10 Anime Characters Who Would Pass The Chunin Exams


In naruto, Genin level ninjas have the opportunity to move up the ranks and become Chunin level. However, they must pass a series of exams. First, they have to pass an almost impossible paper test. Then they have to survive the forest of death. Finally, they must compete in a knockout tournament to prove they are the best of the best.

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Many characters across the anime would rise to the challenge and pass the infamous Chunin Exams with flying colors. With impressive powers and even faster minds, these characters certainly have what it takes to pass the brutal Chunin Exams.

ten Erza has the courage to survive anything (Fairy Tail)

If there’s one anime character who can withstand any challenge that awaits her, it’s Erza Scarlet. This woman overcame quite intense tribulations throughout her life. Compared to escaping from the Tower of Heaven or destroying a huge meteorite, the Chunin Exams would be a cakewalk for her.

She is one of the strongest members of the guild, so she is able to take on some of Naruto’s best ninja and win. Erza wouldn’t come out of the exams unscathed, but she had fought hard. Erza might even give characters like Naruto or Neji a hard time.

9 Ichigo would pass with flying colors (Bleach)

Ichigo is a master swordsman who could defeat many of anime’s most fearsome villains without breaking a sweat. Passing the Chunin Exams wouldn’t be easy, but he would definitely pass.

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Ichigo’s Quincy and Hollow powers would easily overpower most jutsu. Additionally, his powers automatically heal him, so he can focus on the opponent within range. His biggest competition would be characters like Gaara and Naruto. However, he would be able to easily break through Gaara’s sand shields. Also, Naruto’s shadow clone jutsu wouldn’t fool him.

8 Giorno’s Gold Experience beats Jutsu any day of the week (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind)

Giorno Giovanna has what it takes to pass the Chunin Exams. First, paper exams would be a breeze for him. He’s quick-witted and smart enough to cheat subtly in the first round of the test, as proven by his success as a trickster on the streets of Italy. However, the Forest of Death would be where he would prove his true strengths.

Giorno’s golden experience would dominate most of Naruto’s jutsu. Since he is a Stand that can manipulate nature, Giorno would be able to blend in and quickly emerge from the forest unscathed. Finally, the head-to-head tournament would be where he would really prove his strengths. Some of the strongest ninjas would certainly fight against him, but a single punch from Gold Experience would instantly stun his opponent, leaving them defenseless.

7 Yusuke should not be underestimated (Yu Yu Hakusho)

Realistically, Yusuke is strong enough to take on some of the Naruto’s the strongest characters, like Sasuke. Underestimating him is a mistake, and he would quickly prove people’s expectations wrong with one punch.

His strength would shine in the Forest of Death. As shown during his fight with Gouki, Yusuke is strong enough to pick up a fallen tree and use it as a weapon. It did massive damage to a demon and would likely be even more devastating to any ninja that came across it in the forest.

6 Nagisa Shiota is an assassination prodigy (Assassination Classroom)

Nagisa would be a dark horse in the Chunin Exams. People tend to overlook him because he doesn’t look much like a threat. He is an assassination prodigy, so he was able to apply many of the strategies he learned in Class E to the Chunin Exams.

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The paper test would be child’s play for Nagisa since he is attentive to his surroundings. He would be able to cheat, and no one would even notice that he was copying their answers. The Forest of Death would be tough, but his combat skills aren’t something to be laughed at, as proven by his victory in the Civil War. In one-on-one battles, Nagisa would succeed due to his one-on-one combat skills. Like many of his previous opponents, he would be sure to freak out a few ninjas with his calm and unexpected attacks.

5 Levi Ackerman has what it takes to pass the Chunin Exams (Attack On Titan)

Levi Ackerman is not recognized as humanity’s strongest fighter for no reason. Ambushed, he quickly dealt with all the attackers, then destroyed a whole regiment of soldiers. It’s quite difficult to find other characters in his own series who are on his level. Levi may be a neat freak, but he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Even though he learned these skills to fight the titans, Levi would easily apply them to the Chunin Exams. The Death Forest and Tournament Terrains would give him an advantage as he could quickly deploy his ODM gear and use the environment to get the upper hand on his opponents.

4 Bakugo would easily overpower his opponents (My Hero Academia)

Bakugo is one of the most ruthless opponents one can face. He gives his all in every fight and refuses to be lenient with anyone. In the Chunin Exams, this behavior is necessary to survive and succeed.

His biggest challenge would be the written exam, but he would surely find a way to solve all the questions whether he was cheating or not. Moreover, he would see through the overseer’s mind games. In the Tournament and the Forest of Death, however, Bakugo has the upper hand only because his blasts are too powerful for the others to handle.

3 Chunin exams would be a cakewalk for Killua (Hunter X Hunter)

Chunin exams would hardly be a challenge for Killua. In the written part, he would find a clever way to cheat. Besides, the overseer’s mind games wouldn’t fool him at all. The Forest of Death and the Head-to-Head Tournament would also be ridiculously easy for him.

Considering he conducts one-on-one battles against powerful opponents as a hobby in Heaven’s Arena, a few genin-level ninjas would hardly be opponents for him. Killua could easily pass the Chunin Exams, but most Naruto actors would fail the Hunter Exams.

2 Tanjiro’s swordsmanship would stun his competitors (Demon Slayer)

Tanjiro Kamado would be another dark horse in the Chunin Exams. However, as proven during the final selection, he has what it takes to survive in difficult circumstances. Paper exams would probably be child’s play for him, and he’s so smart he probably wouldn’t even have to cheat.

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In the tournament, his swordsmanship would stun his opponents. He had to be careful not to let his attack patterns become predictable. If Tanjiro continuously alternates between Water and Flame breathing techniques, it would be enough to surprise his opponents and lead him to a well-deserved victory.

1 Yuji Itadori’s victory would be similar to that of Naruto (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Fighting ninjas is an entirely different playing field than defeating cursed spirits, but Yuji has what it takes to apply his fighting knowledge to the Chunin Exams and succeed. His biggest challenge would be the psychological warfare during the written exam, but he would probably react the same way as Naruto and, thankfully, take the next step.

The Forest of Death would be similar to the Goodwill event, so he could apply his knowledge to survive in the forest. However, the tournament would be interesting because cursed energy and chakra are very similar power systems. It would be an easy win if Yuji was against someone like Rock Lee or Temari. Facing an opponent like Neji or Gaara, however, would prove more difficult.

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