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Over the decades, fans have struggled to remember the names of all the characters from their favorite animated series, and it doesn’t help that some shows’ casts continue to grow over the seasons. The cast can get so large that it’s hard to keep track of the storylines, goals, and even the names of each character.

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However, the addition of new characters can bring new dynamics and depth to the storyline. While the struggle to memorize all of these characters can be painful, it will be worth it once they finally hook into the storyline and have their own character development.

ten Assassination Classroom Stars A classroom full of assassins

Assassination class is a series about a class of problematic students who learn how to assassinate their alien head teacher so that he doesn’t one day destroy Earth. Unlike any other school life anime, Assassination class is one of the few who gives each class member a name, personality, and even a story. This is an impressive achievement since the classroom in this anime is larger than the average school life anime.

9 My Hero Academia focuses on a hero-in-training school

Similar to Assassination class, My hero university focuses on a class of students and gives them their own names (and hero names), personalities and stories. However, My hero university not only focuses on Class 1-A, but also highlights other classrooms, professional heroes, villains, etc.

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With each new season, My academic herointroduced a bunch of new characters with different stories that move the narrative forward, present new challenges for students, and build the world.

8 Attack On Titan presents a group dedicated to killing Titans

The cast of Attack on Titan

This animated series also focuses on a group of kids and their adult supervisors, but with a twist. The attack of the Titans primarily concerned with a group known as the Survey Corps and their fight against humanoid monsters known as the Titans. A lot of the characters are fully fleshed out and have their own backgrounds and motivations. However, most fans are reluctant to get attached to characters since the The attack of the Titans creator is known to kill most of them anyway.

7 JoJo’s bizarre adventure follows the story of the Joestar family

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure launched Eyes of Heaven

The JoJo’s bizarre adventure franchise continues to grow and grow with each new part. Starting with Jonathan Joestar and moving down the Joestar lineup, each season features a new generation with the latest leader JoJo. The Leader inevitably has a small group of close allies, from Hamon Trainers to Stand users, and villains abound in every game. As each part progresses, more is learned about the main cast and supporting cast, and so the series has a considerable amount of well-made characters that fans need to know and recognize in order to understand its lore.

6 Naruto focuses on a world with Shinobi

The cast of Naruto

The Naruto the series is a popular franchise that already has a great cast from students and teachers to villains, and it just keeps growing. The start of the series begins in the village of Hidden Leaf where Naruto resides and trains to become a ninja with the other children of the village.

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Throughout the series, fans learn about the other villages and the characters that reside there, as well as a bunch of baddies trying to wreak havoc on this ninja world.

5 Bleach follows the adventures of a Reaper of Souls

Whitening characters

At the start of the Bleach franchise, the number of characters that fans are introduced to is quite low, but after the Soul Society arc, more and more characters are starting to be added. This is because a lot more bad guys are featured because they are part of organizations, and those organizations are quite large. Each new character has unique visuals and personalities, making it easier for fans to recognize them.

4 One Piece Stars Luffy’s Straw Hat Crew

One Piece Characters

A play is a big show with a lot of popularity, and being such a long anime means having a lot of characters. At first, Luffy’s Straw Hat Team grew quite quickly, with all members having unique personalities and visuals. Also, the anime has a fair amount of recurring characters as well as a bunch of villains just waiting to cause trouble with the Straw Hats.

3 Danganronpa presents a killing game

The cast of Danganronpa

Each season of Danganronpa presents a new group of students trying to survive. In this series, a group of 16 talented high school students are told by a bear, called Monokuma, that in order to escape they must kill the other students without getting caught. Each season we’re introduced to a new group of students with their own crazy personalities, stories, and visuals, making it easier for fans to remember them.

2 Fairy Tail focuses on guilds

Fairy tail cast

The Fairy tale franchise is an animated series that introduces a bunch of new characters season after season. The series begins as Lucy joins the Fairy Tail guild, embarks on multiple adventures with the members and fights many battles with them.

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The Fairy Tail guild itself has many members and many more guilds are introduced. And of course, we see a lot of villains, from guilds and others, coming to shake up the objectives of the members of Fairy Tail.

1 Haikyuu !! Features adorable volleyball teams

The Haikyuu Cast

Haikyuu !! is a volleyball sports anime that introduces fans to new teams every season. After Hinata joins the Karasuno High School volleyball team, viewers are constantly introduced to new teams every time Karasuno faces one in a match – from their first practice match against Aoba Johsai and their training with Nekoma, at camp with the Fukurodani group and their scrum with Date Tech.

As Karasuno begins formal competitions, the number of teams and characters only increases. Each team that fans are introduced to have their own stories with unique characters who are all important to the story, and even opponents become friends with Hinata and the other members of Karasuno High.

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