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The world of Japanese animation is populated with thousands of beloved characters of all kinds, from compelling Shonen heroes and heartfelt Shojo heroines to terrifying yet thrilling villains. Most of these characters make a great impression when they first appear, or at least they make an accurate first impression so viewers know what to expect from these characters.

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Other times, however, a fictional character can make a deceptive and unflattering first impression. Such characters might have misrepresented themselves at first, but usually they show their better side later and prove those bad first impressions to be wrong.

ten Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi was a sadistic villain (bleach)

Mayuri Bleach

Captain Mayuri Kurotsuchi leads Squad 12, and remarkably, his personality and actual methods are only slightly better than his horrific first impression would suggest. He quickly became a hero in the history of Bleach, but hardly. He is not at all sentimental and does not make friends. He devotes all his efforts to the pursuit of science.

In Mayuri’s hands, science can be cruel, and in his first battle, Mayuri tormented Orihime and Uryu without stopping. He also detonated his own subordinates, using them as live bombs to corner his prey. He was a nightmare in Uryu’s eyes.

9 Isuzu Sohma was known for her bad attitude (fruit basket)

fruit basket isuzu sohma

Isuzu “Rin” Sohma embodies the Chinese Zodiac Horse, and she has a lot of drama to go through. When the heroine Tohru Honda met her, Isuzu transformed into her horse form, and then her bad demeanor became her defining attribute. Tohru really had his hands full with the uncooperative and miserable Isuzu Sohma.

Isuzu kept almost everyone at bay, and she wasn’t afraid of having tantrums either, even her boyfriend, Hatsuharu Sohma. Later, however, Isuzu resolved her issues and became calmer and a little happier, finally allowing her better side to shine.

8 Luxus Dreyar was introduced as a villain (Fairy Tail)

Fairy Tail Laxus Dreyar

Luxus Dreyar is the grandson of Makarov Dreyar, the master of the Fairy Tail guild, but Luxus and his grandfather have very different talents and magical personalities. When he first appeared, Luxus was an antagonist to Natsu and Lucy despite being another Fairy Tail wizard, and then he launched his violent plan.

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Luxus wanted to take down Fairy Tail’s weaker wizards in a series of tournament-style duels, and he even took a handful of Fairy Tail members hostage via Evergreen’s gorgon-style magic. Later, however, a defeated Luxus returned as a somewhat kinder, more humble wizard who fights for his friends, not himself.

seven Naruto Uzumaki was a selfish troublemaker (Naruto)

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The titular hero himself, Naruto Uzumaki has a lot of personal baggage weighing him down, such as his status as a jinchuriki and how everyone fears and hates him as a result. Naruto didn’t have friends or family growing up, so he resorted to pranks and troublemaking antics to get attention.

Naruto got a lot more likable in a short time, but at first he was hard to like. Naruto disfigured the Hokage monument over and over again, challenged his teacher Iruka, made fun of the sexy jutsu, and generally had an uncooperative and arrogant demeanor. No wonder Sakura doesn’t like her.

6 Aoi Todo was a thug at first (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Aoi Todo by Jujutsu Kaisen.

Aoi Todo is a powerful wizard martial artist who has a strong and outgoing personality, but at first he acted more like a villain than anything else. This gave a bad impression to Jujutsu kaisen fans, Nobara and Megumi.

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Aoi and his classmates confronted Nobara and Megumi, and with little provocation, Aoi attacked and defeated Megumi. It seemed like he didn’t care about anything other than violence, and for some odd reason he wanted to know more about everyone’s tastes when it comes to women. At the time, it was a little scary, coming from him.

5 Misaki Ayuzawa was first defined by her worst traits (Maid-Sama!)

misaki ayuzawa maid-sama

Misaki Ayuzawa is a hardworking, responsible and loyal person, and she is also the president of the student council of Seika High. There’s a lot to like about this shojo heroine, but at first Misaki was defined by her negative traits, such as her antagonism towards the male students at school, her hot-tempered character, and her stubborn side.

Misaki had good reason to act this way, but despite everything, she seemed almost mean at first, and it was no wonder everyone knew her as the “demon president”. Fortunately, Misaki’s best traits were revealed before long, such as her protective feelings towards her friends and her little sister, Suzuna.

4 Askeladd was a scheming assassin (Vinland Saga)

Askeladd mocks authority in Vinland Saga

Askeladd, like Mayuri Kurotsuchi, was actually almost as bad as his first impression suggested. After all, he’s a pragmatic, ruthless Viking commander who has no qualms about plundering villages and slaughtering his enemies, but there are actually more villains than him in this medieval world.

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It was Askeladd who, on Floki’s orders, lured Thors into a trap in the Faroe Islands and cornered his small fleet. Askeladd then faced Thors in a duel and had Thors killed with arrows, sparking Thorfinn’s quest for revenge. Later, however, Askeladd’s relatively wise and noble side emerged, and he turned out to be much more complex and likable than first impressions would suggest.

3 Sokka’s worst side showed up right away (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

5 avatar sokka

Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe soon showed his best traits, such as his intelligent mind and protective nature, but he made a rather weak first impression in the early episodes of Avatar. Sokka’s sarcastic and cynical side was the first thing everyone saw of him, and that made him rather unattractive at first.

Sokka doubted almost everyone and everything but himself, and he also had rather backward opinions about women and girls, which didn’t make him endearing to anyone. But once he started his adventure with Aang and saw the world at large, Sokka’s attitude quickly changed for the better.

2 Shoto Todoroki was freezing at first (My Hero Academia)

Shoto Hero Costume

Shoto Todorky has his fair share of personal baggage, most of it relating to his tyrannical father Endeavor and his somewhat strained relationship with his mother, Rei. All of this made Shoto a self-centered and emotionally distant person, a kuudere who didn’t want anything to do with his classmates.

Shoto’s self-centered and arrogant demeanor made a bad first impression, although fans could tell Shoto was not a bad person, but rather a struggling boy who needed help. Over time, Shoto opened up and finally showed his warm side. He even re-establishes ties with Endeavor at this point.

1 Benimaru wanted Rimuru dead (this time I reincarnated in slime)

benimaru mud

When Benimaru and his fellow ogres were introduced, they were burning with rage and grief, determined to avenge their fallen villagers at all costs. Benimaru, in particular, mistook the Masked Rimuru for Gelmud and attacked mercilessly.

Rimuru convinced the ogres to withdraw with a bloodless show of force, and the misunderstanding was quickly dispelled. Benimaru apologized for his thoughtless actions and became Rimuru’s staunch soldier, and he calmed his rage. Now he is confidently fighting for Rimuru’s noble cause.

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