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In the world of Japanese animation, characters can look like anything. Some of them have animal ears, like InuYasha the swordsman or Raphtalia the tanuki girl, while others are known to wear fancy masks, wear fancy jewelry or dress in a certain color, like all black. The creative possibilities of cosmetics are endless.

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Many anime characters care a lot about looking their best, and that includes using cosmetics like makeup and lipstick. These characters aren’t often seen applying lipstick as part of their daily routine, but they might mention it once or twice, and their looks make it clear that lipstick is part of their favorite look.

ten Kirari Momobami has light blue lipstick (Kakegurui)

Many of the girls who attend Hyakkou put a lot of effort into their appearance, from fancy nails to dyed hair and certainly lipstick. In fact, troublemaker heroine Yumeko Jabami once used her lipstick during a bet with Midari Ikishima, but she’s not the only girl getting dolled up.

Kirari Momobami, the bright and cunning student council president, always looks her best with two braided locks of hair and bright blue lipstick. We never really see her applying it in front of a mirror, but clearly, light blue is her favorite look. Her twin sister Ririka, meanwhile, prefers masks over colorful makeup.

9 Diavolo has dark pink lipstick (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

In cartoons and most works of fiction, it is usually women and teenage girls who wear lipstick, often in shades of red or pink, but a few stylish men may also wear it, giving a unique look. In fact, several men JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the characters obviously wear it, and that includes the golden wind villain himself, Diavolo.

Diavolo has a colorful and flamboyant appearance from head to toe, including her fishnet shirt, long pinkish hair, glowing green eyes, and colorful accessories. To complete this look, he’s wearing a dark pink lipstick that might vaguely remind fans of DIO’s own green lipstick. It’s the villain look, obviously.

8 Aina Yoshiwara Really Makes Cake (Grand Blue)

anime seinen light Big Blue features a somewhat insecure student named Aina Yoshiwara, and she relies on heavy makeup and fancy wigs to look good and stand out in a crowd. She looks good with her natural looks and her hair, but she doesn’t feel safe that way.

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So Aina earned the nickname “Cakey” by applying garish makeup to hide her appearance and look more like a Gyaru, complete with a blonde wig. This includes super heavy eyeshadow and of course, bright red lipstick to complete the look. Later in the manga, however, Aina dropped this look.

It’s possible that the Lust homunculus doesn’t even need to apply lipstick to his face, and his lipstick appearance is a natural part of his body. After all, her lipstick is fully restored even though she burns herself to the bone and regenerates her flesh.

Whether Lust’s lipstick is normal or supernatural, it suits her well, and it’s all part of her role as “deadly seducer” on Father’s homunculus team. Everything about Lust’s appearance is designed to make people, mostly men, let their guard down around her out of sheer desire. However, it didn’t quite work as expected on Jean Havoc.

6 Minerva Orland once wore pretty heavy makeup (Fairy Tail)

The Sabertooth Minerva Orland wizard ranks among Fairy tale, and she also wears heavier makeup than most of the other girls. While Mirajane and Lucy prefer fancy outfits to look good, Minerva wears an Asian-inspired outfit, complete with colorful cosmetics.

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While in the Sabertooth Guild, Minerva wore bright blue eyeshadow and dark red lipstick, and interestingly, her makeup didn’t wash off during the all-female Grand Magic Games tournament underwater battle. Later, as a redeemed villain, Minerva ditched her eyeshadow and lipstick entirely.

5 Sakon and Ukon have green lipstick (Naruto)

Sakon and his twin Ukon are part of the Sound Four team, and according to Sakon, their combined strength also makes him the strongest member of the team. Sakon has a weird kekkei genkai that allows him and Ukon to merge their body parts with other people, such as having one of their heads sticking out of Kiba Inuzuka’s shoulder.

Sakon has a fairly plain look, with shaggy light gray hair, expressionless eyes, and dark green lipstick, and the same goes for Ukon. When they transform into Stage 2, however, their lips are black and their faces are like demons.

4 Asami Sato almost always wears makeup (The Legend Of Korra)

The CEO of Future Industries has more to be proud of than her beauty, although no one can blame her for taking the time to look good every day. Asami is a naturally attractive person who uses just enough dark red eyeshadow and lipstick to look gorgeous, which further enhances her charisma.

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Korra quickly learned that Asami isn’t just daddy’s spoiled girl. She’s a smart, brave, and very capable person who fights in Team Avatar while running an entire company in Republic City, making her the best non-bender in the series. Asami is a real go-getter and looks chic all the time.

3 Misa Amane likes to look good (Death Note)

Light Yagami’s longtime collaborator, Misa Amane, is completely dedicated to Kira’s cause and likes to look her best at the same time. Misa has always loved bright red lipstick, naturally colored makeup, and on-trend fashion, including dark, gothic-inspired outfits.

Later, Misa swapped her goth outfits for more traditional young women’s clothing, giving her a more grounded appearance. Still, she liked to wear flesh-colored makeup and her usual lipstick throughout the story, and it suited her well too.

2 Kurenai Kogetsu always dresses well, including makeup (Edens Zero)

Just like Lust, the Eden Zero Antagonist Kurenai Kogetsu has a “beautiful but deadly” air about her, being a well-dressed woman who always looks her best no matter what. She wears a provocative red kimono, wears her hair with a fancy hairstyle, and also wears colorful eyeshadow and lipstick.

Kurenai is also one of the worst mothers in anime. His daughter, Homura, is much more loyal to the Eden Zero crew only to her abusive and selfish mother, Kurenai, and no one can blame her for that. Aside from his classy appearance, Kurenai is almost like Jabba the Hutt from star warsan arrogant and cruel sci-fi crime lord who exploits or even kills his underlings.

1 Daki is a beautiful but vicious courtesan (Demon Slayer)

Daki is in the same boat as characters like Lust and Kurenai Kogetsu. She’s a gorgeous yet terrifying villainess who uses her good looks to fool everyone until she’s ready to hit the entertainment district, where she’s found work. She also ranks among Muzan’s strongest minions as the Upper Moon Six.

In her human disguise, Daki is the beauty queen of the entertainment district, fully decked out in a gorgeous kimono, fancy hair accessories and, of course, stylish makeup, which includes bright red lipstick. His brother Gyutaro, on the other hand, is terribly insecure about his appearance.

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