10 Fairy Tail Characters Who Would Make Great Avatar Benders


Fairy tale is packed with powerful characters, the most intriguing being wizards who unite to form guilds, whether dark guilds or official guilds. Many characters in Fairy tale have awesome powers, including powers with major element attributes or even purely a major element. These powers will make them great fits as benders in the Avatar universe.

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In Avatar, the masters control one of the four natural elements: air, water, earth and fire. These items were further divided into subsets derived from the original, such as firebending lightning bending, earthbending lava bending, and earthbending metalbending, etc. There are wizards in Fairy tale who command at least one of these elements or even more, just like the Avatar.

ten Natsu would make a great firebender

Natsu would be the Fire Lord that fans didn’t know they wanted. Natsu is an incredibly powerful fire magician who hardly misses an opportunity to show just how powerful he is. He is equipped with different offensive spells, each of which would put Ozai’s best moves to shame.

What makes Natsu so powerful is the fact that he also uses the type of magic meant to kill dragons: Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. This makes Natsu a formidable enemy for everyone. To make things even more interesting, being a Dragon Slayer, Natsu is able to eat fire. This makes him immune to any fire-based attack as he would simply consume the flames and gain more energy.

9 Juvia of the great sea would make a good waterbender

Juvia is one of the most powerful users of water magic in Fairy tale. She was once one of the highest ranked wizards in her previous guild before joining the Fairy Tail guild, a guild made up of super-powered monsters like Gildarts.

Juvia is able to send powerful waves of water like Katara would on a full moon. She could even make it rain non-stop in a town the size of Magnolia. Juvia is also capable of slicing through steel or concrete as if they were rubber. All of this, combined with her immense magical power, made her a force to be reckoned with.

8 Jellal might as well have been an avatar

Jellal was a member of the Ten Holy Wizards, which meant he must have been extremely powerful. He gave Natsu a hard time the first time they fought and Natsu only won due to the Plot Armor. Jellal used multiple types of magic and it gave him an edge in any fight.

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Besides Heavenly Body Magic, Jellal could also use elemental magic. He was able to cast an Abyss Break, a spell that requires full mastery of all four elements. With the proficiency to cast such a spell, Jellal would not only make a good master; he would also make a great Avatar.

seven God Serena would also make a great avatar

The most powerful of the Ten Wizard Saints, God Serena was powerful enough to defeat her former comrades single-handedly and without much effort. His power was too overwhelming. He used eight different forms of Dragon Slayer Magic, not all of which were shown on the show, but the ones fans clearly saw meant he could show off Aang any day.

God Serena used Purgatory Dragon Magic which could easily pass for firebending, Sea King Dragon Magic which is obviously waterbending, Cavern Dragon Magic for earthbending and Tempest Dragon Magic for waterbending. air. These were enough to decimate the four emperors of Ishgar. If the world could have more than one Avatar, then God Serena would certainly be among them.

Black Steel Gajeel the Iron Dragon Slayer Would Be Everyone’s Choice For Greatest Metalbender If He Was Into It Avatar. He is a character who would not use any of the four major elements. Instead, it would use a subset of the elements as defined by the Avatar universe. As if Gajeel wielding the power to manipulate iron wasn’t enough, it turns out he’s also a Dragon Slayer.

If Gajeel were to have a duel with Toph, he would give Toph a run for her money even though she combined earthbending with metalbending. This is the strength of Fairy Tail wizards. Gajeel is also able to eat iron to become stronger. All of these traits would make Gajeel the ultimate metal master.

5 Jura would be an earthbender of epic proportions

Iron Rock Jura earned his place among the Ten Holy Wizards by being one of the most powerful wielders of earth magic. Jura is able to do almost anything with stones, making him the ideal earthbender. He is able to create impregnable defenses with boulders and launch relentless assaults with boulders.

Unconditional fans of Avatar will remember Earth Rumble Six, the tournament where Aang met Toph. If Jura had participated in this tournament, Toph would have personally given him the trophy because there is almost no way to hurt Jura with stones. Jura might even give Avatar Kyoshi a run for his money if they both fight earthbending.

4 Wendy would make a wonderful airbender

Wendy is the Sky Dragon Slayer who naturally uses wind magic. Although she was much weaker than most characters at first, she grew much stronger and became useful in battles. The word “wind” might be a misnomer, however, as her power was more like a storm. Its attacks easily pass through the ground or walls.

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Wendy would have been Aang’s best friend and might even teach the Avatar a thing or two. Her ability to use her powers to fight and damage dragons sets her above the rest of the wind magic users in Fairy tale. It should be noted that Wendy could even use her power to heal and support her comrades, increasing their strength and durability in a fight.

3 August would be yet another candidate for the Avatar title

August was able to copy any magic he saw. Even though it was his first time seeing magic, he was still able to use it even better than the person who has used it all his life. With that in mind, it’s safe to say that August was able to use all the magic in existence.

If mastery of the elements was all one needed to be the Avatar, August would easily take the title. There was hardly anyone who could follow him. August had lived many years and had had enough time to master the magics he had copied. August would certainly make an excellent Dark Master or Avatar.

2 Makarov uses several types of magic

Makarov, the guild master of Fairy Tail, possesses tremendous magical power and has been seen using more than one type of magic. When it comes to bending, there’s no better person than him for the Avatar title in Fairy Tail.

Makarov uses lightning magic, light magic, fire magic, water magic, and earth magic, not to mention his ability to dispel curses and his signature magic known as from Titan or Giant. With his noble personality and mastery of elemental magic, Makarov would be more than just a master. He has more than enough power and skill to fit into any mastery category.

1 Laxus would make a formidable master of lightning

Lightning Mastery, the subset of Fire Mastery, would best suit Laxus, the electrifying Lightning Dragon Slayer. His ability to command the lighting as he pleases would make him a deadly master. He has an arsenal of lightning attacks, all of which put him on the list of strongest characters in Fairy tale.

Laxus is also able to become a lightning bolt and travel great distances in the blink of an eye. Lightning doesn’t harm him either, as he is a dragon slayer capable of consuming lightning to grow stronger. His hot temper would make him the perfect sparring partner for Zuko.

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