10 Anime Characters With The Highest Self-Esteem


The anime world is full of characters of all shapes and sizes, but they vary besides their wild hairstyles or colorful outfits. These characters have all kinds of personalities, from selfish and ambitious super-villains to compassionate shojo heroines and bitter seinen anti-heroes. These characters often represent extremes in confidence and self-esteem.

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Someone with high self-esteem will have confidence in themselves and persist despite setbacks or personal attacks, but high self-esteem should not become full-fledged arrogance, nor sink into self-sabotaging self-doubt. While some anime characters are too full of themselves or have a terrible sense of self worth, other characters find a successful balance and have exceptional self worth.

ten Rimuru Tempest sticks to his mission (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

The OP but lovable isekai hero, Rimuru Tempest, is one of isekai’s best protagonists for many reasons. Not only does he have cool magic attacks and a great circle of friends, but he also has the right attitude for an isekai hero with everything at stake. Rimuru isn’t insecure like Subaru or Natsuki, or arrogant like Blank. .

Instead, Rimuru is confident in himself and his ability to create, lead, and defend an entirely new nation of monsters, and he also learns to be an effective diplomat and politician. Whenever Rimuru slips up, he doesn’t let it get to him. Instead, he’s just learning vital lessons for the next time. He knows he has flaws, but that’s no reason to doubt him.

9 Izuku Midoriya is constructive about his flaws (My Hero Academia)

It is mainly the anime protagonists or supporting characters who have the highest self-esteem, as the villains tend to be arrogant and arrogant while some supporting characters may suffer from self-esteem issues, such as Hinata Hyuga or Rishia Ivyred. Izuku Midoriya the hero isn’t like that, though.

Izuku is realistic and honest about his flaws, but that’s no reason to give up or make a fool of himself. Instead, Izuku uses his proactive mindset to address his flaws and grow stronger and better as a person, all with the goal of becoming the next Symbol of Peace. He is sure that he will eventually be able to get out of it.

8 Bruno Bucciarati knows what he is capable of (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Giorno Giovanna’s best ally in the golden wind The story arc was Bruno Bucciarati, a stylish man who led his own team of stand users. Bruno had recruited them all personally, and he had a clear goal in mind: to overthrow the cruel boss Diavolo and rid the streets of Italy of drugs once and for all.

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Bruno was inspired to take action when mobsters nearly killed his father. Notably, Bruno strove not to exact revenge, but to ensure that no one else had to suffer like him. It’s a noble goal, and Bruno is convinced that he can achieve it while being careful. He knows his limits, but he won’t be discouraged.

7 Arisa Uotani is comfortable with who she is (fruit basket)

Tohru Honda’s dear friend, Arisa Uotani, wasn’t always happy or self-confident. A few years ago, Arisa was a secretly miserable juvenile delinquent who hid her insecurities with her wild antics and ultimately couldn’t deny her low self-esteem.

That all changed when she met Tohru and changed her ways. Now Arisa’s life is all about friendship, trust and hope, but she still knows how to take care of herself and scare the punks away. Thus, Arisa has found a comfortable balance with herself and she will never look back.

6 Marin Kitagawa knows what she likes (My Dress-Up Darling)

Mischievous seinen heroine Marin Kitagawa has taken the anime community by storm with her love of cosplay, her genki-girl persona, and most importantly, her unspoken self-confidence. Marin is actually quite confident compared to most fictional or real-life teenagers, and she has surprisingly little insecurity. More power for her.

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Marin is confident in who she is and what she loves, which is inspiring to see. It’s what drives her to get better at cosplaying and showing what she can do, though she’s also aware of her downsides with cosplaying. Instead of criticizing himself too harshly, Marin simply recruited Wakana Gojo to be his personal tailor.

5 Senku Ishigami believes in science and in himself (Dr. Stone)

Isekai hero Senku Ishigami woke up 3,700 years later in a new Stone Age, but he didn’t let that shatter his optimism or his faith in himself. Senku can be a bit arrogant at times, but he can back it up with some cutting edge science. Senku is also humble and gracious enough to ask for help. He’s not arrogant enough to think he can do it all himself.

Senku is an optimist, a brave boy who is convinced that everything will be fine if he tries hard enough. He has a well-placed confidence in himself while being realistic about the challenges thrown at him, and he will gladly tap into the power of friendship to fill in his gaps. Everyone needs a lab partner.

4 Maki Zenin has a goal in mind (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Jujutsu wizards are meant to channel their negative emotions to power their curses, but this can be tricky as negative emotions can overwhelm the user or distort their view of the world. Fortunately, the witch Maki Zenin knows how to tap into her dark side without letting it consume her.

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Maki Zenin isn’t the happiest shonen hero, but she clearly has strong self-esteem based on her abilities and noble purpose. Maki aims to prove her traditionalist family wrong and force them to finally recognize their worth, but Maki isn’t arrogant or cruel about it.

3 Captain Akitaru Obi believes in himself (Fire Force)

Some anime characters achieve great things despite having weak powers or lacking abilities related to their own series’ battle system, such as narutoit’s Rock Lee. Another example is Captain Akitaru Obi of Company 8, one of the few firefighters who actually has no ignition ability.

There’s a lot to love about Akitaru, from his warm, fatherly disposition to his incredible courage and creativity in battle as a modern knight. Akitaru is also confident in himself and his abilities without becoming arrogant or annoying, and this is another reason why Shinra, Maki Oze, and the others look up to him.

2 Erza Scarlet has faith in her abilities and her friends (Fairy Tail)

Some Fairy tale characters are too full of themselves, like Laxus Dreyar, while others are very self-doubting, like Lucy Heartfilia. Then there is the famous swordswoman Erza Scarlet, one of the most powerful members of the Fairy Tail guild. She’s aware of her reputation and her own power, that’s for sure.

However, Erza would never be pretentious about any of this. She fights for peace, justice, and friendship, and she doesn’t usually brag either. This means that she commands even more respect among her peers, and that is why she ranks among Fairy tale‘s best characters overall.

1 Kyojuro Rengoku knows he can win (Demon Slayer)

In many ways, the flame Hashira Kyojuro Rengoku might remind anime fans of Erza Scarlet, All Might, and Might Guy with his flamboyant personality and fierce sword fighting skills. He may be an elite Hashira, but he also doesn’t expect anyone to crawl past him. He’s here for duty, not for glory.

Despite having a jaded ex-Hashira father, Kyojuro has unwavering faith in himself and his mission, and he projects that healthy confidence into every battle he fights. This, combined with his impressive swordsmanship, is what inspired Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu when they saw Kyojuro fight Akaza to the death.

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