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For many adults today, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a beloved childhood favorite. It’s a great show that properly balances its themes to be well-suited to both adult and child audiences. Although it’s not technically considered an anime, it lives up to its name and actually rivals many anime in its story, world-building, character development, scaling, and ending.

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Given the global framework of Avatar and the story that was told, there are certain anime characters that would do better in Avatar than they did in their own anime. They could completely tip the balance of power or actually be more useful than in their own anime.

ten Senku would have helped advance science and end the war sooner (Dr Stone)

With his extensive knowledge of science and technology, Senku was able to win the Stone Wars against Tsukasa. If he could pull this off in a primitive world like Dr Stone‘s, fans can only imagine the effect he would have if he was in Avatar. Senku is said to have created weapons that scare the Fire Nation into giving up the fight.

There might even have been a case where the Fire Nation had to launch a mission to abduct or eliminate Senku due to his extensive knowledge. In that case, they would have to hunt Senku almost as seriously as they would hunt the Avatar. It would have been awesome storytelling if done right.

9 Natsu would have been an incredible firebender in Avatar (Fairy Tail)

Since dragons existed in Avatarit makes sense that the Dragon Slayer of Fairy tale would make a perfect fit in this world as well. In Avatar, there was even a time when firebenders hunted dragons to earn the title of Dragon. Due to the sheer strength of the dragons in Fairy taleNatsu barely lived up to his title.

In Avatar however, he would have no problem slaying dragons, especially since all the dragons in Avatar are fire dragons and Natsu is a fire dragon slayer. However, with Natsu’s character, he is expected to stand against the Fire Nation. This means Natsu won’t waste any time taking down the Fire Lord.

Alphonse and his brother Edward sought to find their original bodies after a failed transmutation left them dismembered. During this mission, they discovered that their entire nation was in peril, so they sought to end the evil that was devouring their country. More importantly, they swore to do so without taking a single life.

It must have been difficult in a world where death was always around the corner. In Avatarsince it was a show aimed at children, the theme was not as bloody as Fullmetal Alchemist. Avatar is an ideal world for them to achieve their goals without shedding blood.

seven Benimaru would most likely lead a resistance against the Fire Nation (Fire Force)

In fire force, while Benimaru is a citizen of the Tokyo Empire, he prefers to see himself as the leader of Asakusa. Asakusa is a city of proto-nationalists who prefer not to abide by the rules of the Tokyo Empire but instead look to Benimaru for guidance.

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Benimaru believes in equality, so the Fire Nation ideology of being superior to other nations would definitely not sit well with Benimaru. Seeing how strong Benimaru can be, it’s easy to see him single-handedly defeating the entire Fire Nation.

6 Wendy’s cuteness will pair well with Aang (Fairy Tail)

Wendy has always disagreed with the rowdiness of the Fairy Tail guild, although she has gotten used to it over time. Wendy dislikes violence and only uses violence because she thinks it’s the best way to protect her friends.

That said, Aang’s gentle soul would make him the perfect match for Wendy and Wendy would have made a good rival to Katara for Aang’s affection. To make things even better, Wendy uses Sky Dragon Slayer Magic, which is a lot like airbending. Aang would have been extremely happy to have another airbender traveling alongside them.

5 Leopold Vermillion would make a Zuko (Black Clover) substitute

Zuko was still trying to prove something. At first he was trying to prove to his father that he was not worthless. At the time he joined Team Avatar, he was also trying to make amends to his uncle by proving that his teachings weren’t lost. That’s the kind of person Leopold is.

Leopold tries to prove to his brother Fuegoleon that he is not weak and that he will one day surpass him. In Avatar, Leo would have been the kind of guy who would fight hard for the Fire Lord. And much like Zuko, Leo would realize the Fire Nation’s flaws and aim to correct them by bringing peace to the world alongside Aang and his friends.

4 Bakugo would be a loud addition to the team avatar (My Hero Academia)

Bakugo’s my hero academia is well known for his bad temper. He fights with anyone over the smallest things, so it’s easy to see him fight with people like Toph, who is looking to piss people off.

Despite his bratty demeanor, Bakugo is well-liked by his classmates 1-A, and he loves them back in his weird way. Bakugo acts the way he does because he hasn’t dealt with anyone as childish as him – at least not yet. He would have people like Toph and Zuko to deal with if he went on one of his angry rants.

3 Mard Geer is said to have allied himself with the Fire Lord (Fairy Tail)

Being the King of the Underworld, Mard Geer was quite an arrogant individual. One of his goals was to eliminate magic and make Tartaros’ curses the only power in the world. Mard Geer ultimately failed in Fairy talebecause the people he had to fight were just too strong.

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In Avatar, on the other hand, there is no one strong enough to stop Mard Geer. With his power, he would have been much more successful in Avatar that he was in Fairy taleas even Aang would have been utterly helpless in a fight against him.

2 Asta’s physical prowess would have made him a phenomenal non-master (black clover)

Born without magic in a world where magic is everything, Asta has trained his body and mind to levels that defy rhyme and reason. In the world of Avatar, there are masters and there are non-masters. Masters can use their powers to command different elements, but non-masters cannot. Non-masters who turn out to be warriors have to train harder to keep up with the masters.

Sokka, for example, was able to learn swordsmanship and take on any firebender. Asta would have used his anti-magic swords wisely to do even better than Sokka would have ever done. Asta’s strength far exceeds Sokka’s.

1 Daryun is an extremely skilled swordsman (The Heroic Legend of Arslan)

Daryun is the most powerful swordsman in Marzban, and he is respected and feared throughout the land. He would have made a great army general in any division of the Four Nations. Daryun will stand out in a world of people with supernatural abilities just because he is such a great swordsman.

Besides the Air Nomads, the other three nations all had groups of warriors who fought against the elements or with artificial weapons. Given his skill with the sword, bow and spear, Daryun will be able to take on any fighter on any battlefield he finds himself on.

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