10 Anime Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders Of Electric-Type Pokemon


Gym leaders in the Pokemon universes come in all shapes and sizes. Although they are considered the strongest coaches in their respective regions, they can still have flaws that can be exploited by challengers. That being said, they are Gym Leaders for a reason and are known for their skills in using a specific type of Pokemon.

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Electric-type Gym Leaders also come in different forms. Electricity and lightning are used by many anime characters as offensive tools, whether as magic, weapons, or a specialized skill. These anime characters, with their own strengths and flaws, could also become Electric-type gym leaders if they were part of the Pokemon universe.

ten Gilthunder would be ready for an electrifying battle (The Seven Deadly Sins)

In The seven deadly sins, Gilthunder is initially introduced as a mysterious antagonist, pitting Meliodas against the titular Seven Deadly Sins. His anger towards them is ultimately revealed to be his mistaken impression that they are responsible for his father’s death. In battle, he uses his Thunderbolt ability, granting him impressive lightning manipulation abilities.

Benevolent at heart, Gilthunder would make an honorable Gym Leader in the Pokemon universe. Gilthunder would just want the best possible fight with any challenger. Most Electric-type Pokémon would fit into his team, but Jolteon would probably be the best choice to be his ace.

9 God Enel would be a tough opponent (One Piece)

Skypiea’s bow A play features Enel as the main antagonist. He is considered a god and regularly uses the destructive force of his Rumble-Rumble Devil Fruit. The Devil Fruit allows him to manipulate and become a lightning bolt with devastating consequences. Although Enel can defeat everyone, Luffy being basically made of rubber helps him resist Enel.

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Enel is a great example of a glass cannon character. He is incredibly strong but fights against those who resist his powerful attack. As a Gym Leader, Ener would be an aggressive and unpleasant Electric-type specialist. Enel could probably even use a Legendary like Zapdos, Zekrom, or Thundurus.

8 General Budo has a terrifying behavior (Akame Ga Kill)

Grand General Budo is an intimidating force and one of the Empire’s most formidable fighters in Akame ga kill. However, he cannot display this power properly until Tatsumi is executed. Night Raid arrives to save the day, but Budo uses his powerful Imperial Adramelech weapons to fend them off with lightning attacks. He is eventually defeated by Mine, but not before taking her with him.

Budo punches a towering figure that looks like Lieutenant Surge. As an Electric-type gym leader, Budo’s team would likely consist of heavy hitters, from Alolan Golem and Electivire to Raichu.

seven Kaminari would go all out from the start (My Hero Academia)

Denki Kaminari is often used as comic relief in My hero academia, but that shouldn’t take away from his awesome Quirk. Its electrification can be useful when used in moderation, but its brain short when it goes over the watt limit is an interesting dynamic to transfer into becoming a Pokemon trainer.

As an Electric-type Gym Leader, Kaminari could come across as an arrogant teenager with an all-out offensive approach to his Gym battles. Pokemon known for their unpredictable attacks – like Pachirisu, Emolga, and Xurkitree – would be perfect for Kaminari’s team, along with explosive options like Electrode and Alolan Golem.

6 Mikoto Misaka would be an electromaster in any world (a certain scientific railgun)

Mikoto Misaka is the main protagonist of A certain scientific railguna spin-off of A certain magic clue. Railgun is his nickname, coined due to his abilities as an Electromaster to control and manipulate electricity. Mikoto’s lightning attacks are significantly different from those of other anime characters. The Lightning Attack Spear is a prime example.

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Mikoto’s Electricity is incredibly versatile, which suggests her team of Electric-types should be as well. Rotom, Magnezone, Xurkitree, and Togedemaru are a few Pokemon representative of certain aspects of its attacks and abilities. Mikoto would be underestimated by many challengers.

5 Killua would be a wildcard of a gym leader (Hunter X Hunter)

Despite first appearances, Hunter X HunterKillua Zoldyck is actually one of the most terrifying anime characters. He may be a child, but he comes from a family of assassins. Killua learned to master his Nen transmutation type through lightning.

Killua could certainly boast having a fuller team with different Pokemon types to represent different parts of himself, but doubling down on his Electric types could be an option. He would be an odd choice to be a gym leader due to his unpredictable nature, but could be perfect in high stakes battles. Raichu and Electivire would be obvious choices for Killua’s team due to their frightening potential power. An unassuming Morpeko would also be a perfect fit for his team.

4 A gym battle against Adolf Reinhard would be a troubling affair (Terra Formars)

Terra Formars maybe not for everyone, but it certainly has some interesting characters. One such character is Adolf Reinhard, who is able to use the abilities of an electric eel. These electrical powers grant him the ability to unleash ferocious attacks and protect himself using electrical discharges from his muscles.

Adolf Reinhard even uses electricity with his throwing knives, giving him extra range to electrocute his enemies. Its main Pokémon would be Eelektross, but Electrode, Pincurchin, Boltund, and Manectric could complement its Gym Leader team.

3 Yoruichi Could Build A Pokemon Team Around Its Various Abilities (Bleach)

Yoruichi Shihoin is one of many beloved characters in Bleach thanks to his hard-hitting appearances, impressive combat prowess, and abilities. The Soul Reaper is known for his feline transformation, in addition to being a Shunpo and Hakudo master. His speed and combat skills are quite impressive even without the use of a Zanpakuto. Yoruichi is also incredibly intimidating when using her Shunko as she is able to use powerful lightning.

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Considering all of Yoruichi’s skills and abilities, she could definitely be a multi-type Pokémon trainer, but her use of Shunko would make her the perfect Electric-type gym trainer. Zeraora and Luxray could represent her feline transformation, Electrode and Jolteon could represent her speed, and Mega Ampharos and Electivire would show off her combat power.

2 Desha would channel his own lethal lightning attacks through his team (kings ranking)

Desha is one of the strongest characters in Ranking of kings. He is the King of the Underworld and a demigod, having inherited most of his father’s power. While his brother, Despa, carries the intelligence of the family, Desha possesses much more power. His Lightning power allowed him to knock out the immortal Ouken, Desha’s other brother.

Such power constantly flirts with the No. 1 ranking. Desha could definitely be considered an Elite Four equivalent. However, he could be a terrific eighth gym leader for trainers to overtake. A Legendary Pokemon wouldn’t be too far from the realm of possibility for Desha, with Raikou bolstering a team that would likely have Luxray and a mega-evolved Manectric.

1 Laxus would combine the power of Lt. Surge and the energy of Volkner (Fairy Tail)

The popularity of Luxus might just be a rollercoaster in Fairy tale, but its strength and power are undeniable. Laxus has been seen as a problem for the rest of the Fairy Tail guild for a long time and is eventually cast out. The S-class mage uses lightning magic and is a valuable asset to the guild when he eventually returns with a changed attitude.

As the leader of the Pokémon Gym, Laxus would boast a powerful non-Legendary team of Electric-types, capable of shocking any opponent into submission. He would need enforcers like Electivire, Raichu, and Luxray to achieve this.

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