10 Anime Characters With Jujutsu Kaisen’s Megumi Fushiguro Would Be Friends


Megumi Fushiguro is a third of Jujutsu Kaisen top three. Although he thinks helping people is his duty, Megumi doesn’t want to be seen as a hero. He strictly adheres to these ideals. Although Nobara complains about Megumi’s secretive behavior and reluctance to openly discuss her past, this is understandable given her rather convoluted history.

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Although Megumi is certainly not the most outgoing jujutsu wizard around, he has proven himself to be a reliable and trustworthy friend. Given the chance, Megumi would find friends from several different anime, especially if they could sympathize with her backstory or share the same values ​​as him.

ten Shinji and Megumi reportedly share similar philosophies about the world

Shinji Ikari emerges in Eva Unit 01

Viewers often misunderstand Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion. There is a heated debate over whether he is a good protagonist or not. However, he and Megumi would get along pretty well. They would be able to sympathize with each other’s backgrounds and understand each other’s points of view.

Although their personalities are very different, they have several apparent similarities. Shinji and Megumi share similar philosophies about the world. Megumi’s quote, “The one thing granted equally to all is an unfair reality”, would no doubt resonate with Shinji.

9 Megumi would get along well with Seijuro Akashi

Although Megumi is not a basketball player, he is said to be friends with Seijuro Akashi from Kuroko’s Basketball. Although he initially appears to be one of the scariest characters in anime, Seijuro is actually a respectful and caring person once his outward personality wears off. He is always there to boost his team’s morale, to the point where the rest of his team can join Seijuro in the “Zone”.

If Megumi and Seijuro were to meet, they would easily become friends. Their personalities would complement each other. They are both introverted but in different ways. While Megumi is more aloof and not the friendliest person, Seijuro is just a bit more expressive and outgoing. They would understand each other deeply and become great friends.

8 Megumi would respect Guts’ strength and perseverance.

Guts prepares to draw his sword in Berserk

Despite all the trauma Guts endured during Berserk, he became a stronger person because of it. When he discovered his true passion for fencing, Guts’ world changed. He endured unfathomable hardships throughout his life, but Guts proved his perseverance every time. Even when victory seems impossible, Guts overcomes obstacles and lives to fight another day.

Megumi would certainly respect his resilience and determination. Guts could become something of a mentor figure for Megumi if they ever meet. Since Guts has seen almost everything, he could impart much of his wisdom to Megumi in a way that would encourage her to become an even stronger wizard.

7 Megumi and Atsushi have similar ideals and would make a great team

Atsushi from Bungou Stray Dogs smiling

Megumi and Atsushi Nakajima from Bungo Stray Dogs have the same sense of justice, and they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to save others. Megumi and Atsushi believe that, given their respective abilities, it is their duty to protect the innocent. While Megumi only believes good people are worth saving, Atsushi tries to sympathize with her enemies.

If they were to team up in a fight, Megumi and Atsushi would be a strong team. Between Megumi’s Ten Shadows technique and Atsushi’s Beast Beneath The Moonlight, any opponent who faces them will be defeated in an instant.

6 Megumi would respect Erza Scarlet’s strength

Fairy Tail Erza in battle

Erza Scarlet Fairy tale is an S-rank witch, making her one of the most powerful members of the guild. Although she seems abrasive at first, she is a kind person who acts as a peacekeeper for the guild. She is in charge and controls some of the more rambunctious members. Despite her tragic and exploited childhood, Erza has grown into a strong person and she seeks to protect the innocent from suffering.

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Megumi would certainly respect Erza’s strength and ideals. Although their ideals may oppose who exactly deserves to be saved, they would agree that it is their job to save the good people of the world. Also, if Megumi and Erza were to team up, they would be an amazing duo. They are both strategic fighters who can quickly turn a battle in their favor.

5 Megumi and Levi Ackerman would make a strong team

Levi Ackerman ready for battle

Levi Ackerman from The attack of the Titans would definitely become friends with Megumi. They are both among the strongest in their respective organizations, but neither gets arrogant from it. Megumi and Levi are also incredibly loyal to their friends. It would be a terrible day for all their enemies if they teamed up.

Their combat behavior would also complement each other. Levi and Megumi would work on each other’s strengths during a fight while encouraging each other to grow from their weaknesses. Rather than kill, Megumi will hesitate to unleash her full power due to collateral damage. Since Levi is more decisive, he would help Megumi get out of this mindset so he can focus on winning the current battle.

4 Kurapika and Megumi are very similar, but they would make an incredibly overpowered duo

Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter

Kurapika’s Hunter X Hunter and Megumi have similar personality types. They are both balanced, calculating people who care deeply about their friends. They understand the potential of their power and the potential dangers it could unleash. However, they would find camaraderie and understanding in each other due to their complicated pasts, even though they come from very different backgrounds.

Additionally, they both have impressive strengths that surpass other characters in their respective series. Kurapika is one of Hunter X Hunter the strongest Nen users, while Megumi’s Ten Shadows Cursed technique gives her the potential to surpass even the most powerful wizards. If they were to team up, all enemies within a 50 mile radius would fear them.

3 Jotaro could become a mentor figure for Megumi

While Megumi would have felt out of place among the Stardust Crusadershe would get along well with Jotaro Kujo – especially in the later parts of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. Particularly during Part 4, Jotaro would surely take Megumi under his wing. They both come across as rather deadpan and off-putting to those who have recently encountered them.

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Jotaro and Megumi were also delinquents in their pasts, with Jotaro being a bully in high school and Megumi always getting into fights with bullies in middle school. They would understand each other quite well and Jotaro would probably become a mentor for Megumi like he did for the gang in part four.

2 Shoto and Megumi have a lot more in common than you might think

Besides their obvious similarities, Shoto Todoroki from my hero academia has more in common with Megumi than meets the eye. They both come from complicated backgrounds when it comes to their families and their personalities are almost identical. However, one significant similarity emerges between the two: they both have limited powers.

Shoto refrained from using his right side as it ignited the flames he inherited from his abusive father. On the other hand, Megumi held back from unleashing all of her jujutsu powers because he believes that sacrificing himself for the good of everyone else can fix everything in the worst case. Although Quirks are very different from Cursed Energy, Shoto and Megumi would be able to relate to each other due to their similar histories and relationship to their abilities.

1 Megumi and Giyu Tomioka were in similar situations

Giyu with a straight face

Giyu Tomioka is the Water Hashira in demon slayer. He is a pragmatic person with a strong sense of justice. Although he follows the laws of the Demon Slayer Corps, he still violated them so he could protect Nezuko. Like Giyu, Megumi knew saving Yuji would violate Jujutsu’s code of conduct – yet he urged Satoru to protect and help his new friend.

They would be able to sympathize with each other based on coincidentally similar circumstances. Megumi and Giyu are also aloof individuals with strong philosophies on justice and why they chose their respective paths of jujutsu sorcery and demon slaying. They would also respect each other’s awesome strengths – Megumi with cursed techniques and Giyu with her immense water breathing abilities.

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