10 Characters Who Deserve A Better Story In Fairy Tail


Hiro Mashima Fairy tale is an extremely popular fantasy shonen series set in a world of wizards and magic. Most of the main cast are from the Fairy Tail guild itself, including fire dragon slayer Natsu Dragneel and celestial witch Lucy Heartfilia, and anime fans will spend over 300 episodes with these characters. Lots of things happen to them, to say the least.

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During all this time, many Fairy taleCharacters evolve and change with their character arcs, such as learning to forgive others or conquering their own personal demons. Laxus Dreyar had a fascinating redemption character arc, for example, but not all characters are like that. Many more had disappointing, weak, or non-existent story arcs, and they deserved better.

ten Juvia Lockser was too attached to Gray

Water magician Juvia Lockser joined the Fairy Tail guild shortly after Phantom Lord was defeated, and while Juvia’s character arc has had some interesting moments, her personal story really isn’t that compelling. long-term. She learned to embrace friendship and love and was willing to die for those things, but that’s just the norm. Fairy tale Company.

Juvia was primarily defined by her megadere, borderline yandere, attachment to Gray Fullbuster, and her character became rather skewed as a result. Almost everything she said or did was based on her obsession with Gray when her character could have been explored in other ways as well.

9 Lisanna Strauss came back, then became obsolete

The youngest of the three Strausses, Lisanna, had already died when the main story of Fairy tale began. Afterwards, the wizards of Fairy Tail found her alive and well in the parallel world of Edolas, and much to their delight, Lisanna returned to Earthland with them. She had been gone for two years.

Lisanna reunited with her friends and made a few new ones, and she fought more than a few battles, including against the Dark Tartaros Guild. But her character is totally stuck in the process, with her character having nothing interesting to say or do once the novelty of her return wears off.

8 Jude Heartfilia needed to be fleshed out more

Lucy’s overbearing single father, Jude, didn’t appear much in Fairy tale, and he’s the reason Lucy ran away from a life of luxury and wealth to begin with. Jude had a minor redemption arc after sending a heartfelt letter to Lucy apologizing for everything, but the anime could have done more.

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The basic premise of Jude’s character arc is solid, but his tragic death would have hit harder if Fairy tale fans could have seen him more and explored the world a bit more through his eyes, what really made him who he is, and how he acted and talked with people other than Lucy.

seven Levy McGarden was just the book girl

Bookish Levy McGarden is in a position much the same as her guildmate Juvia. Both characters had moderately interesting personal arcs when they fell in love, but all too often, Fairy tale simply gives a character a mandatory romance arc to give them something to do. This is not always the best strategy.

Granted, Levy’s relationship with Gajeel Redfox is fun to watch, but it’s the only thing that drives Levy’s character forward. The anime should have given Levy more goals, challenges, and interests beyond the books and Gajeel so she could get a little deeper. Getting a whirlwind romance doesn’t always create a deep, compelling character arc.

6 Elfman Strauss quickly became irrelevant

Elfman Strauss was not much luckier than his little sister, Lisanna. Like Levy, Elfman improved his character arc slightly when he got involved with fellow guildmate Evergreen, but that’s not saying much. Again, getting a mandatory romance is nice, but it can only do so much for character development.

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Elfman is most interesting when dealing with the dark powers of the Strauss family and the pressure it puts on them, such as Mirajane being a widely feared demon and Elfman himself accidentally killing Lisanna with his out-of-control powers. Her character arc should have focused more on that, but sadly it doesn’t.

5 Ichiya Kotobuki Vandalay was just comic relief

The obnoxious womanizer Ichiya Vandalay leads the wizarding guild Blue Pegasus, a friendly rival and sometimes ally of the Fairy Tail guild. Ichiya’s magic is based on scents and smells, and he considers himself a total stud, but he’s dead wrong about that. And that leads to some really tedious scenes with him.

Ichiya is like that all the time, but Fairy tale could have done more. Instead, the anime could have made him more self-aware and humiliated, all so he could reinvent his image and become a wizard and a respectable person. It would have made him more likable overall, but that didn’t happen.

4 Bickslow was totally forgettable

Bickslow is part of the Thunder God Tribe, a team led by Laxus Dreyar himself. However, Bickslow is little more than a character gimmick and he has virtually no character arc. He’s known for his puppet-based magical style and sticking out his tongue, but that’s no substitute for a personality.

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Bickslow had some impressive fights in Fairy tale, but there is not much to say about him. Little is known of his background, personal interests, or dreams other than loyally serving Laxus, and that’s a shame. He could have been more than a scene filler.

3 A little shallow evergreen felt

Another member of the Thunder God Tribe is Evergreen, a vain wizard who fancies herself the queen of the fairies, a title that actually belongs to Erza Scarlet. Evergreen was an antagonist during Fairy Tail’s Civil War sequence, then reappeared as a hero alongside the rest of the tribe.

Evergreen is yet another Fairy tale character who has relied almost entirely on her obligatory romance to grow, but that alone isn’t enough. The anime should have explored Evergreen in more detail and fleshed out who she is on the inside, and not just who she is compared to Elfman or even Laxus.

2 Ivan Dreyar was a cheap villain

Minor villain Ivan Dreyar is the estranged son of Fairy Tail Master Makarov Dreyar and father of Laxus Dreyar. Even by Fairy tale standards, however, Ivan’s character arc is pretty bare bones, and most of it is just an excuse to watch the Dreyars go head-to-head in the Grand Magic Games tournament arc.

Ivan is evil to himself, and he just wants power and authority at all costs, including putting a lacrima in his son’s body to make him stronger. It all felt like a waste of Ivan’s character and the potential for more substantial family drama between the three Dreyars.

1 Lyon Vastia was Gray’s symbolic rival

Most shonen heroes have a mandatory rival, and in Fairy taleIn the case of Gray Fullbuster, there is a rivalry not only with Natsu, but also with fellow ice magician Lyon Vastia, who belongs to the Lamia Scale guild. Lyon was a mildly interesting antagonist in an early story arc, where he had drama regarding Gray and their deceased mentor, Ur.

After that, Fairy tale didn’t have much use for Lyon other than helping fill out Lamia Scale’s character roster and giving Gray another rival to face. He also has a one-sided crush on Juvia, but nothing came of it. Clearly, Fairy tale was already running out of good ideas for Lyon when he could have been much more convincing.

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