10 Anime Characters Who Would Do Better In Fairy Tail


Most anime characters would struggle to cope in a world with so many powerful people as Fairy tale’s. Still, some might be able to pull it off. Despite the power gap between them and the most powerful Fairy tale characters, some people will have no problem fitting in.

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Their power may put them at a disadvantage in their own anime, and they will be able to shine if they were in Fairy taleor that their philosophy would align with some Fairy tale characters more than in their own anime. Nonetheless, these characters should easily blend into the world of Fairy tale and even flourish there.

ten Escanor is powerful enough to rival the best wizards in Fairy Tail (Seven Deadly Sins)

Although weak at night, Escanor is such a monster during the day that only a few can come close to his power. Seven capital sins didn’t provide Escanor with many strong characters to fight with. It would have been different if he had ended up in Fairy tale.

Escanor would find countless wizards who would give him a good fight at any time. His willingness to fight for his friends will also mean that he would have a very high chance of joining the Fairy Tail guild.

9 Saitama Would Have More Fun In Fairy Tail (One Punch Man)

Saitama is extremely strong, and the lack of worthy opponents A punch made him bored to death. While he still wouldn’t find many worthy opponents in Fairy talethe villains he’ll face are sure to be a lot stronger than most he’s faced in A punch.

There are people like Zeref, who was immortal, and Acnologia, who wielded apocalyptic power like Saitama. If the 100 year quest the manga is something to pass, there are even more powerful villains just waiting to be fought.

8 Shinra would be a perfect member of the Fairy Tail (Fire Force) guild.

Shinra is the main protagonist of the fire force lively. He’s a young boy who’s been thrown into the vast empire of Tokyo, on a mission to save what’s left of the world after a great cataclysm that happened years ago. What makes Shinra special is his ignition ability, which earned him the name Devil Foot.

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Shinra trained and became a veteran fighter soon after becoming a fire soldier, and Shinra’s ignition ability makes him perfect for Fairy tale. Contrary to fire force, Shinra wouldn’t have to carry entire episodes as his teammates were too weak to keep up with him. In Fairy talehis teammates might even be stronger than him.

seven Eren Yeager is the Kind of Battle Hungry Freak Fairy Tail Would Want (Attack On Titan)

When it comes to fights breaking out of nowhere, Eren was a bit out of place in The attack of the Titans. If nothing else, his irritable attitude would have made him an ideal Fairy Tail wizard. The Fairy Tail guild is known for its destructive nature and constant fighting, and it has become the nickname for chaos in Fiore.

Eren also resembles the wizards of Fairy Tail in unexpected ways. Fairy Tail wizards would rather see the world around them burn than see one of their limbs get hurt. They would fight the world if it meant protecting their friends. Although it’s a much darker approach, that’s pretty much what Eren does in The attack of the Titans, and he is hated for it. He would be fine if he was in the Fairy Tail guild.

6 Meliodas is a really powerful demon (Seven Deadly Sins)

If survive in Fairy tale it all boiled down to power and nothing else, Meliodas would definitely be one of the holy wizards. With enough power to bring down the gods and wipe out the human race, Meliodas would make a great protagonist; or antagonist, should he give free rein to his emotions.

Fairy tale would have needed someone like Meliodas to add a more demonic touch to the Tartaros arc. Meliodas seemed out of place in Seven capital sins, considering how powerful she is compared to the rest of the characters in the series. In Fairy talemany characters equal or even surpass his strength.

5 Gilgamesh’s power looks too much like Erza’s (Fate/Zero)

Gilgamesh is one of the servants of the Destiny Series. He is a very powerful servant who brags a lot, and he even forced his master to recognize and respect him as a king. Her power, which allows her to summon her vast collection of valuable weapons, is very similar to Erza’s power, and they would make great adversaries for each other.

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With Requip Magic, Erza is able to summon weapons and armor of different attributes for battle. His boastful nature would also have put him at odds with almost everyone in Fairy tale. The enemies he would have made would have forced him to rethink his definition of a king and would have made him a more compassionate individual.

4 Rimuru will be enjoyed more in Fairy Tail (that time I got reincarnated as a slime)

This time I got reincarnated as a slime has many characters with powers close to those of God. Rimuru, for example, is so powerful that almost no character in Fairy tale can beat him, which is unreal considering the strength of the characters in the Fairy tale world. That said, it would make more sense if Rimuru was a villain in Fairy tale, because it would be just too easy to have him among the protagonists.

Casting Rimuru as a villain would fill the protagonists with a sense of urgency, more than they ever had considering the enemy they would face. Even Acnologia should have joined in the fight to bring down Rimuru, which would have made for phenomenal storytelling. Someone like Rimuru as a villain in Fairy tale would have had a huge impact.

3 All For One would make a perfect villain in Fairy Tail (My Hero Academia)

All For One makes for a big bad in my hero academiabut he would have been an even better villain in Fairy tale. All For One is said to have used his ruse to rally more powerful allies to his cause and wreak havoc everywhere.

With more powerful villains fighting for him, he would have been a much more effective villain and likely built a thriving underground empire for himself and his closest associates. Of course, if he was looking for the power to fly, there are characters in Fairy tale with some truly awesome powers just ripe for the taking.

2 Yami’s nonchalant nature will make him an ideal Fairy Tail magician (black clover)

As the captain of a ragtag group of misfits, Yami knows all too well how to handle noisy brats, in addition to being one himself. He uses dark magic, a power strong enough to affect even the demons of the underworld. This power could have been effective against Zeref or the demons of Tartaros. Also, despite his rough behavior, Yami is a very caring person who won’t sit idly by and watch his friends get hurt.

If he found himself at the door of Fairy Tail’s guild hall, he would be welcomed with open arms. Yami is also incredibly powerful, being one of Magic Knight’s strongest captains. He would have been a great help in many of the toughest battles in the Fairy Tail guild.

1 Overhaul’s power is like something someone would find in Fairy Tail (My Hero Academia)

Chisaki, AKA Overhaul, aimed to end the oddities and restore the Yakuza to its former glory. He got his hands dirty repeatedly to accomplish this, taking down anyone who stood in his way. However, the comrades who fought alongside Chisaki were too weak to put up a decent fight. In no time, they were all eliminated, leaving Chisaki to do the arduous work of eliminating their opposition on his own.

Chisaki would have been better served with the kind of powerful characters that dark guilds Fairy tale had to offer. With his lead, they would accomplish a lot before being totally crushed by the Fairy Tail Guild.

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