest of the three Strausses. While her little sister Lisanna relies on agility and animal traits to fight, Mirajane uses outright demonic powers to demolish her enemies, and in Fairy taleMirajane fights fire with fire.

Mirajane would be happy to train with nichirin swords if it means protecting innocent people from the wrath of demons, and she would soon be considered Hashira level and more. If Mirajane had been there when Kyojuro Rengoku fought Akaza, things might have turned out differently.

2 Ultear Milkovich can handle any enemy up close

Redeemed villainess Ultear Milkovich is at her strongest when using specialized magic, like time-based spells or ice-making magic like Gray’s, but she’s not powerless in close combat. Ultear has tremendous physical strength and excellent martial arts skills, and she can even wield a sword.

Ultear is determined to prove her worth by fighting the forces of evil to defend the innocent, and Kaguya Ubuyashiki will give her that chance. He would gladly hire her as a new demon slayer and ask her to defend the people from the wrath of the Twelve Demon Moons. Now that’s a commendable challenge.

1 Minerva Orland rivals Erza’s strength

Minerva Orland is yet another witch who works best at close range, meaning she would be perfectly comfortable switching careers to become a demon slayer instead of fighting for the Sabertooth guild. Minerva is a master martial artist, like Ultear and Bacchus, and she can even stand up to Erza and Kagura.

Minerva would confidently face any Twelve Demon Moon with her naked sword alone, and her reckless bravery would also inspire all other Demon Slayers fighting alongside her. Minerva will show Tanjiro’s team Sabertooth’s fearsome fighting spirit.

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